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I mean, alright.

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Anime is for qt's

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It should be noted that One Piece is the best selling and most popular anime of all time, going purely by the numbers.

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Woah, what the hell?

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I'll take one piece.

Also, Luffy is pronounced loo-fee.

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Dan: So is this a show first or a movie or a manga or a menga?

Jeff: Yes.

Broaden your horizon's @danryckert. Let @patrickklepek show you the way.

Jeff: I've enjoyed some anime in my time.


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These evening quicklooks are awesome

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Lovin these surprise quicklooks of weird shit

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@centurypunk: Mcdonald's has the best selling most popular burger, going purely by the numbers.

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Fucking Dio

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You know who anime is for. Jeff

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I wanna check this out. I've seen a small amount of the anime. I don't dislike it, but it never grabbed me as much as say, Yu Yu Hakusho did.

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I thought One Piece was kind of like animoo Monkey Island but turns out it's just bad.

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I use to really like One Piece and I use to read scans ever week. I'm sure its still fine but I'm so far behind at this point, I'm just not willing to go back to it at this point. Haven't read in about two years. I have no clue who that raccoon is.

Its appealing to me in the way most anime/manga is, ridiculous and over the top in dumb Japan ways.

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Love me some One Piece.

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I find that people so hellbent in hating anime just as a prejudice kind of bother me... there's many bad anime, that's for sure, but there's also great anime and dismissing it all in principle is as bad as saying I hate all books because bestsellers are bad... Should really give some of the good things a go.

I was a pretty big anime fan back in the day, but never one piece... never any series that went over 56 episodes actually.. i tried but ended up losing the thread... most longer ones got too nonsensical.

This game looks as expected really. Though some animations and particle effects look surprisingly nice... kinda like those naruto games.. but the overall style is a lot less coherent.

About the last few Dan / Jeff QLs... I get the feeling that Dan seems like he's trying really hard to be liked by Jeff (or the GB community), and Jeff is trying very hard to be nice to Dan.. which leads to some odd overall niceness, they never question each other or anything ( or maybe they have really very similar tastes?)...
(edit: I know its only been a week and this is just an impression not a judgement)

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Assassin's Creed anime just might be the anime that would get me into anime. Anime.

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Monkey Garp.

Also, nice No More Heroes reference, Jeff.

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So I guess I might get this for either 3ds or wii u????

Also Ive been meaning to watch the anime show for some time so I might as well!!!

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Luffy ate a fruit and now he's stretchy

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"Ah... crap." At least it was the day one edition.

Whenever I see anime games, I'm reminded that CyberConnect2 makes Naruto games instead of more Asura's Wrath. So I get extra sad.

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as some one who has a slightly (only like .01%) better understanding of this show, this is great.

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@sydlanel: they've been working together for a week.

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Dude! One Piece is amazing!
Let's see if this game can can stand next to the comic.

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Never got into One Piece... Always seemed lame

Dan likes wrestling and dismisses anime in all of its entirety. What a bastard.

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an anime quicklook?! this site really is changing with dan around...

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If only the show was a third as exciting as watching these 2 play.

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Anime is no different than American television. Most of it is trash, and pretty much ALL of the very most popular stuff is trash, but there's some really good stuff too, if you know where to look.

The main difference is that the foreignness of anime can make it difficult to find the good stuff if you don't make a conscious effort to go find it. Also, even though anime has a reputation for series with hundreds of episodes, 95% of the stuff worth watching is 26 episodes or less.

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@jeff You should really watch One Piece, it's the dbz of this era but batshit crazy.

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I've always respected one piece for being able to cram its entire premise into the opening song:

I haven't seen it, though.

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@sydlanel: That is literally just Dan. Watch a Super Replay or those videos where he plays games with his dad. Dan's just got energy.

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@csl316: Those Naruto games are pretty awesome.

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I got the game today and it's alright so far.

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@sydlanel: Dan's just a positive guy when it comes to most things. However, those things don't include soccer, Dota 2, or Jose Canseco.

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@danryckert: The afro skeleton dude spent 50 years adrift alone so he's kind crazy. He's also an international rockstar. Franky has turned himself into a cyborg, that explaines the scares and the huge muscles. He can shoot lasers. Luffy ate the rubber demon fruit and that's why he's all strechy, duh...

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@jjor64 said:

I got the game today and it's alright so far.

How does it compare to previous unlimited games? Those were super original and surprisingly awesome.

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Man, I love One Piece.

I already liked Dan, but now I like him even more. Good on him for not immediately shitting on this game.

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After pausing the video half way through I let out a sigh of relief, because I realized that I was not actually under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs. One Piece is weird shit.

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"Monkey Garp"... hahaha oh anime. It slays me

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Jeff's comment at the end of the video made me sad,because I think he'd really like it!

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One Piece is a thinking man's anime. Don't feel bad if you don't get it. That's why they have Naruto for people like that.

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I've always respected one piece for being able to cram its entire premise into the opening song:

I haven't seen it, though.

Never saw the english version. Wow... Pirate rap is the dumbest.

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This actually seems kind of cool. I used to really like One Piece but ended up burning out on it after 500 episodes of flashbacks that I didn't care about at all.

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The longest and best selling manga for a reason, its damn good if you are into anime. Its at like 600 plus episodes and counting. I am at 228 and the story arcs are very good. It is slow at the beginning but get past that and it gets so good.

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I am really digging these Jeff and Dan QL's.