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@mbr2: I respect your style man
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Seems like Tetris Battle Gaiden meets Boggle.

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Wow, i really need to improve my vocabulary if i'm going to get this game.

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Looks fun!  Great look.

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I.m happy now!

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Keeps on crashing on the mobile site.

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Seems like it could be fun with friends. 

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Love Will going for the Porn.

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Who are the Brothers based on?

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@Atwa said:

Seems like it could be fun with friends.

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Can't be an iPad game quick look without Will

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Wait, the Brothers Grimm...damn, I'm dumb.

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If I actually had an iPad I would probably get this.

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I hate word games, because I suck at them, so Meh! Good Ql

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@Meowshi said:

Who are the Brothers based on?

The Brothers Grimm I think.

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Bring this to the PC!

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Some of the character art seems really rough... But looks like a lot of fun.

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Man, I don't have an iDevice, but if I did... I would buy this. It looks really well done!

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Looks kinda cool. If it has good configuration options (board size, etc), I'm down.

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Man. Will and Brad are bad at boggle.

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The only bummer of this Quick Look is that no one picked Howie Lovecraft. Other than that it looks like a lot of fun.

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Wouldn't it make more sense to split the screen in two with opposite horizontal flips when playing versus? So two players can sit with the tablet between them in vertical position.

Also: Word Fighter scrub league

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I wish GRMM was in this game, that would be hilarious.

By the way, this guy is a good Quick Looker.

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This seems like a neat idea, and I really like how enthusiastic the developer is.

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this is really neat
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Instead of only doing it one way or the other, things like whether wrong words should be penalized should be options. 
That would expand the replayability and appeal of the game.
Same with board size options, power-up respawn time, round length, dictionary/valid word expanded lists (proper names, modern slang, etc).
If you want to make the game great and also approachable, configurability is a significant part of it.

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Am I the only one with a HUGE video player size?

It's amazing!

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@Lifestrike said:

This seems like a neat idea, and I really like how enthusiastic the developer is. BUT I DONT HAFF AN IPAD TOO BAD!



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Definitely getting this game!

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Aww, no Stephen King.

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Ahaha Will went for "Porn" at like 7 min

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Brad dies by words.

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Now I really want to see a giantbomb wordfighter scrubleague. It could be amazing.

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el shaddai man...

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Brad sucks even on this game

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Epic piano.

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Them's fightin words.

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Brad, your an Editor that is your JOB. cummon man.

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This looks great!

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This looks pretty damn interesting.

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This looks awesome and it always helps when the developer seems like a cool dude too.

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will it just work on tablets or will it be for phones too

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Flannery O'Conner for  DLC.

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I want to play this now! Easily a day one buy for me.

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This looks awesome. Can't wait to get it.

@Meowshi: Brothers Grimm.

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Looks okay I guess. Could use more move animations though.

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He sounds a lot like Rorie.

Nifty game, though.

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@Haru48 said:

Brad, your an Editor that is your JOB. cummon man.

Implying "games journalism" is anything more than regurgitating press releases
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There's already a game on the AppStore called WordFighter :(

This looks so damn awesome.