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nice review! go brad, go brad.

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Great Review

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Brads got a beard!

He looks  5 years older

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Good looking stubble, Brad.

Been celebrating Beardcember (Fake, I know. :P ) with my friends all month.
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You guys take way too long to release the video review.

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Looks like a solid game, definitely give this a try. P.S sick beard Brad

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Brads starting to look like Snider back in the day.

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Guys, Im usually the last person to complain about spoilers, but the rather big one in the video was pretty clumsy done.

SPOILER If you didnt notice it, dont read past this. SPOILER
You begin with showing the girl in red. Thats cool, i expected to meet other characters in the game.
But, then you see the same girl in red following the Prince, acting as Elika. Not very cool.
Is it just another skin for Elika that you lockup, or what? If thats the case, okay.
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You grow that beard out bro!

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The girl in red is just Elika in her alternate costume as Farah from Sands of Time.

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I think you need a shave, Brad ;(

Also, great review.

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sweet, just ordered this game today. Can't wait to play it.

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After I confirmed that this was DRM free i ordered it,  Can't wait!

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cool thanks brad.

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This is one of the best gaming experiences I've had this year. Get it now!

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great review. Im still shocked that ubi released the game with no drm. If im not mistaken there isnt even a cd check. It feels too pure for me to comprehend. It feels wrong in a way.lol

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Good to see the visuals developed like they did.  Good old PoP.


Don't hit me!

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NO deaths?

wow.....Casual gaming has really taken a hit in the market, its really effecting games as we know it.   Folks, prepare for a gaming Era that will mainly consist of carnival games in the Next Generation of consoles.

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this game just got bumped up on my "games to play" list... thanks brad

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i think i was too much of a fan of the sands of time style to make the transition here but then again, i might have to get it knowing its Drake of Persia...in a way!

and no, Brad does not need to shave, its awesome! beardwatch 08/09!?

and are people still complaining about DRM? jeez.

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I didn't like the yellow plates at all. And some of the quicktime events were a bit too quick for me on the later bosses.

The whole 'no deaths' part is really not that bad as some people seem to think. It's just a checkpoint system, to relieve some of the frustration that jumping to endless pits can cause. So instead of whisking you back to the beginning of the level, you'll get a bit closer than that, and don't have to play the whole level over again.

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superb review~ gonna get this game next week!!

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Good review Brad, thanks!  Might have to check this one out.

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Good review Brad.
In this video you look buff or something like a UFC fighter.

Also, nice beard/stubble. Stay with it.

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Im buying this as soon as I can, probably this christmas

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Brad, you look about 10 years older with that facial hair. It's making me uncomfortable.

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is brad getting chubby or is that just a big sweatshirt

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Brad, you just sold me on this game.  I'll get.. but only after it drops in price.

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This is a musthave for me :D

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It's next on my GameFly list :D

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Excellent review, Brad. I'm not sure I'm keen on the new Prince's personality but hey you never know it might surprise me.

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Thanks. Thanks For That.

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That's just a different costume for Elika. You can unlock it at the very beginning and play the whole game with her in that outfit if you want. The prince has a number of alternate costumes too. Not a spoiler at all.


I got a head start putting on holiday pounds this year. :D

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Good review. Only thing is I do not understand why some people have a problem against linear. Linear means developers have more control over how you approach a level, which means more tightening of level design.

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The game has become more mechanical?  That's a bummer.  The game does look absolutely stunning, however.  I never replayed any of the last 3 PoP games after finishing them, so I think I'll probably just rent this one.  Either way, I must check this out.  Great review.

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If you have to go back and try it again, it's just like dying, you just don't die in this case.  You don't sit there watching it reload.  However you'd like to characterize it.

Making the game so it starts up again really quickly if I mess up is perfectly OK in my book.  I'm not sure how that constitutes casual or easy on its own.  Brad goes on to point out other features, like making the jumps more obvious (it felt pretty obvious, usually, in Sands of Time, so I never got how much of a change they made here), and that the checkpoints are closer together, but to me not dying is just an aesthetic choice. 

To me it's refreshing to suggest that these people actually can really die, but their working together is what stops things from ending, not a magical Load button.

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I loved this game. After all the shooting and gunning in Gears and Fallout, this was just the right title for me. It's laid back and it's an all around great visual experience.

Also, this review is spot on. Nicely done Brad!

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This game is AWESOME!!! Go and buy it NOW!!!

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Great review.  Only thing I disagree on is the back tracking seeing as the levels change quite a bit after being healed and make them fairly enjoyable to go back through, its not just he same old level you have to go through again.  Other than that the game is very fun and quite beautiful to watch, definitely a recommendation for fans of platforming.

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Holy shit, Brads rollin scruffy!

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I give Brad's beard a 5!

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Oh yeah cold times, cold times, love the beard :P

I wanna see Ryan, Jeff and Vinnie with a beard

Anybody else notice that the prince is voiced by the guy who voices Nathan Drake in Uncharted ?

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prince sounds like joey from friends

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I would not classify myself as a classical gamer and after completing Prince of Persia, I would not call it either. Sure the no death mechanic takes away the sense of urgency but I liked the more stream line version of the pacing. The only pacing that bothered me was the boss battles and when after you work so hard to chip away at the bosses health, a simple quick time event "kills" you and the health of the boss replenishes most of his health. That and the one of the four puzzles in the game. But other than that, it's a really compelling story, interesting relationship between the Prince and Elika, gorgeous to play, and fun to play. I agree with Brad that collecting the amount of orbs became really steep near the end of the game.

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I'm actually playing through Sands of Time again, and it's an awesome game.

Hope the new one lives up to its legacy.

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so how is this a PRINCE or persia game without the prince being the lead guy?

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i just beat this game, great game (besides some control gripes). i got 57% of the trophies which is nice. I'm really looking forward to the inevitable sequel.

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Nice review i'm going to be looking for this game come Xmas