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The extra bit at the end is nice.

Posted by Travis

I dunno, the gameplay seems kind of stale..  Lots of the same tricks..  Are there that many tricks in the game?  It just seems like the same 3 and then 2 different "special" tricks with the LB and RB..  I'll have to see more I think.

Posted by John

wait, this looks way good!

Posted by Terra1909

SSX on ATVs anyone? The scenery does look pretty though.

Posted by monster123

Wow! Usually I'm not really into rcing games but this one kind of caught my eye. I love the big jumps and tricks , but one thing I noticed is that you always land really soft aftera  super huge jump, not that big of a deal,, but just something to notice. But the levels and scenery looks awesome. Oh yea, and Brad, it was a pretty good montage. =D

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Woah I did not think i was going to have ANY interest in that game, but do want!

Posted by Biting_monkey

Does anyone know what the music is that is used in this video. It's wicked.

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Looks like a lot of fun.

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What was that bit at the end there for?

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um... I don't get that stuff at the end... what was that?

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is pure on 360?

Posted by BawaTheGamer

That was a cool vid. Looks fun. Nice music too.

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feels like motoracer

Posted by GamerGeek360

This is an ATV racer that looks appealing.

Posted by elko84

looks interesting...confused about the end part with ryan.

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Man...and people are saying, "Legendary" looks bad.

Posted by Angularbanjo

That's some sick, sick air!

Not quite getting the sense of speed looking at it, though. Will be interesting to see if it plays as well as it looks.

Posted by WEGGLES

Looks solid, I'd download the demo if there was one, or rent it if not... but a snow level likely would've won me over.

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This looks like a fun game

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travis: it has 70 tricks and 100,000 vehicle combos it sais on the demo. the demo is sweet as sh1t, too. its way fun.
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this is sick!! I've always loved this type of games since the early years of PS1
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Mission Watch All Videos on GB #013

This game will always hold a special place in my heart