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I love me some robots!

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Pacific Rim IS a great movie!

Posted by Morningstar

And this is a shit game!

Posted by SolidOcelot

Engage Elbow Rocket.

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kaiju me

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The movie was pretty good. The game? ... Well, the movie was pretty good!

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The one property that could be awesome on kinect and they still fuck it up good job.

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Needs more Ron Perlman VO.

EDIT: Shouldn't Crimson Typhoon have 3 health bars?

Posted by White

Analog roberts!

Posted by Ares42

Slow and clunky, just the way I like my fighting games....

Posted by Ravelle

Even One Must Fall is a better fighting game.

Posted by W1ck3d

Does this contain spoilers for the movie?

Posted by Wraxend

Wow GOTY right there.

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I thought the movie was going to go in the direction of: 'Our current robots just aren't good enough for the increased kaijuu threat, we must create the ultimate robot!', and then that whole middle hour of no action would have been about building the ultimate Jaeger, instead of inter-personal drama and mad-scientist hijinks. I agree with Jeff, there should have been more robot variations in the movie.

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I'm hoping this is bad in a good way.

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This game is fucking terrible.

Posted by BeefyGrandmole

Man bad movie tie in games remind me of being a kid again. So many bad decisions.

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"Sie sind das Essen und wir sind die Jäger!"

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I may be crazy but... this doesn't look completely awful.

Posted by CaptainJudaism

Any comments about the game? Yeah, Pacific Rim is a great movie.

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Yup, good movie indeed.

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the guy Jeff beat (Godzilla's Back) was #5 on the leaderboard.

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So hype to see this at EVO next year.

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Game sucks, but that was one of the most exciting multiplayer matches in QL history!

Posted by beard_of_zeus

Guys, just go play War of the Monsters instead. Now THAT'S a game with giant monsters that I can get behind!

Posted by Andorski

The headline of this video should have been "JEFF AND VINNY ARE CANCELLING THE APOCALYPSE!"

Posted by PlasmaMachine

When EVO rolls around next year, and Pacific Rim: The Video Game: Hyper Edition rolls out, this will be on the main stage on the final day.

Posted by MattBodega

Knifehead is really neat, he is filled with turtle meat.

Posted by Wampa1

"Fuuuuuuuuuuuck you" Seems about right. Playing through the Deus Ex Ipad game that you can complete and see everything without buying any IAP is the right way to do it. I people want to blow through cash to get through the game quicker fine, but don't make it a requirement.

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Remember Rise of the Robots? Yeah.

Rise of the Robots.

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Shouldn't the Chinese robot have 3 health bars?

Posted by Lanechanger

Guys, just go play War of the Monsters instead. Now THAT'S a game with giant monsters that I can get behind!

I have fond memories of that game as a kid, and when I heard about Pacific Rim, this was the first thing I thought of.

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Dude, Jeff dropping Gamera knowledge. Who knew.

Posted by Stimpack

It's a double event!!!!!!!!!!

Also they talked about their feelings too much in this movie.

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Because robots.

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@andorski: and then turned the game off and switched over to trackmania

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Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee is my go to kaiju fighting game.

Posted by ProfessorK

The best Pacific Rim game will always in my mind be Omega Boost

Posted by nomtank

This game would be fucking great if you could play co-op with someone using one robot like the movie. It'd be so convoluted!

Posted by PsychoPenguin

@nomtank: Remember that Voltron game with the co-op fighting? That worked out great there.

Posted by Elwoodan

:( If any movie ever would make a great video game, it would have been Pacific RIm

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Wasn't going to spend any money on customization Jeff? Awwwwwwwwww!

Ruins the whole purpose...

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oh boy

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Agreed about the movie being fun, this does look dumb for a game not worth the money on it.

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So hype to see this at EVO next year.

They really fucked up by having this launch on the same weekend. If they'd released earlier it would have been a good replacement for Smash Bros.

Posted by buft

this looks god awful and shitty business practices, no thanks yukes

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You know, when the guy who bought EVERY GAME ROOM GAME is saying your 10 dollar fighting game isn't worth the price of admission? That's a bad sign.

Posted by AlKusanagi

The one single reason I'd want this is to make my own Jaeger, and that's fucking DLC.

Bravo, Yukes. Bravo.

Posted by Benmo316

Yukes BURN! Good one, Jeff.