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Needs more dubstep..

Posted by tescovee

bah not trackmania 2

Posted by Seraphim84

Why can't we just make Afterburner but with cars already?

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QuickLook is quick.

Posted by DjCmeP

What's this..a QL that's under 20 minutes long?

Posted by Delta_Ass

The cars are actually going right sometimes, not just left. Unleashed indeed.

Posted by Kucheeky

What an ugly game.

Posted by Dany

Wait? This isn't an XBLA game? and it is a 40 bucks retail game? What the hell???

Posted by Atlas

$40 disc product? For a game that looks like a bad downloadable game?


Posted by Metal_Mills

Nacsar is the most boring shit ever.

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This has horrible graphics and seemingly non-existent physics. What a terrible product.

Posted by Hooligan451

I think that if the cars speed would quadruple in real life like it does in this game I would actually be able to sit through an entire race.

Posted by BlazeHedgehog

This game looks REALLY annoying. The graphics are ugly, the announcer sounds like a tool, that sun glare at the start of the race is downright painful, and the camera is awful.

Posted by Twinsun

looks like they lifted the on the car interface stuff from blur, another activision game.

Posted by depecheload

Midway made a game like this for Indy Cars about 11 years ago that was equally bare-bones and shit.

Posted by LtColJaxson

This seems like a kids game to me, and considering that - it doesn't seem terrible for a very young audience.

Posted by vexidus

I was kinda pumped until I realized that this wasn't a $4.99 downloadable.

Posted by Hilfemaster

looks like a Dreamcast game in so many ways.

Posted by StrikeALight

That lense flare is ridiculous.

Posted by AngelN7

@DjCmeP said:

What's this..a QL that's under 20 minutes long?

Would you like to watch more than 10 min of this game?....

Posted by LtColJaxson

@StrikeALight said:

That lense flare is ridiculous.

The sun actually phases completely through buildings at times.

Posted by SuperTess

Blur: Nascar Edition

Posted by Zelyre

Goin' to the Farm and Fleet before work. This is for the PSP, right?

Posted by Depth

Looks like an iPhone game.

Posted by Prince_of_Space

Who would put a leash on NASCAR in the first place?

Posted by DefAde

11 minute quick look..... says it all !!!

Posted by DjCmeP

@AngelN7 said:

@DjCmeP said:

What's this..a QL that's under 20 minutes long?

Would you like to watch more than 10 min of this game?....

I'd like to see a TNT of this game.

Posted by Vonocourt

As someone who was raised by an avid fan of nascar, spending many of my days playing with transformers while in the racetrack's stand, what the fuck is this shit? I couldn't care less about current nascar beyond thinking the cars are still cool, but making a super arcady nascar game just seems to be a terrible thing to do.

Posted by thirteenyahs

I'm not sure if anyone else noticed this, but this looks like complete shit.

Posted by rmanthorp

@thirteenyahs said:

I'm not sure if anyone else noticed this, but this looks like complete shit.

Now that you mention it...

Posted by AlKusanagi

I used to bag Jeff and Ward Burton's groceries...

This is NASCAR Country, son!!!

Posted by RVonE

Why does this even exist?

Posted by Kyodra

The graphics remind me of Carmageddon 2 without all the killing. This isn't on disc is it?

Posted by Vexxan

The car in the preview picture sure looks unleashed. 

Posted by Abendlaender

This is a retail product? Seriously?

Is this some kind of "Uhhh the people who like nascar are to stupid to download stuff" thinking?

Posted by wardcleaver

This seems like a NASCAR game made to appeal to people who are not fans of traditional NASCAR. It is like making a game where you race F1 cars on dirt roads.

Posted by endaround

Come on Brad, you should know that NASCAR is the France family and basically runs at the whims of whatever the France family wants. Like how when a new car line joins they suddenly win a bunch of races as if NASCAR inspectors where looking the other way.

Posted by JayCee

This thing is 40 bones? Daaayyyymn son.

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40 $ ? For this? Good luck with that...

I wouldn't even touch it if someone offered me 10$ for playing this shit.

Posted by Marcness

....Wait.....THIS ISN'T DAYTONA USA??!?!

Posted by countinhallways

This looks terrible. Absolutely awful.

Posted by Milkman

I was shocked and appalled when Brad said this was 40 bucks. How is this not a XBLA game?

Posted by Sportsplosion

This game looks kind of infuriating to play, and I can't imagine it's worth it as a disc-based nearly full-price title.

Posted by Marcness

This is bad. REALLY bad. And this is coming from a person that has a really high tolerance for budget games. I'm not paying $40 for this game. It looks horribly shallow and more frustrating than fun. Get.....off my car!!! And what are those cars.....90's Mitsubishi Eclipses???

Posted by Laini

When they say upcoming do they mean this is like an alpha build?

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Fuck you activision for the Y button prompt in the back bumper.

Edit: wait there using the blur engine for this?! (Looks like a striped down bad looking blur) just...man.

Posted by SupberUber

Can't blame them for trying, but, 40 dollars?! pass that shit

Posted by TwoLines

This looks like a PS2 game. Goddamn this is ugly.

Posted by Brendan

Has anyone else been noticing compression artifacting in the middle of the video on the HTML5 player?

Posted by thornie_delete

Bobby LaBonte don't give a fuck.