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Wow this looks really neat.

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Dammit this is the closest I will ever be

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Gameplay looks rad, but I still don't think the game's faces are anywhere near as good looking as everyone seems to think. Animations or not, the actual character models are flat out bad.  
Also, I love that they're using the same trailer narrator as they did for RDR.  
EDIT: Upon closer inspection, it looks like an R2 button prompt in the upper left, which means that they still have R2 as the default for firing guns, and RockStar, NO ONE PLAYS THAT WAY ON PS3!!!

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Alcohol, jazz and bad framerate.

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The narration reminds me strongly of the documentary esque trailers for RDR.

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@MooseyMcMan: I thinkt he lip synch is really nicely done but I think it's the eyes that puts me off. Something in the face looks stiff and dead. It's to bad. But the closer you come to reality the closer you also risk to land in the uncanny valley, wich this game has.
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i like the faces. 

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@Dogma: I didn't even look at the eyes at all, I was too busy trying to figure out what their faces were made out of, because it certainly doesn't look like human skin. 
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I like it how the gameplay doesn't look terrible, and in fact pretty good! This is a quite the relief!

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Yes! Finally some gameplay footage. This game keeps looking better and better, love the interrogation system. 

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Oh my god, an actual gameplay video.
Seriously, Rockstar.  Take your time telling people how the game actually plays.  Sheesh.

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Bloody brilliant. Add this to the GoTY candidates list.

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god damn it, Rockstar keeps pushing out these great Hollywood genre games...
When's the cyberpunk Blade Runner influenced one coming?

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@Keegs said:
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I was mildly interested, but now this is a must have. It looks like its doing the "living breathing world" thing way better then GTA.

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uncanncy bullshit. 
this game looks great

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This looks wonderful.

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This looks amazing. Here's to hoping Rockstar puts out a slightly less demanding PC port! Either way this looks really awesome and I am all for the facial animations. They look amazing even though the characters all look like they are wearing rubber masks. It's at least a start in the right direction. 

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@Kaigan said:
" Alcohol, jazz and bad framerate. "
and probably a pre-beta build of the game.
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This looks so good.  If only Remedy had used this tech for Alan Wake...

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Really looking forward to this one.

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This game looks awesome.

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Ok I'm sold. The game looks ugly but the faces are AMAZING.

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@Kaigan: Don't let the video fool you.GB's video player sucks.It's the same with the BRINK videos, they have bad frame rate, but if you watch the video on YT it is a lot smoother.
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@MooseyMcMan said:

" Gameplay looks rad, but I still don't think the game's faces are anywhere near as good looking as everyone seems to think. Animations or not, the actual character models are flat out bad."

It's true that some secondary bump mapping and similar goodies on the models would fix your issues, I think the major problem with this is that they're dealing with 3d models (the head) rendered with textures in real time (depth/video capture). You'd have to apply the bump maps in every frame of captured footage because you're not working with a 3d model skinned onto an animated skeleton-face; There's not an easy way to say "this is vertex A, connect it to bump map point A" across all the frames of a face's captured animation since vertex A might not exist across the entire animation. Similarly, the texture map changes with every frame, so you can't connect the bump map to that either.
Of course, I could be wrong, but just a possible explanation. 
PS game looks great.
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Oh shit it's RDR's trailer narrator!Sweeet.
And god damn if those aren't some of the best looking hands I have seen in a game.

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Yes, yes & YES.

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I was sold the moment I found out you are going to get to play as the cop. 
This stuff though... it makes me even more likely to get this game on launch day even if I'm short on money.

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Does anyone else think it sounds this video is being voice-overed by a computer text-to-speech program?
Edit: I think this could benefit from a nice film-grain filter. It would really help sell the atmosphere as well as help cover some of the idiosyncracies in the facial animation. While impressive , I think it looks a bit cartoonish as-is.

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I'm getting this! Pre-ordering the moment I finish typing this sentance. Right when I've type the double-u of W in this next word: now!  
Ah crap! I put an exclamation mark in after it. Well I'm going right now... NOW

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Those faces are going to haunt my f'in Nightmares man!

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that tech is a game changer  
I want this game now

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I'm really looking foward to this but from what I've seen at this point, I think reviews for the game could really go either way.

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@chriskelly123: Wrong video 
@Abyssfull:  Sounds like the same guy.
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@Metal_Mills: You don't see his friggin hands!?God damn it looks so real.Not jagged like most other games.I thought it was just a pre rendered CG image in the early builds, but hot damn it is really in real time.
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@ImBigInJapan: Keep in mind most of the preview vids for Red Dead kinda completely destroyed the actual tone and feeling of the game, so I have high hopes for the finished project.
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I love the investigative aspects this game is pushing.  If nothing else, that's what's selling me on the game right now.
Can't wait to play it.

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Good to know that you get to be a cop. I can't stand the infinitely spawning cops in GTA.

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@Agent47 said:
" @Metal_Mills: You don't see his friggin hands!?God damn it looks so real.Not jagged like most other games.I thought it was just a pre rendered CG image in the early builds, but hot damn it is really in real time. "
I meant the rest of it. Characters are great but the world is pretty muddy and average looking. The framerate looked poor too.
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While GTA4 and RDR are both sandbox games, it is amazing how different they feel. This one seems to follow suit putting a lot more emphasis on detective work. I am so glad Rockstar is always pushing the envelope with new tech, new gameplay, and the varied atmosphere that comes with very different game worlds. Thank you ,Rockstar, for not call of duty-ing or Tony Hawk-ing GTA 4.

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I remember February 2010 being so excited for Red Dead. 
You did it again Rockstar.

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1940s Hollywood detective work? 
Sold. Instead of zombies, I hope there's Roger Rabbit DLC that adds toons to the world.

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Ok mark me down for a yes , will their be any Dick Tracy related DLC in the future ?? 

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This game looks FUCKING KILLER!!!

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Hell yes.  Last year it was Red Dead Redemption, this year its L.A. Noire.  What will Rockstar release in 2012?

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Looks fucking amazing.