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Oh wait, I already had this quest. 

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sonovabiatch missed by that much!

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hello nostalgia

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This game makes me wish I didnt hate playing my Wii..

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You need to roll more! Rolling is important in DKC!

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Shame there isn't more David Wise-penned majesty for this.

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Oh, and Wrinkly Kong is Donkey Kong Jr.'s mother. She's dead and a ghost now though, and has been since DK64.  
Oh, and Mario vs DK is confusing because Nintendo doesn't give a shit about Rare's story. Their loss really.

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They probably only did the copyright thing cuz the Scott Pilgrim trailers used the phrase, and timing it with the game made it not look like they were reacting to that.

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I didn't know this was up. Cool!

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TaleSpin!  <3

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The level selection reminds me so much of the original Crash Bandicoot

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Donkey Kong? Man I though it was Drift King. 
This looks awesome, If theres something Retro can do its make an old franchise super awesome again.

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His coconut gun can fire in spurts. If he shoots you, it's gonna hurt.

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Vinny said the c-word in the first 30 seconds of this Quick Look.

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I love Darkwing Duck. 

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talespin references FOR THE WIN

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Vinny was totally starting to sing Gummi Bears when he was trying to think of Darkwing Duck.

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Diddy is shooting peanuts. Just sayin'. And the music doesn't seem quite as great as the originals. But I'm probably wrong since it's practically the same. I wish the Wii supported HD resolutions... :/ This game would look even more amazing.

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Why haven't I noticed this QL before now, ALSO CLASSIC MAP MUSIC

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countdown to darkwing duck/gummi bears mashup now that vinny has said it on the internet

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I'm sure I'm in the minority, but I have more nostalgia for Donkey Kong Country than I do for Mario.

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Come on, Kranky! Take it to the fridge!

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@Chadster said:
" I'm sure I'm in the minority, but I have more nostalgia for Donkey Kong Country than I do for Mario. "
I know I always enjoyed DK country more then Mario. This is probably a game that will make me look for a cheap Wii to buy. 
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@Chadster: I'm sure people who grew up during DKC's era have that sort of love, because frankly, showing a 5 year old Mario All Stars and DKC at the same time gives him the impression that one is a joke and the other is the standard for how games should look and feel.
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Wait a minute. Has anyone ever seen Diddy Kong and Adrien Brody in the same place at the same time?
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Unspeakable Banana-Mouth.

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This looks really awesome, can't wait to pick it up on Sunday. I have a couple friends coming to visit for the holiday, so this should be fun for some co-op action.

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Oh God the music. It's so good.

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singing... "  Daring duck of mystery, Champion of right, Swoops out of the shadows, Darkwing owns the night. Somewhere some villain schemes, But his number's up.

(3-2-1) Darkwing Duck (When there's trouble you call DW) Darkwing Duck (Let'sget dangerous) Darkwing Duck (Darkwing, Darkwing Duck!) ...."
Anyway, that's a taste. Darkwing Rules!
As for the game, looks good but way easier than the old ones. I still play the originals occasionally and some stuff seems off a little. Doesn't seem to be bad, just different. 
The bosses, for instance (that I recall atm) you had to get to in the level, they weren't in their own level alone. The game show stuff was a fun way to get extra lives; wonder if they do that in this one.
Hmm, anyway, pretty neat looking.

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I want a Wii just for this and Super Mario Galaxy series.
Relive my childhood.

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Whack that banana off... the screen

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it's a good think he didn't get all the letters, I don't think its legal to spell "kong". wait, shit.

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Brad pulled at 3:16, 8:17, 8:37, 13:47, 17:46, 18:08, 24:36, 25:02, 28:12 & 29:13

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That there is all the Donkey Kong Country I can ever remember

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@Zithe said:
" @G24S said:


Wait a minute. Has anyone ever seen Diddy Kong and Adrien Brody in the same place at the same time? "
I think you're on to something there!
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It's a Peanut Gun! 
Also, Vinny QLs are the best QLs.

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Oh, god. THE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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On like................My Dong.

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this and galaxy 2, think im going to rebuy a wii.


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