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Vinny and Alex in a QL, is this a thing?

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Injecting Vinny into my vains!

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Hell yes! GBEAST!

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Yay, Giant BEAST is on!

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The legends were truth. The mythical beast awakens!

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Breed that ass Giant Beast!

(This may be inappropriate.)

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I'm too ready for this.

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I hope this means they built a PC?

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Man, anime in the east and the west, now all we need is Patrick's Dynasty Warriors coverage :p

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GBeast is aggressive when it comes to competition. Not only does it put up a video on the same time a livestream is on, but it puts up a video when it's own livestream is on.

It is indeed a beast we are dealing with ladies and gentlemen.

BTW I totally don't mind. The more videos the better. GB is going through some exciting changes at the moment and it's finally starting to come to fruition. Keep on truckin'.

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Wow, this looks great.

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Isn't this the Bullet Hell that was in No More Heroes?

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Haven't pressed play yet: that cover image looks great!

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Awesome quick look guys, can't wait to see more!

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Smells hella anime in here.

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I ain't no doctor, but I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to be using your Astebreed.

Also, there's a very quick line of dialogue in the prologue where the dad says something along the lines of "Go find Roy, he'll be able to help you." So that's your explanation of why you're that Roy guy.

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Pretty great QL. Looks like a game I might enjoy.

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I don't think I've seen any games like this with like 20 camera angles.

That's cool.

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More Anime content! GiantBomb, your new source for everything Anime on the internet!

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GBeast is unleashed. First QL!

#history #assdebris #hashtag

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Tee hee hee!!

Welcome to Anime Week on Giant Bomb!

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What has this website become?

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The action makes it easy to miss the story, but it's not that hard to understand. You're not really meant to fully get what's going on at first. (and yes, I realize they were mostly kidding)

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I missed Vinny's voice during a Quick Look, it warmed my heart to hear it again. Also, Vinny and Alex have great chemistry.

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But you can't breed from the ass.

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@smcn said:

This is still the best news

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I don't believe Vinny when he says he doesn't know anything about Astebreeding.

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Ass to breed, ass to breed.

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Anime summer on giant bomb is great

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This looks pretty cool, if only it was a little less colorful. Reminds me of Omega Boost.

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I rather like what I've played of it so far. but it does have pretty weird graphics options. There is a 16:10 (and 4:3, 5:4, 15:9 etc.) switch in there, but only 16:9 resolutions to choose from. Kinda weird controller config too, with it's own button prompts (Select and Cancel for example, are A and B on the 360 pad, and X and O on a dualshock controller, not the button named Select).

Kinda reminds me of the Sega CD shoot em up Silpheed.

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Yea not sure if it's just me but it sounds like Vinny is yelling during this haha Like he was unsure of the mic levels or something.

Even later on in the video when it doesn't sound like he is yelling, the audio seems kind of peaky. I'm guessing this is what a Normalizer or Compressor or whatever does that they don't have yet? Hardware stuff in interesting.

Also F yea Giant Bomb East!

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Honestly, Vinny just makes my day happier... I know it sounds gay... but it is.

No but really was a bit worried when he left for the NYC joint... but .. this made it all go away. Favest duder in the site.

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Hatebreed is back?

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Giant Bomb East lives!

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Ass Debris.

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Anime is my favorite quick look.

"...maybe it's your fault for putting a guy with obvious anxiety disorder in a giant mech suit..."

Oh this is an Eva spinoff?

No but - this looks cool! Thanks for quick looking this *adds to steam wishlist*

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@csl316 said:
Tee hee hee!!

Welcome to Anime Week on Giant Bomb!

Is that anime? Looks like a whole lot of verbalized exposition.

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'Holy shit, we're doing a quick look' was my reaction as well when I recognised Vinny's voice. GBeast QLs are a GO!

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Never go ass-to-breed. Very unsanitary.

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Dear Giant Beast, your audio is louder than your brother's, tell him he can be louder if he wants to.

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The anime crown is just an old super sayian wig.

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@sydlanel said:

Honestly, Vinny just makes my day happier... I know it sounds gay... but it is.

No but really was a bit worried when he left for the NYC joint... but .. this made it all go away. Favest duder in the site.

Not unless you're saying Vinny makes you sexually aroused, it does not sound "gay."

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Small Business Man has graduated to Big Business!

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