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Whoo!, been looking forward to this!

Posted by Morningstar

@Didion said:


Quite so.

Posted by Darthozzan

Yay adventure game quick look :D

Posted by lokiiddqd

but what about her old eyes?

Posted by mrcalifonte

Great times!

Posted by AlexanderSheen

Totally Gumbo.

Posted by BeachThunder

Don't follow Freeman.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

This game is...strange.

Moderator Online
Posted by zitosilva

Finished this game last night and was pleasantly surprised by it. It's not the best point-and-click you've ever seen, and some production aspects, like the voice acting (aside from the narrator), leave a lot to be desired. Still, it has such a creepy and weird atmosphere that I felt enticed all the time. I specially liked how it seems no one else takes into account the "accidents" that are happening around them, but that actually factors into the plot later on. Plus, some of the puzzles are pretty clever; there's one involving making a pizza to four people, taking advantage of the fact that they are color-blind and can't see some of the ingredients which was superb.

Anyway, pretty cool game.

Posted by MEATBALL

I'm actually curious to see how messed up things get.

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This got strangely dark. I like it :D

Posted by Smithers

I think this might be the kind of game I'd like to watch other people play rather than playing myself, but the tone is pretty amazing.

Posted by sixpin

Might need to pick this one up sometime. I dig the messed up humor they seem to have going here.

Posted by RVonE

Something something SPARKLE

Posted by shabador

19.99 USD for a pack with both of the Edna & Harvey games at gog.com. Good deal for us in Europe.

Posted by smokyexe

Is it me or is Patrick in every QL now? Anyhow..

Posted by friendlydave

Myuroshi sparkle!

Posted by Xeirus

@smokyexe said:

Is it me or is Patrick in every QL now? Anyhow..

Is it just me or do snide comments with no purpose make you look ignorant...

Posted by xite

12:15 looks straight out of Day of the Tentacle.

Posted by Phatmac

What an odd game..

Posted by HighPriest

You guys might be wrong about this game being for kids.

Posted by tourgen

looks pretty fun

Posted by JayCee

What is that thing with the paint brush? MY GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING!?!

Posted by Giefcookie

@smokyexe said:

Is it me or is Patrick in every QL now? Anyhow..

I'd imagine that him not spending much time reviewing stuff leaves him free for sitting in on quick looks during the office hours. Also, the more he does it the better he will get.

Posted by Abendlaender

Patrick at 13:00 "I'd love if this would take a really dark turn"


Posted by ttocs

Pretty sure that said "Convent" and not "Covenant."

Posted by dicnose

wow.. making fun of stuttering ppl.. giantbomb stoops to a new low again

Posted by flawless988

I don't normally play adventure games, but I am sold on this game!

Posted by Deathpooky

Did they just skip over that part where the voices in her head were calling for her to burn things?

Posted by admanb

@dicnose said:

wow.. making fun of stuttering ppl.. giantbomb stoops to a new low again

It's not their fault that stuttering people have no souls.

Alternately, they were making fun of how the stuttering was delivered, not that it existed.

Posted by BlatantNinja23

man, crazy creepy them not having mouths

Posted by AllegoryEX

After watched this video pretty much bought this right away! The game seems lovely :D

And I rarely buy digital content that is over 10€.

Posted by harinosho


Posted by big_jon

Dude, the fuck!?

Posted by TehPickle

That harmonica music at the beginning sounds like Last of the Summer Wine... Ergh...

Posted by Krenor

Patrick comes free with every quick look

Posted by ZHabermann

Hey guess what skipping dialog in a point n click adventure game is a bad idea! #prostrats

Posted by hussatron

Well this escalated quickly.

Posted by Melos

At first I was really turned off by the art, the crude animation, and the narrator pushing his sarcasm a bit too hard. I'm still pretty lukewarm on the art, but everything else went so weird by the end of this Quick Look that I'm sold on the game.

Posted by Majkiboy


Posted by Linkster7

Everything Vinny ever says is appropriate

Posted by Itwongo

... I like bees....

Edited by Draxyle

We don't take kindly to those that use the word, "Gumbo".

Edit: Okay, that dialogue at the end might have convinced me to get this.

Posted by Ramone


Edited by AmbientOcclusion

Did you know that this game is actually the sequel to "Edna & Harvey: The Breakout"? It makes me sad that it looks like nobody outside of Germany has ever heard of it.

Wikipedia says that the first game didn't succeed in other countries "due to the sloppy translation".

This is really unfortunate because, in its original language, it was a fantastic adventure game.

Posted by Krenor

oh man those 2 girls at the end, god damn

Posted by Welding


Posted by NicksCorner

"If you like adventure games, but hate noses"

Posted by xbob42

@dicnose said:

wow.. making fun of stuttering ppl.. giantbomb stoops to a new low again

Yes, because stuttering is a really crippling disorder.

Posted by DeviTiffany

The little Gnome is called a Censor Gnome, they paint anything that is considered "unsettling" to Lily and a shade of pink.

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