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Posted by YukoAsho
@Zafmg:  I'd go with K-lite rather than CCCP, it's updated more often and may have fixes.
Posted by Tricky69

Just finished the game in co-op mode only a few hours ago.  It's Halo through and through...  In other words it ain't anything new.  Plus the texture popping, frame drops and graphic glitches don't help much.  Multiplayer will always be the main focus of this series.
Posted by Joobs28

YEAH, HD looking good! 

Posted by Swoxx

HD Quick looks is the bomb! the graphics in reach look totally sweet

Posted by Kaigan

Looks like a Halo-ass Halo game, slow paced combat and all.

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" Also, the first comment quest is way easier over at ComicVine for those interested. "

Yeah. Spam their boards. Sure they'll appreciate it :/. Thanks.
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@sofacitysweetheart: Yep that is exactly what I said to do. How their boards are at all related to commenting on a video doesn't make any sense to me but whatever.
Posted by Horry43

legalize da kush is the most authentic halo player
Posted by mzombie333

I hate to say... this game looks great, but theres something about Halo that just doesnt interest me. I want to like it! Someone convince me!

Posted by Hourai

Lowered video quality for non-subscribers. Cool. 

Posted by Yodasdarkside

I'll need ti get me a 360 someday.

Posted by Korolev

Yep. It's a Halo game. 

Posted by granderojo

Jeff: What were we talking about? 
Brad: Sandwiches? 
Jeff: Yeah I could go for a sandwich right about now.

Posted by Whitster

Whilst I want to see what they have to say about it I don't want to spoil any of the game for myself either.

Posted by readymix

you can hear either jeff or brad getting a text on their iphones :) 
oh yeah halo looks cool...

Posted by Kyodra

So it's still Halo. Too bad I had enough of that after the third one, looking forward to their new project though.

Posted by AbbaCuus

I'm sorry, but JESUS FUCK! Streaming HD is amazazing! 50 dollars a year, well paid, amongst the other shenanigans.

Posted by dagas
@Kaigan said:
" Looks like a Halo-ass Halo game, slow paced combat and all. "
Which to me is a good thing since I've loved Halo since the first game.  
Posted by Rastapasta

awesome they remade sanctuary in forge world mmmm...

Posted by Jinto

So late at night?

Posted by Fredy

At around 41:30, when they are flying around the Forge world, that part is Blood Gulch just with grass :P

Posted by Tordah

I have to say, this looks really good.

Posted by Vextroid

Going off what Jeff said in the end but I myself am not that really into Halo. 1 was good, didn't play 2 and 3 was ok. But I played a little of ODST and liked it and this looks really good. Might get it, but not at launch. Saving my money for DR2 and BlackOps.

Posted by IncredibleBulk92

Yes it's Halo and Yes I'm buying,  It's an Xmas game for me but that doesn't mean I'm not excited to play it.

Posted by Chaossebba

legaliz da kush is the most authentic halo player.

Posted by uskomaton

Man that looks like Halo aka boring.

Posted by jim_dandy

It's nice that Jeff holds his fire for the ostriches.

Posted by MachoFantastico

Still Halo then, not sure how I feel about that.  
Loving the HD videos now, looks great. 

Posted by MysteriousBob

Same shit, different subtitle.

Posted by Van

Have your say here...

Posted by fentonalpha

Have not watched the whole vid but yay for HD.  Digging the rain and atmosphere in SP, would be a nice addition for forgeworld.

Posted by SimbaDoozle

Not the biggest of Halo fans, but maybe this one will reel me in.

Posted by Krrutch

must..  not.. watch

Posted by Venatio

Can't wait to play this, it looks awesome

Posted by CouncilSpectre

SPACE FROGGER WITH BIG GUNS!  Jump, shoot, jump, shoot.   I can't wait to play this!

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@Krrutch said:
" must..  not.. watch "
Posted by tuksu

"quick look" :D yeah, i'm buying this on release day, see ya guys gaming.

Posted by Scratch

This goes without saying, but HD videos look awesome.

Posted by Lavastine
Looks like a pretty interesting/fun game.
Posted by ShadowVirus
@MysteriousBob said:
" Same shit, different subtitle. "
Posted by Chris2KLee

Whoa, 1.2 GB file for HD? I am loving this new membership!

Posted by NuDimon

No PC, no buy. Actually looks like it could be a lot of fun tho, you know, with a mouse and keyboard. :p

Posted by ffohyeah@hotmail.com

Hail to the chief!

Posted by Ghostiet

God, Jeff, stop muttering to yourself throughout the Quick Look.

Posted by SockLobster

The fact that Forge is still clunky and the multiplayer is as bland as always means that i'm gonna rent this at best.

Posted by Taklulas
@NuDimon said:
" No PC, no buy. Actually looks like it could be a lot of fun tho, you know, with a mouse and keyboard. :p "
Cool story bro
Posted by Capum15

Ended up watching the video. Looks awesome, but now it's even harder to wait now.

Also: Hurrah for Blood Gulch/Coagulation!

Posted by Hitchenson

45 minutes? My body is ready.

Posted by cr_blah_blah

huge file, cool vid