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My other M is a W.

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What's your other M?

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My other M is a vagina...
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Brad, you're wrong. The game is correct in pronouncing her name. 

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I'm a huge Metroid fan with Super Metroid and the 1st Prime being my favorite vidja games but this game does not interest me at all... Hopefully this quicklook can change that.  
Edit: This quicklook changed nothing. 

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@ Brad :False...you can shoot your beam weapons in first person without locking on.  You have to not hold the lock on/turn button in order to shoot beam weapons in first person. 
Also Im pretty sure that you have to tap a direction right before you get hit to do the dodge move.

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Brad, I always have pronounced it the way they do. Not the way you do. As has everyone I've ever known... who's said Samus' name before. I am English though, so maybe it's an American thing.

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A lot less posting now that school is in session :P

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I really don't like Brad. He annoys the hell out of me.

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Her name has always been pronounced that way, guys. Where have you been?

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so, this actually doesn't look as bad as I thought it would...

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Game looks kinda fun.  Might get it  :)

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They... They changed the missile pickup icon! Inexcusable.

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Yes!! I'll be picking this up day one.

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'Can't stop me Cop'. Lol. 
Looks neat, I don't have a Wii, but I really, really want to play this game.

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This game looks more frustrating than fun in nearly every way.

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Poor combat in metal corridors with annoying camera angles? Reminds me of Dino Crisis 3

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2010 and no analogue control. The Wii, ladies and gentlemen.

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I never let myself get too excited about this game and this quicklook has extinguished whatever excitement I did let build. It just doesn't look like fun to me, I think I'll just play Super Metroid again.

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YAY I've been waiting for this. :)

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I'm bummed to hear that the story is cheesy. I can picture myself fighting against the controls through the entire game and it does not look fun. I do love me some metroid though, so I will probably get it eventually.
Also Samus' beams have always stacked in the 2D games, though you could turn individual ones on and off in Super Metroid.

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Automatic dodging, infinite health and infinite missiles. 
Seems like they're making it retard proof.

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This does not look like Metroid. Looks way too automated. I don't like it. I might play it eventually, but this isn't a "I NEED to play this NOW" game for me. Super Metroid and Zero Mission are two of my favorite games, so that's kind of a shame.

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I've always pronounced it Zeebz

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My most-anticipated Quick Look of the year so far. I'm so glad to see the game looks as good as it does. Reviews seem to be all over the place. I just can't wait to play it

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that dose not  look fun
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You could kinda tell the complaining was because the game is good ('it would be better if...') and not because it was bad. 
Looking forward to the full review.

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Metroid Prime lost me when you had to scan every bleeping part of the screen in every bleeping room. 
This does seem to have a little more of the classic game in it - walk / roll into a room and shoot then things. Shame it looks so frustrating to play.
You do think they should have played Batman: AA before they decided on the game mechanics though ... Batman is a much better Samus.
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Gah, I'm honestly a bit disappointed. The control scheme is NOT to my liking and being a =Metroid fan, I don't like some of the changes they've made to the weapons and such. The Ninja Gaiden-esque moves are fine, but it's too bad they couldn't have made the experience control better.

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@MooseyMcMan said:
"Brad, you're wrong. The game is correct in pronouncing her name.  "

good to know.
"He's charging his laser." 
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Dude I don't know...

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Seems very weird.

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No analogue stick? come on.

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The beams also combined in Super Metroid and Im pretty sure in other games too (except for Prime series). It was especially cool in Super Metroid because you could swith them on or off, together with all your other enhancements. The only excpetion was the Spazer and Plasma beam those could not be active at the same time.
I'm starting to turn around on this game, still not a fan of the strange changes and control scheme. But I'm more inclined to try this game now.

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This could not interest me less.

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The lesson seems to be to make either a 3D Metroid game or a 2d Metroid game. Or just don't build a game around a clunky control scheme and automate things to make up for that.

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Christ, what a load of bitching, the game looks good if you ask me

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You guys realise beam stacking has been around in this series for ages, and was removed in the Prime series...

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Looks good. I enjoyed Shadow Complex, I could go back to a Metroid that is like this again.
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Brad was talking about how the weapon effects stacked, isn't that how all the 2-D metroids worked?
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This game looks pretty bad.  What a shame, Metroid deserves better.   
They should have just done the best looking and polished 2D game possible instead of this half 1st person mess.  

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@HandsomeDead said:
" 2010 and no analogue control. The Wii, ladies and gentlemen. "
Precisely what I was thinking. The controls sound dreadful.
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Now if only I had a Wii...

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Prime 3 had it I believe
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So it's just another Metroid with what appears to be a Scribblenauts level of frustrating and clunky controls with combat only slightly less repetitive and monotonous as Shank. And yet, if this was the adventure of some other nameless, faceless space marine it wouldn't get a second glance....