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Posted by FinalBoss


Posted by kingzetta

wow the creator looks amazing

Posted by MooseyMcMan


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Tago P makes me feel uncomfortable.

Posted by AlKusanagi

There's nothing wrong with wanting to feel pretty.

Posted by Solh0und

Great! I can make more accurate Bleach characters!

Posted by Korolev

It's nice to see that they actually put effort into making this video.

Posted by ComradeKhan

I can create Darth Vader and Yoda.

Posted by Bravestar

Sweet! Might get it just for making really dumb looking guys...

I just hope the armour doesn't have stats.

Posted by TheHakku

Soul Calibur V.

Boob slider.

Posted by ApexDefect

....Oh dear god...(thinking of game hours people will spend making characters)

Posted by squeamish

Will there be a man boob slider?

Posted by SatelliteOfLove


Posted by upwarDBound

I just hope the majority of those items are in the base game. Piecemeal customization dlc drives me crazy.

Posted by MisterSamMan

They have just sold me the game. This looks incredible!

Posted by EchoEcho

@Bravestar: Soul Calibur IV had the option to play without the stats from armor and weapons factored in. Makes it a lot easier to create a decent-looking character when you didn't have to worry about gimping them in the process. Hopefully that option will be available in SCV as well.

Posted by JackSukeru

When they announced SCV I actually went back to four and played around a bit with the character creator, pretty fun way to waste some time and I can defintely see some of the improvements in this.

I'm not really interested in the main game but I would still totally spend a few hours in this mode.

Posted by Lazyaza

And I thought I spent way too much time in sc4's character maker. This is just, god I'll probably spend more time with this than actually playing the game.

Posted by bybeach

I kind of liked this...TAG MEISTER SAN!!!!!!!

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I wish this game was coming out this year. Hopefully the Jan 31st release date is for real. Also I loved the SC 3 character creator.

Also, "<I'll teach you how to do something> First, take off your clothes" made me laugh. Edit: Holy shit, this is quite robust it seems, even more so than SC 3. Awesome.

Posted by jellotek

...For some reason, I saw that preview pic and thought Kefka. And got all excited. And then read that it was Soul Calibur V. :(

Posted by cowdrunk

That actualy looks realy cool. And now I can finaly make Ivy look less creepy and therefore a useable charictar without feeling creepy. :D

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Embiggen boobs?

Posted by project343

This is so bizarre. And sort of amazing.

Posted by Little_Socrates

I think this game might be made for me, you guys. They put out a five-minute presentation on the character creator before an extended gameplay video.

I apologize.

Posted by NinjaCommando


Posted by Toug

Tag Meister is my rap name.

Posted by VisariLoyalist

i have the weirdest boner right now

Posted by Shaka999

I was beginning to worry that they didn't have the option to change breast size.

Posted by Palaeomerus

Yeah, if possible I'm going to make "not-really-even-an-A-cup Ivy" and "giant head Voldo". I will also give Lizard Man a 1920's waxed mustache with curled ends.

Posted by RecSpec

@Lazyaza said:

And I thought I spent way too much time in sc4's character maker. This is just, god I'll probably spend more time with this than actually playing the game.

My thoughts exactly. The detail is insane here.

Posted by MostlyBearded

Ivy dressed decently? What has the world come to?!

Posted by RetroVirus

Good lord that screencap made me laugh

Posted by BooDoug187

Here's the first guy im making...

Posted by Koobz

TAGO P is my new best friend.

Posted by dudeglove


Posted by Jack_Lafayette

You win this round, Soul Caliber V.

Posted by FacestabMan

Damn, I didn't know Namco was in charge of Saints Row the Third.

Posted by DrFoxbard

"Japanese characters? Cool!"

"Change Design: Chinese Character 145"


Villager A said it, not me!

Posted by EpicBenjamin

Soul Calibur V.

Boob slider.

Saints Row has already covered that market.
Posted by Death_Burnout

And the best part of all? no fucking skill and stat system attached to everything.

Seriously though this looks great, reminds me of the freedom of III's but with even more possibility, i'll probably end getting it just for that.

Posted by wiggle987

Oh Japan, you so crazy.

Posted by DekuSword

God I hate character creation in Soul Calibur, WHY WHY did they ever add this unecessary featureee.

Soul Calibur 2 had everything to be the great fighter it was: great selection of characters, great balance, great stages, amazing music, great single-player with loads to unlock.

Why are they wasting time on something like a character-creation, it's not a freaking mmorpg for godsake.

Just release a freaking HD remake of Soul Calibur 2 and I'll be happy.

Posted by roughplague

"endless possibilities!" *boob slider* oh, japan.

Either way, I think it looks iterative in a good way from SC:IV, really cool how you can place things wherever you want, and layer-paint clothes, I hope there is sort of a forza/nfs custom paint community sharing thing.

looks like I'll be doing what I did in 4, play at a friends house and fill his roster with ridiculous customized characters =P

Posted by Veektarius

Great video. At least they're putting some effort into something on this game.

Posted by TheGravyOne

Is SCIV loads of the character creator stuff was on disc but only unlockable as payable DLC. Also alot of the content was far too hard to unlock. Hopefully the V will have more content unlocked from the get go and none of this on disc DLC.

Posted by spartanman1222

not super interested in the soul caliber part of it, but the customization looks really robust and interesting.

Posted by LoktarOgar

After having gone thruogh the Saints Row 3 character creator just 10 minutes ago, I'm not so impressed.

Posted by darkjester74

OK, I have to say, as charachter creation trailers go that was pretty good! =D

@Shaka999 said:

I was beginning to worry that they didn't have the option to change breast size.

Crisis averted.

Posted by fox01313

Too bad that even after all the time spent playing SC dress-up, the gameplay is going to be predictable enough that I know I'll definitely pass on playing it. Too bad that the time spent revamping the character creation didn't also go to making the game more fun to play or radically different from the original SC game. (it's like constantly beating a dead horse but this one now has stickers & new paint on it)

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