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loved burnout, cant wait to try

Posted by L1B3RATION

Awesome,Picking this up later this week.

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i want to know if this is just Burnout, i am hoping it is.

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" cool "
Wow. Comment on the video, fuckers.
I for one remember the fond days of old school NFS. Can I be a dinosaur in this one?!
Posted by Zephira

So hoping this is totally just burnout

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Vinny is now unemployed.

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Shoutout to FTA Dark Knight

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Getting this tomorrow....so excited!

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Have so much love for Hot Pursuit.  Been waiting with baited breath for this.  I'll admit; I haven't watched it at the time of this post, but due to it's exsitence, I'm happy.
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Brad's back in the Quick Look seat!  Wooo!

Posted by SunmanJ

Are the images in the rearview mirror supposed to have no textures?

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The Dark Knight is too busy playing Need for Speed to answer the Bat-Signal.

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I thought the NFS have been going downhill for a while. I'm glad Criterion's doing this one and i loved the PS1 Hot Pursuit.

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Lucky number 15!

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hahaha best subtitle eva!!!!!!!!!

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It'd be cool if this was on Steam.

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That multiplayer looks pretty damn interesting. Kinda want to pick this up.

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Game looks intense.

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@SunmanJ:  yes, it's actually a pretty cool effect. it's made to simplify unimportant background detail and make the cars in the rear view stand out ( yellow cars are racers, blue flashing cars are cops )
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Brad: "you don't think anybody's going to miss the story:
Brad I love you, but seriously I wanted to punch him through the screen when he said that

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I have a need as well, a need to pee. 
I'll be right back.

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Game looks freaking wicked cool. Can't wait to play it.

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I'm not digging this at all. 
Need for Speed: High Stakes for the PS1 was the shit.

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Love when you select a car the engine turns over and it revs.  

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Awesome, totally want this.

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Needs more paint gloss and neon lights. 

Posted by rentfn

a buddy and I used to played the original one non-stop. I can't wait to try this new one.

Posted by coaxmetal

Looks like it isn't on steam. Bummer, might have bought it otherwise.

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With so many more people having camera's thanks to move and kinect, i really hope we see some more stuff that uses the camera. I had forgotten about the "kill cam" in burnout.  I can safely say it's the only game I've even been mooned in.

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Getting this on PC

Posted by SlightConfuse

might get this

Posted by FrankCanada97

The event selection menu/map reminds me a lot of Burnout 3.

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Return of the nitro volume boost! Right? Or am I mishearing things? 4:40. Might just be the song increasing in intensity.

Posted by Jeffk38uk

Kind of glad alot of sites and even GB's view of it is pretty good, so going to play alot of that Cop side.

Posted by foggel

Haha it's true. Criterion are the only ones who actually cares about the camera.

Posted by OneManX

That online race, was pretty damn intense...

Posted by HandsomeDead

This just looks like a bad Burnout. And the tragedy is it'll outsell Burnout Paradise because this has licensed cars.

Posted by Landon

Not that into racing games, but this looks sweet.

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Fuck yeah he stopped that shit.

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After watching them play multiplayer I kinda want to get this.
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i played the demo on ps3.... didnt look as good as burnout paradise... it had bad aliasing. anyone else notice this? does 360 look better? 
it surprises me because Paradise looked better on PS3.  
i think i may buy this... ill need a break from GT5 

Posted by MaddProdigy

Oh man the caption...so bad...but so good.
I'm at the point where I see the name Need for Speed and I immediately laugh and refuse to purchase what is obviously crap, but this looks like at least they put in a little effort. Sure does look shiny, and looks kind of fun. I'm also a sucker for whooping my friends all over the leaderboards in time challenges...but nah, nah.

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This looks like a quality product. If it shows up on Steam I'll pick it up.

Posted by Malakhii

Not a big racing fan, but for some reason this game is really appealing to me, might have to check it out. 

Posted by FreakAche

Need for Speed: Burnout!

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The racing reminds me a lot of Outrun. 

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Lemme just say, I do not like racing games apart from the occasional lap in Mario Kart. But damn it this game looks like so much fun- the cops vs. racers mode looks intense. I bet I'll be terrible but I'm willing to try this out.

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injured/permanently disabled/dead = BUSTED
Job well done, let's go get some coffee. 

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That has to be the best racer engine out there. These guys make the only racing games I'm interested in in the slightest.