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Sweetness, hope they'll give some new insights...

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Uhh.. what?

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This ain't no Persona.

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Oh cool. 

Thanks for the spoiler warning, Aram.
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And so it begins...again.

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Gamebryo in full swing here.

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Oh shit oh shit oh shit.

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This will never happen... but... bring it to PC? No? I'll shut up now.

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Wasn't all that into Catherine after finding out it was mainly a puzzle game, but this QL is selling me on it again.

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Oh hell yes.

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Oh God he said it!

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The day's saved, didnt know what I was gonna watch while enjoying my pizza.

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Fucking yes!

haha god, you can only open that door in the first trimester. Gheez Jeff
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It has cubes = it's ripping off Minecraft.

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This will be great!

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I definitely have a better feel for the game now, so... mission accomplished!

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I  have no idea why I'm as excited about this game as I am.

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Think I recognized every voiceactor in that, not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. At least I know they're good!

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oh really

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yo dawg get your sexy Q-Bert on!!

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Wow, looks great. I'm gonna be so bad at this though.

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Can't wait!

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Coming full circle.

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Most of the voicework is good, but I can't help missing Vincent's "Get!".
"I've got it." doesn't really convey the same feeling...

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Aram on Giant Bomb? Glorious.

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Hey guys, Love is over

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Top notch abortion joke.

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European release date?
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it was getting good right at the end there! couldnt they have just let it play out?????

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All I can say about this game is...... what the fuck?

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I'm even more hyped for Catherine now. Really dig the style and humor. Atlus is consistently bringing out some unique and interesting titles. Fun QL guys!

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I had a feeling Aram Jabbari was going to head to Giant bomb sooner or later.

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I hope there's an option to enable Japanese voice overs.

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"You can only open the door in the first trimester" Oh dear God, I was laughing so hard after that.

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Well this was an awesome surprise! I really hope they do a proper QL/Review of Catherine when it's out

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Suck it baby!

Wow...Jeff pulled off an abortion joke in there.  Impressive.
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I would get the collector's edition if the shirt was in women's. My wife would like it. Men's large, though? Nah.

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Still looking awesome. Can't wait.

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Holy christ, Jeff. That "trimester" line.

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he sounds so much like Yuri Lowell jesus

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That baby is just super creepy.

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No "Will the PS3 version have dual-audio language, due to the extra storage-space" ?

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uh yeah i'll be getting this game

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That DOES sound like Teddie!

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FUCKING WEIRD... weird just weird... Japanese=weird *head explodes*

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@zyn said:
I hope there's an option to enable Japanese voice overs.
there is not.
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I admit, I held my breath at the final run of that puzzle.