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yay pink hats!

Posted by Skullo


Posted by RedAuerbach

haha that was cool

Posted by Cazamalos

i still don't know anything about the game but that was...awesome

Posted by Babylonian

Is the ending a joke about constantly having to charge your Move controllers?

Posted by WalkerD

What is this?... it makes my brain hurt.

Posted by patrick


Posted by demonknightinuyasha

hooray for pixeljunk anything 

Posted by elvishbaker@yahoo.com


Posted by KillyDarko

Couldn't care less about the game, but the trailer was great :)

Posted by EgoCheck616


Posted by Rolento

More Pixeljunk?  I'm in.

Posted by Crono

I couldnt help but think of DEVO cuz of the caps.

Posted by Steve_C

Saw that trailer when you posted it on twitter. Psyched for baiyon. If Move continues to get cool, weird software, then I need to get it.
Wait this is a visualiser!? I hope it ends up being some procedural game based on the music you feed it at the very least.
And Jeff, it's PixelJunk. It's important!

Posted by Don_Cohones

???  WTF. i dont know what to do with that.

Posted by Blair
@Rolento said:
" More Pixeljunk?  I'm in. "
Posted by sonny4mayor

Don't know what the hell I just watched but I want this game.

Posted by Lunchbox55

hooray for drugs!
Posted by Spoonman671

I started laughing hysterically for the last 30 seconds.  I have no idea why.
Also, I want to have sex with those two men.  Not gay.

Posted by chromo89

I just found this while listening to the pixeljunk eden soundtrack, weird. Anyway, that would be cool if this turns out to be some kind of music rythym game. Its also kinda cool to think how PSN games could use the move since alot of motion games lend themselfes well to simpler gameplay.

Posted by ObsideonDarman

Brilliant Trailer!

Posted by KinjiroSSD

Best Move video yet!

Posted by AURON570

looks exciting and relaxed, could be a great chill game.

Posted by joelalfaro
Posted by TurboMan

yo, I'm trippin balls here.

Posted by Chaser324

So...is this actually a game of some kind?

Posted by JesseCherry

Pink hats leather pant--copying my wardrobe 

Posted by Darkraven

weird looking bearded dudes on drugs dancing to some tecno music! kkkkk... i dont get it :(

Posted by GeneralBison

Ah! The legendary Omar!

Posted by confideration

Some people make money off the dumbest shit

Posted by Karmann

To me this just means, "we're working on something, with move".

Posted by Chango

I like the music...

Posted by CrescendOtaku

As long as its more of a game than deTuned, I'm down.

Posted by Finscher

I'm not entirely sure what to think about this. At all.

Posted by squidracerX
@Steve_C said:

 If Move continues to get cool, weird software, then I need to get it.

I am with you, i hope Move it isn't just Wii ports and copies and knock offs, it can do so much and little games should be easy to develop for it: i think a ton of small "party games" and art games like pixeljunk stuff or nobi nobi boy weirdness or relaxing Flow/Flower games would help define the Move as something different.... make it a tool... I would love that!
and PixelJunk Eden looked so cool, it was just so hard.... could have been so fun and relaxing.... oh well... i just hope they learn from that. (most reviews of the game said the same thing).
Posted by Dodongo

More Shooter 2, less Move stuff please!

Posted by UncleBenny


Posted by outerabiz

so it's a game about lsd? nice graphics on that cutscene though.

Posted by Rowr

That wasnt cool. God you young people are easy sells, that was french as fuck.

Posted by Nadafinga

Man I wish I still smoked pot.

Posted by captain_clayman

well, this looks like an interesting...thing... 
so it's a video game right?

Posted by artofwar420

I enjoyed this video a lot.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

YO goatees and soul patches are cool, maybe I should grow one too!

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uhhh... ok 
I bet the game will make interesting designs based on the movement of the the Move

Posted by Trnck

I find this video very inappropriate for children.

Posted by Metamorphic

Move controllers = shrooms?

Posted by Ithryn

so out there maaaan

Posted by BraveToaster

what the fuck?

Posted by Nunchuckles

So whens it comin out

Posted by Foggen

So... fruity...

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