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I'm extremely disappointed Dwayne "The Rock Johnson" Johnson does not have a cameo in this legitimately funky game.

...And now after the fifth cumulative hour of Funky Barn viewing, I'm driving to the store to buy a WiiU so I can draw a french guy with a cigarette saying "The soil, she weeps..." on the Funky Barn board. Ugh.

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Funky time!

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And to think, I've already watched Jeff play this game for about four hours.

Still. It's a Quick Look on Giant Bomb. I must watch.

I don't have a problem!

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I've been walking around saying "Big Corn are you sure?" for about a week now.

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This quick look is about 3 and a half hours of confusion short.

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Proud Wii U owner here.

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There once was a barn that was funky..

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RIP Spanner, we hardly knew ye :(

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The number of hard locks on this system are absurd.

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Seriously, my Wii U hardlocked 6 times the other night while I was trying to get through the second castle in NSMBWU.

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I can't believe how many hard lock-ups there are :(

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'Bout damn time, this better live up to the hype :p

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As someone who watched several hours of the stream, I could not be more happy about this quick look.

About the six minute mark, damn this game is SO FUNKEY

"He never built my arms" - Vinny with the Edward Scissorhands reference. Funky.

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That ending was damn funky!

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Funky Barn locks up after six minutes.

The story of Wii U.

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Thanks for showing us Funky Barn guys.

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I want a new Viva Pinata, not this trash.

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Did they outsource the farmer art to some farmer fetishist on deviantart? Cause holy hell is that art bad.

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Guys the new console generation is here.

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We want the funk!

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I haven't watched the video, but that's a 5 star description if I ever saw one,

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What the FUCK is up with those load times?

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Yet another person here who's already watched four hours of Jeff playing this game, and still has every intention of watching one more.

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Gilby is cool, but he ain't no Spanner.

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@isawachuck said:

Seriously, my Wii U hardlocked 6 times the other night while I was trying to get through the second castle in NSMBWU.

hahaha seriously? my god.. I don't even know how Nintendo fucked this up so badly. It's like they TRIED

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How can Nintendo's system software be so shit?

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RIP Spanner

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Here's the four hour descent into madness for folks who may have missed or never heard about the stream.


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There was a guy complaining in MiiVerse that putting feeding troughs caused lockups. Though that doesn't excuse all the other lockups they've had.

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My FQ was getting dangerously low until the end credits music.

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I hate games like this, but... Funky Barn.

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Where is the funk!? show me the funk! I guess that Wii U locking up is kind of funky.

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I've owned a Wii U for 2 days and it has hard locked once, loading the final boss of Nano Assault Neo.

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what's all these mentioning of 4 hour quick looks? I was reading comments on my phone and was totally ready for a day well spend with this thing running.

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@doe3879: They mean the 4 hour live stream Jeff did over Thanksgiving of nothing but Funky Barn, the archive can be found here

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The Wii U is a QUALITY piece of hardware, to be sure.

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I see a game like this and I think it might be fun... as in, "$2.99 Steam Sale fun," not, "$300 borked console fun."

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lol nice ending

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I watched Jeff play this for like 4hrs just before Thanksgiving. It was "entertaining".

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Man, the Wii ended up missing on its potential, but it still was quality Nintendo hardware. I have 7 different Nintendo consoles and handhelds bought near launch, and all still work with little problems. I remember the Nintendo Power article about the Game Boy that survived Desert Storm and being partially melted.

This thing looks shakier than a launch 360. Hopefully it's software causing the rampant lockups and not hardware, but does not bode well that they've lost the Nintendo standard of quality and polish when it comes to design. That was the main thing they had going for them. If this lack of polish has infected their software, Nintendo is lost.

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Geez, these hard locks and load times seem pretty serious. Seems like they might have to put out new Wii U models sooner rather than later.

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Wtf, how the hell the power button on the console itself doesn't respond, what kind of dumb hardware they got in there?

And talk about loading times, over a minute for that kind of game, damn.