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Posted by FlappyHands

Wicked! Gonna enjoy this video.

Posted by Daveyo520

So its TF2?

Posted by Double0hFor

this actually looks pretty freaking sweet

Posted by Kraznor

Hopefully TF2 but actually fun. I really couldn't get into that game.

Posted by ev_rowe

Anybody else notice the characters are standing over what appears to be a knockoff of the Marathon symbol? Anybody?

Edited by Gugi9000

Awesome. I wonder why I havn't pre-ordered yet. Silly me.

ev_rowe: Yeah.
The Juggernougat

Posted by Jayge_

This looks fun as fuck.

Posted by ICF_19XX

This looks like alot of fun. Thanks, Jeff and everyone at GB!

Posted by SlimDogg95

Looks good. Too bad my PS3 disc drive just died and have no idea when I will get another.

Posted by darkjester74

Looks amazing, that MP looks like its a blast!  I am genuinely jealous!  Enjoy PS3 owners!  =)

Posted by ICF_19XX

Also, Saboteur looks interesting. Jeff said he was killed later, naturally, but getting the drop on people will be fun perhaps until other players are more familiar with modes and classes.

I'm still looking forward to playing KZ3!

Posted by Tolkienfanatic

Looks like Resistance 2's Co-Op mixed with TF2.  Can't wait to pick up my pre-order, however the prospect of your turrets staying up even if you change class scares me.

Edited by Cerza

holy lag fest batman! hmmm it stopped now. looks pretty sweet. I can't wait for this game!

Posted by Joseppie

Was the menu screen moving every time a button was pushed or am I crazy?

Posted by LiveOrDie1212


Posted by Kohe321

Looks cool!

Posted by Karmann

Looks great, but I missed the "paint" illustrations!

Posted by deaux

Cool.  I liked the previous solution of using stick figure animations for the boring parts.  This jumped around too much.

Posted by get2sammyb

OOOOOOOOH so sweet. GiantBomb clan? You betcha!

Posted by strangeling

Yeah, I'd say that looks pretty good.  Hope it satisfies the hype for all you Killzone 2 fans.

Posted by Venatio

Looks amazing

Posted by Gregomasta

so me playing TF2 will compensate for the multilayer aspect of this game.

Posted by Aaox

Not having a PS3 is KILLING me!

Posted by AndrewB

Limiting you to 3 minutes of footage seems counter-intuitive. I can understand for the single player, but for multiplayer, it would really be nice to get a couple of full rounds in to see the changing of objectives in action.

Posted by Xander51

That looks...really awesome actually. And I don't play many online shooters.

Posted by DuhQbnSiLo

this game is the shit

Posted by TekZero

God this game looks amazing.  It's making me rethink about liking shooters again and whether or not I should buy a PS3.

Sure do wish it was out for the 360, maybe then I'll stop relying on Shadowrun for my online shooter fun.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Those ragdolls look really, really nice.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Wow. If I had a PS3 this would be a buy.
It looks like it is faster than Halo 3 but slower than COD4, which is not a bad thing at all.

Posted by HatKing

The multiplayer looks like a cross between Team Fortress and Call of Duty 4... in other words really damn good.  If I were more the type who played multiplayer competitively then this would probably really interest me.  Again I'm finally starting to feel bad about not owning a PS3.  Granted I love my 360 and the games I play on it everyday...but if stuff like this keeps up I might just but a PS3 as well.  Enjoy your game you PS3 owners...looks like I'll be missing out. :(

Posted by Thunder

it looks sweet makes me want to get a PS3

Posted by mussbus999

Nothing really jumps out at me here.

Posted by ZeroCast

Jeff is already a Colonel in this game.

He must have loved it.

Posted by JoelTGM

looks good

Posted by dezvous

I'd say this game really isn't Team Fortress 2, aside from the character classes there's really not a whole lot in common with Killzone 2. I'm speaking from extensive beta experience, Killzone 2 has a much larger focus on the more aggressive aspects of a first person shooter and the engineer/medic/saboteur aspects are very secondary in comparison to the likes of TF2. Also, KZ2 is just a whole lot more serious than TF2. It really doesn't feel very similar at all when you're actually playing.

And let's be honest, Team Fortress 2 is not the only game to ever have such character classes in mulitplayer and such. It's just the most recent example for comparison.

I don't quite get the constant need to compare every game to another game. Let them be their own games. All this complaining about Resident Evil 5 and Killzone 2 control wise is ridiculous. So many people out there wanting it to control and feel just like every other game in their respective genres. I mean do these people really know what they're asking for? The minute developers made every game control and feel the same is the minute we want something new and fresh. Let's just realize that before we end up with every game being identical.

Posted by SoothsayerGB

Looks neato Speedo

Posted by tekmojo

Cool dood.

Posted by Wright

condensing it into 3 minutes must of been fun. very nice quick look though.

Posted by Zatoichi_Sanjuro
[IGN]SamBishop <3 Bots
Edited by Standing_Gopher

I'm glad the multiplayer turned out well.

Posted by xionpunk

I've been going through withdrawls ever since the beta ended.  I'm just gonna stay ina dark room rocking back and forth until the game comes out.

Posted by Milkman

This game almost looks too good. I can't wait.

Posted by innacces14

And there goes Jeff, saving the IGN guys at 00:46. XD

Posted by Luberik

dude, giantbombteam on killzone 2, SIGN ME UP!

Posted by TwoOneFive

argh!! ME WANT NOW!

Posted by ep_driver

If only I had a PS3. For sure the first game I will get the day I purchase a PS3.

Posted by Hughes

2:15, [BOT] Hughes :D

Posted by IncredibleBulk92

Sorry but only being able to show off 3 minute videos of a game is pretty fucking dumb.  Why don't game companies actually want to show off the game they are trying to sell?  Y'know promote it, don't they hire guys for that reason?

I like what you show in this video and stuff but just showing flashes of video with Jeff quickly trying to explain everything that's going on is a bit crappy.  If they'd just allowed more video footage to be released then maybe I'd have a better idea of the game's multiplayer, it looks a bit chaotic at the moment.

To be fair I'm not certain how much weight my comment has, I don't own a PS3 yet.  A dedicated MGS4 machine doesn't sound that appealing to me atm.  I need 5 games I want before I can justify my purchase.

Posted by sdodd02

Looks amazing.

Posted by byongping_suzahulu

levels only 5 minutes - that kinda sux. i like how in battlefield, on oasis, rounds lasted 30 min+. epic.

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