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I think you mean the Sarah Palin game demo.  Easy mistake.

Posted by Akeldama

 this game looks pretty awesome.

Posted by GamerCat

Played the X360 demo yesterday, last night.
It's full of awesome... I wants it! I wants it maow!

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the ps3 version is not being made by platinum games and is suppsed to run like shit, thats what I heard

Posted by kingnari99

wow, game is gay and not very appealing...  PASS

Posted by drowsap

yes a vinny and jeff QL this should be good
Posted by Blair

We'll see about this one...
I feel like Bayonetta is going to be a very polarizing game.
Reception may also be similar to something like Mirror's Edge.

Posted by Lomous

devil may cry for chicks
Posted by dagas

Awesome! I thought this game would not be very good, but I think the total craziness really suits the game. Who knows if it will be fun for several hours though.

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This game is a technical nightmare on the PS3 compared to the 360, half the frame-rate and twice the screen tearing, good job on that port Sega lol

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Is it just me or is this game not the least bit sexy?

Posted by Roundlay

The art is really beautiful! Loved the butterfly wings in her shadow.

Posted by gingertastic_10

What the fuck is going on?

Posted by Sunjammer

Haha, the most vulgar shit i've seen in a long time. This is not sexy. Pretty freaking hilarious and over the top though. Will be watching this game. Will still be embarassed when i pay for it at the register.

Posted by Kyle

Jesus, the quick looks just keep on comin'! Awesome.

Posted by Voshterkoff

This looks bananas.

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ok, I'm a fan of Platinum games purely off the back of their founding members earlier work (and MadWorld) but this really does just look like DMC. I wouldn't mind that so much if it weren't for the pre-release hype suggesting this title to be the next evolution of the action genre. From this playthrough (and other videos) the combat, camera, style, pacing etc seem identical to DMC, with just a few added QTE's thrown in for good measure. Fine and dandy in and of itself, but not anything new or forward thinking. And I can see how people are desperately trying to keep excited about this, but there does seem to be an air of disappointment in general.
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vinnie you laugh at fat ninja staff but not at first climax?!

Posted by MannAlive

Palinetta.  Yes.

Posted by Evil_Alaska

That is quite possibly the dumbest thing I've seen in quite some time.

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@Lomous said:
" devil may cry for chicks "
No, still for guys.
Posted by Krenor
@Lomous said:
" devil may cry for chicks "
no, just no
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Great QL. The game looks pretty shweeet =d~~

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@Damien said:

" I think you mean the Sarah Palin game demo.  Easy mistake. "

I know right.. the resemblence is pretty uncanny hahaha.
This game actually looks way better than I thought, I'm in the same boat as Jeff as far as the DMC stuff goes.
I might actually get it.
Also, there is an option for one handed play mode, Can anyone imagine what that would be there for? ... ^_~
Posted by DukeTogo

This game succeeds where DMC fails because it knows it's absurd and embraces it, while DMC tried to treat the absurd seriously, even so far as to have MGS style cinematics in the last one.  It's still a button mash-fest, but at least it doesn't pretend to be anything different.  I also like how it's not aimed at the hard-core stylish action crowd and unplayable on anything but the easiest setting for most people.  They can set it to hard if they want, but I'd like to play through the game without throwing the controller every 5 minutes.

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I concur.
Posted by rjayb89

A and B button?  I thought this was the PS3 version.

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collecting rings huh....i guess bayonetta is the new sonic....next: bayonetta unleashed?

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I always find it supremely amusing that people render things that are found in really old texts, that the Author specifically says NOT to render artistically. Why do people find it so hard to respect author's rights? Powers, principalities, seraphim, cherubim, angels, and archangels are probably best left undrawn in any way for a reason. Even if you don't believe in them, it is still disrespectful to the people who do believe in them and the books they are contained in that say you shouldn't artistically recreate them. Sony respected this with the Koran, why can't people respect the bible in that way too? Oh well, have fun playing a witch that kills angels from heaven.

Posted by Peewi

I want to play this so bad. It sucks that it's not coming out on PC.
Posted by ShaunM

Awesome quick look guys, Bayonetta is one of my most anticipated games of 2010 and it sucks that it was delayed because of how crazy this holiday season is. 
And in case you guys need a bit more convincing, the guy behind this game was responsible for for games like Resident Evil 2, the first Devil May Cry, Okami, Viewtiful Joe, God Hand, and more.

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@Lomous said:
" devil may cry for chicks "
I'd say Devil May Cry as a chick.
@Akeldama said:
"  this game looks pretty awesome. "

me too.
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Hell yeah, i been waiting for the giantbomb crew to talk about some bayonetta. This game is siiiiick!

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Wow, I was initially put off by all the weird "sexy" posing in the tutorial, but after watching the actual gameplay, this looks neat. Way over the top and silly, might be fun.

Posted by JackSukeru

I felt sorta done with DMC after 4, this however looks cool, silly, but still cool. I love the set pieces with that giant tearing away the bridge and breaking the environment.

Posted by Aeterna

That axe just made me think of WoW and it's ridiculous weapon sizes. (Not just WoW, but a lot of mmorpg's in general).

Posted by Jolt92

Looks pretty cool. DMC is to hard for me, might check this out since it looked alot easier but still fun.

Posted by MrMiyagi

Played the demo last night. Incredibly fun.

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Looks so absurd that I have to try it. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, I might even like it.

Posted by Sanj

Such a ridiculous game lol. But looks pretty fun.
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@kingnari99 said:

wow, game is gay and not very appealing...  PASS

How is a game even gay?
Posted by CoinMatze

Yeah! This looks awesome! And it reminded me that 30 Rock is up next week.

Posted by ryanwho
@kingnari99 said:

wow, game is gay and not very appealing...  PASS


That's right, closet case, the game with a scantily clad girl is  "gay", better get back to your sweaty musclemen.
Posted by Symphony

I haven't cared for this type of game since the first DMC but after watching that QL I am definitely interested in this one and will probably pick it up. It looks so over the top crazy... hopefully the full game can maintain the momentum that the demo had.

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@CoinMatze said:
" Yeah! This looks awesome! And it reminded me that 30 Rock is up next week. "
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Got the demo (360) yesterday and have not been able to put it down since. The combat system is fucking deep. Every time I play I discover new combos and attacks.
Day one purchase.
P.s. the Japanese 360 is wierd.