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I only know just the name for this game. Finally I get a chance to see what it actually is.

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Oh so close!
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Interested in this but haven't seen enough...and here's a quick looK!. Great!
 *is quoted by someone saying awesome who is then quoted by someone saying nice shot*

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Neat! Been looking forward to this!

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I've been looking forward to this, sweet.

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bet they aren't going to liiiiiiiiike it

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 Joystiq and Destructoid completely slammed this game. Shame, I thought it might have been alright.

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Wow, the cover mechanics are terrible.  
EDIT: This is sad. Until it was delayed, I was pumped for this game. Not anymore.

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I predict this game will be a GIANT BOMB.....no, seriously...it will suck

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God this has made me wanna play wash my eyes with bleach and then play mass effect 2 to remind me that not all third person RPG's are this shitty looking.
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Seems like Splinter Cell Conviction. And it pays the same. But with less impressive cover mechanics.

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Game looks terrible .

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1 minute in and the amount of screen tearing and the lack of anti aliasing is shocking, is it like this in actual gameplay or is it a video rendering thing?

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Hopefully New Vegas will be better than this.

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Seems like it was a good idea Matt Rorie jumped ship when he did.

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Lol, as soon as I saw that pistol I said the exact same thing as Ryan the moment he did, that silencer was was just a cylinder with a texture, awful.  I didn't have hopes for this game and this kinda confirmed that for me.

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Been waiting for this one. Let's see what the GB crew has to say, early reviews have not been the best.

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oh jesus. I thought it was gonna be at least decent. I haven't even watched this yet, but the comments are great.

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interesting looks like a budget game tho might pick it up tho it seems like there will be a price drop in the not to distant future


The World Just Ended - Giant Bomb are playing the PS3 version of a multiplatform game for a Quick Look! I think I may faint.

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The combat looks rather bad :(

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God Dammit! 
This game was supposed to be good! Why must almost everything with a cool concept suck!

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Was one of my most wanted games. There's been so much back and forth over its quality.

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What the hell is up with characters walking at a 90 degree angle (Mike, Old Snake)? That must be incredibly uncomfortable!
Is this game moddable on the PC? 'Cuz I'd kill to play a Burn Notice mod.

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well I really was somewhat hyped about the game... 
but every trailers coming out for the game made the game looked very... :s  
except when it came to dialogue etc... 
 I got the game on pc yesterday, wanting to try it out before getting it on 360... and after playing ONE mission, I'm pretty sure I won't buy it at all anymore =/

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It looks like the combat is what is really holding this down. The premise itself looks interesting. It doesn't look particularly engrossing. Plus some of the animations and other controls are less than to be desired.
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@cmac2099 said:
" Hopefully New Vegas will be better than this. "
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I remember back in 2006, when this was really impressive. Having not seen a single piece of information on this game since then, I'm not really surprised that it hasn't fared well since. It's like the White Knight Chronicles of stealth games.

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i was thinking about trying this but after seeing this QL i changed my mind. To be honest it looks terrible.

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Wow, not even Ethan Hunt can make this game look good. 

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this game looks alright, im both more and less pumped for this game now
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I would just like to say that making R2 the shoot button is the equivalent of spitting in PS3 owners' faces.

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this QL sounds like the game will get a 2/5 when they review it

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Hey! Kurt Dierker was up there watching!

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Definitely looks like it'll be fun to play but after seeing some of the combat it's a rental.

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I still want to play this game but I wonder if it's worth sacrificing lost planet 2 for this. 
EDIT: So  I am still buying this and playing it with low expectations. I'm not saying this will give Splinter Cell or Mass Effect 2 a run for their money but this should distract me while I wait for some nice games to come out this fall.

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As of now68.33% on Gamerankings. :(

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Great, now I have to watch this and get SPOILER'D

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@Yelix said:
" I would just like to say that making R2 the shoot button is the equivalent of spitting in PS3 owners' faces. "
oh god not another one. 
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Man I was hoping this would turn out to be a spy version of Mass Effect
Dissapointment :(
Also, glad that Jeff finally mentioned Burn Notice since the premise of this game and even  the main characters name, sounds alot like the stuff from the show


Wow.  In that opening shot, Ryan's face in totally on that statue's stomach. 

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it will be interesting to know what Dave thinks of this game. considering he is a RPG expert.

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Sorry for stating the obvious but this game looks janky as fuck.
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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA even the skill screen looks like a bite-off of mass effect.
good ol obsidian, I like them and their games but damn they have no originality.....it's a modern day mass effect with stealth.