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Sun Sprite is probably my favorite voice i heard in this entire thing. I don't get the hate.

Posted by BadNews

Sun Sprite is probably my favorite voice i heard in this entire thing. I don't get the hate.

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Just read through the comments, my god what a shitfest...

Though this all could have been avoided if @brad didn't spend the entire video complaining about a name pronunciation.

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This looks awesome. Sidekick seems totally fine to me.

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Beautiful looking presentation.

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Say what you want about the visuals, but the cutting mechanic is just the SMW climbing mechanic and everything else is super weird/not interesting. This looks dumb.

edit: Maybe whatever they are looking at doesn't translate to video because... I dunno. Presentation, sure, but it looks like ass compared to LBP or Trine.

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Wow, this game seems like a fucking gem.

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@mjbrune said:

@brad: Don't let them get to you. I totally respect your quicklooks and I think while you do have a tendency to focus a tad more on the negatives I think that's a good thing. I rather see the negatives of a game than all the positives. You complimented this game constantly throughout the quicklook on the things that mattered.

As the pronunciation thing, you obviously did your research and made a logical opinion. If it's right or wrong who knows but I can tell you no one in the comments is really qualified to say straight up your wrong unless they happen to be the audio director of puppeteer.

All in all keep up the quicklooks, honestly I look forward to the ones you are on the most. Screw the people who say you shouldn't drive them.

Why on Earth would you rather see negatives in a game than the positives? I can understand that you might want to see what is bad about a videogame before purchasing, but focusing on them isn't going to give a good preview of the game. Video games are meant to be entertainment, and trying to find all the bad is definitely not how you get the most out of it. Like this game. I will easily overlook any small pronunciation issues or gameplay that's "too easy" to get the most out of the story and presentation. Which is obviously what is meant to be the focus here.

And screw people who want to block out opinions that conflict with their own.