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Posted by Erik

Looking forward to this, love the DS game <3

Posted by SJSchmidt93

Hell. Yes.

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EDIT: Brad pulls a Brad with unprecedented speed in this one.

Posted by destruktive

fuck yeah!
Loved the ds one, looking forward to this :P

Posted by JazzyJeff

Brad jumped into the goombah himself. lol.

Posted by YeIIow

Rofl @ Brad dying 2 times a bit too early lol.

Posted by BackpackKat

NSMB is my favorite DS game, this almost makes me want a wii.
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we need more quicklooks with all 4 guys!
LOL at Brad dying early on, at least he's cool and owned up to his dying ways lately :D game looks AWESOME with 4 players, but I dont even have a second player to play with locally, let alone 3 more. oh well

Posted by Shibbles

Ice flowers, man. Fucking ICE FLOWERS.

Posted by FlappyHands

Hahaha. Party holes and secret holes!

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This seems really cool! I liked the DS version.
That was a very entertaining Quick Look.

Posted by zombie2011

Brace yourself lads this shall be a most epic quicklook.

Posted by simulation

 This will be a good break from MW2

Posted by Crushed

Brad reminds me of this video that was on YouTube years ago but got taken down. Some Japanese comedian had NEVER played a Famicom, and in front of a TV audience got to play the original Super Mario Bros. for the first time. He ran into Goombas, didn't know how to do a running jump, and jumped away from a mushroom because he thought it was another enemy.

Posted by Rhaknar

its 1:30am and im laughing out loud, only 14min in and its already one of the best quick looks ever. i love this website :D

Posted by SuperfluousMoniker

Sweet, I was hoping this would happen!

Posted by jmrwacko

This game is the anti-Brad.

Posted by Dethfish

Yes, I was hoping they'd record a QL with all four of them. I have a feeling this will be awesome.

Posted by markreel

Was not interested in this game, now I am.

Posted by metalsnakezero

Brad is always pulling his Brad in quick looks.

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hahaha hilarious :P

Posted by Wes899

Woo! I haven't seen anything on this game before now.

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Posted by i8Donuts

This is great.

Posted by AV_Gamer

LMAO! Brad's got no game.  
Since I love classic Mario, I can see myself enjoying this game. Too bad. Still not worth spending money on a mostly crappy console like the Wii. If I did purchased it, Single Player is the way to go.

Posted by kerikxi

One of the most hilarious quicklooks ever.

Posted by JeffGoldblum

The fact that Ryan and Jeff are Luigi and Mario while Brad and Vinny are unnamed toads says a lot about the power structure of this site.

Posted by Milkman

Pulled a Brad: 0:49

Posted by Slaneesh

Brad is a crybaby! Get your diaper.
Posted by Legend

That was fun.

Posted by clapperdude

Cannot wait to get this.

Posted by Brutopian

this put a big smile on my face.

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Man...this game is no joke. It seems rough with four players...but then again, I like 'em that way. I can't wait for it to come out!

Posted by ThatFrood

this is fantastic. Probably my favorite quick look.

Posted by Delta_Ass

This game looks awful. There's no way it's gonna outsell Modern Warfare 2 on the 360.
And I'm not exactly a fan of Call of Duty games in the first place.

Posted by Jeffsekai

omg that was to funny

Posted by Dany

Great quick look!

Posted by SleepyDoughnut
@jmrwacko said:
" This game is the anti-Brad. "
Man, it really is lol.
Posted by Cazamalos

don't worry Brad you're still a beast on bed every night

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Amazing video. I loved the teamwork bit with all four guys jumping on each other.

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"I am already dead, just for the record."  Let the lolz begin!
Oh and I coulda watched this all day long lol

Posted by Milkman

This game looks like so much fun with 4 players. It's a shame I would never be able to get 4 people together and play this.

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It seems a little clunky for players to bump into each other.  Really a shame that Super Mario Galaxy 2 was pushed back for this game, considering the only single player offering on Wii from Nintendo was Metroid Prime Trilogy.

Posted by borgmaster
@neoepoch: so you like it rough? That isn't exactly something that I'd throw out there on the internet all willy-nilly like that, but that's just me, it might be different for you.
Posted by SpunkyHePanda

This looks like pure, unfiltered joy.

Posted by Rhaknar
@JeffGoldblum said:
" The fact that Ryan and Jeff are Luigi and Mario while Brad and Vinny are unnamed toads says a lot about the power structure of this site. "
you mean how jeff and ryan are the co-owners of the site, and they hired vinny and brad later? yes, youre right... i know what you're trying to do tho, nice try
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@Crono said:

" "I am already dead, just for the record."  Let the lolz begin! "

Pulling a Brad. Ur doin it rite!
The Donkey Kong elements are really neat.  Throwing barrels like DK, climbing ropes like DK Jr...