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This looks like ass for a 360 game.

For some reason i want the dude to leave a bloody trail of skin, flesh, blood and bone as he is dragged along the pavement until he is nothing but a foot stump. It would only seem natural.

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... I kept forgetting I was watching a quick look of a video game.

Posted by kalnet101

Lococycle. Lococycle? Lococycle.

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This game had me at "I don't want any trouble from you two." haha

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Officially trying too hard on the humor.

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I guess I appreciate that Twisted Pixel has a bunch of aspiring designers or something so they're always switching genre (Splosion Man was a platformer, Comic Jumper was a weird twin-stick shooter), but it seems like the quality of game design is always staying at novice level and just making lateral shifts. The levels and combat all look really samey and repetitive, so the $20 asking price seems like it is only justified if you're way into FMV.

You guys in the comments saying "it looks terrible, even for a 360 game" are being harsh. I would say "it looks like a 360 game". Twisted Pixel has always made cartoonish games with simple textures and everything, so the fact that the countryside doesn't look like Far Cry 3 doesn't exactly shock me.

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Got some Roster Teeth in my Giant Bomb... I can dig it.

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And with that over-budgeted hunk'o'junk the FMV bubble bursts again (I hope).

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Wow... I.R.I.S. never shuts up. 10 minutes in and I would turn the voice volume all the way down.

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It's pretty much settled that Twisted Pixel should be making pure FMV games.

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Starting a quick look with Patrick being superior over humor. Sets a good tone for the video, thanks Patrick. I saw the humor in it and appreciate it. The whole thing is a joke, and you are there slamming it because you are waiting for one linger zingers.....I think there were places that everyone wanted to laugh (because it was funny) and didn't for fear of a scornful head-shake.

Also, look up the word "exasperate".

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@alibson: I make plenty of money being a BMW technician, and I'm quite happy doing something that keeps me in shape and keeps me guessing. I don't know what you think is wrong with working on cars but thanks for letting me know what you think.

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wow this looks like some hot, hot garbage. Even the on screen button prompts look like poorly cropped jpegs.

I feel sorry for the sanity of reviewers having to play through this

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If I were the developer, I would find great entertainment in reading/watching all internet impressions of this thing.

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Another hit from Twisted Pixel.

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I loved Wavy Tube Man Chronicles and didn't find this intro funny. I don't know I guess?

Doesn't help the game doesn't seem great either.

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@chiablo said:

Wow... I.R.I.S. never shuts up. 10 minutes in and I would turn the voice volume all the way down.

The sad thing is.....it seems like the dialog is the only thing thats "worth" playing? I guess? Cause the gameplay looks INCREDIBLY boring

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No one mentions james gunn being the presenter guy? disappointment

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@mrgtd said:

Hispanic mechanic protagonists?

Damn!! try to say that five times fast!!

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@topcat88 said:

This looks abysmal from a graphics perspective. I'm sure games like Burnout Revenge looked better than this and that's 8 years old.

That's a bit harsh.

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I think these guys might have had more fun making this game than players will have playing it.

Posted by Phatmac

I want to love everything that Twisted Pixel does but this just doesn't look good at all.

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@alibson said:

@mrgtd: I guess some people still think casual racism is funny.

Hispanics are only good enough to be car mechanics. Hilarious.

As a Mexican dude I find your accusation really stupid.

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Am I the only one that thinks this looks more like an Xbox 1 game...as in the original XBOX. Even on the 360 this would look subpar. Too bad the gameplay can't seem to save it.

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I actually found this funny

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I picked up the Twisted Pixel bundle on Xbox 360 awhile back, because all I ever heard was how fun the games were. I decided to play them in release order.

I really like The Maw. Humorous, interesting game play mechanics. Splosion Man. Super fun game initially, but got very frustrating towards the end. I got stuck on a level and never finished it. Still not as good as the Maw. I have heard Comic Jumper and Ms Splosion man are downhill from there. And then there is Lococycle. I can appreciate the humor they are going for, but the game play looks super tedious.

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Did anybody catch Michael Jones (aka Rage Quit) from Achievement Hunter? I did :)

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@reelife said:

I actually found this funny

Yeah, the FMV seems like it totally has great moments (though a lot of dull moments as well). It's a pity the gameplay looks like it has zero interesting moments.

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Man, that intro. It is literally just high school improv comedy juxtaposed with really high production value, and it just doesn't work. And, like, is it supposed to be funny that the guy speaks Spanish? I feel like I can enjoy some immature comedy, but Twisted Pixel has always just been way too high school for me.

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@amyggen said:

This game looks absolutely terrible!

It has always looked terrible too, I've been having really good laffs whenever it's been touted as a Hot Exclusive.

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@ 5:16

Anyone recognize Micheal and Lindsay from Achievement Hunter?

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The reviewers who rate this high are fucking special.
Sorry for stating the obvious.

(FMV games please, yes. Exclusively FMV.)

(And this game is $20.)

Posted by Fleck0

Agree that TP needs to just start making FMV games. Maybe if Project Fedora does well there will be some sort of revival of the genre.

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@somejerk said:

The reviewers who rate this high are fucking special.

Sorry for stating the obvious.

It took me way too long to realise you didn't mean rating it after smoking marijuana.

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oh shit, that's James Gunn. He's kind of a big guy now compared to Kaufman and Savini.

You better not fuck up Guardians of the Galaxy, Gunn!

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Well, I'd play it, but that's just me.

The lady being dragged was pretty funny though, especially the stupid floaty arm waving she was doing.

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Why must gameplay make

a lie of Twisted Pixel's

live action "promise"

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Hang-On is simple too. Is there no room for simple games any more?

I'm asking because I'm looking at this and feel the same as everyone else... That this is "bad" because it's simple, but I'm simultaneously still enjoying retro games.

What's up with that? Have our collective tastes changed too much? Just because there is open-world games, should every game be open-world etc.?

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nuke it from orbit.

Posted by OneManX

Did anybody catch Michael Jones (aka Rage Quit) from Achievement Hunter? I did :)

Yup, him and his fiance... I cracked a smile.

Posted by Halopower67

Oh man at some points i thought it was Geoff Keighley on camera. That would've been great.

Posted by chose

This game has its head so far up his own ass, it is definitely Art.

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The new great question of the generation: which game is worse, LocoCycle or Knack?

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Lisa Foiles was indeed on All That, but she was on Season 7-10, after it was cancelled and came back. She now does a bunch of game related stuff, writing on various blogs, video shorts, etc. She had a pretty lead role in the alternating between cringewothy and pretty decent The Game Station series, "The Street Fighter".

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Yeah, this game looks terrible. I don't think I'd want to play a mediocre and boring game to be rewarded with super weird and not funny FMV cutscenes.