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Hurray for 6 am Quicklooks.

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@composite said:


You are a very articulate person.

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Quicklook Uncovering Brad's Enigma

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This looks interesting.

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Getting a Mirror's Edge vibe from the artstyle of this game, love it

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@BeachThunder: Even in my mad keyboard smash I failed.

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Brad: Its the ambient occlusion that makes this look good, overwise it wouldve looked flat, its got some fresnel effects here and there.

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Looks like an insane asylum for minecraft players.

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Bah, barely loading

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Looks like the inside of a Rubiks cube. Interesting.

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Quicklook Ultra Boring Extreme is my Q.U.B.E acronym.

Nah, it wasn't that bad, it's just not a game for me. Looks nice even though it reminds me a lot of Portal with the white walls and floor.

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I promise that I will buy this at some point in the future.

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Quick Ubiquitous Bacon Eaters.

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Quality Unreal Brings Entertainment

Edit: also

Quick Urinating Burns Enticingly

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Quicklook Uncompromising Brad's Enjoyment

Yeah I combined "quick look" into one word, wanna fight about it?

'Nother: Questing Unabated, Brono Evaporated

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Quiet Ubiquity, Brad's Eunuch

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But does it have enough non-euclidean geometry?

I might have to give this a try at some point.

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Queef Until Birds Expire

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Oh dude I totally said Green and Yellow too being color blind sucks.

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Queen Urine By Erin

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This game looks incredibly cool. It doesn't seem very friendly to colorblind people.

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This game sure has a Quaint and Unique Bounce Engine!

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Quality Underpants Blowout Emision.

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QUBE solving puzzles!


Q:uit U:sing B:rad E:very-time solving puzzles.

No offence brad, but your not the brightest bulb when it comes to 3D puzzles.

Now word puzzles you would be great at I suspect.

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@selbie said:

Looks like an insane asylum for minecraft players.

this :D

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Quicklook Underwhelming But Educational.

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Alright Mortal Kombat, a new sheriff is in town. Get ready for Qombat!

Edit: Qolorblind? Use Brad's Encouragement.

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Brad color-trolling Vinny. Awesome.

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Was hoping they would show this game.

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Quality Uptown Billiards Establishment

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Quaint Urethra Buys European

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Questionably Underwhelming Bass Explosion

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Quit ur bickering everyone!

Bit of a stretch

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Quickly Underlying Bad Ergo

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Gee, I wonder if somebody on the development team played Portal *eyeroll*

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Quest Update: Brain Explosion!

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Quaff Unpalatable Baby Excrement

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For making all those shitty game related movies....

Quick-look Uwe Boll's Execution!

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I don't know what Brad is talking about, this game doesn't remind me of any other puzzle games out there.

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Looks like a neat game!

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Quirky Uncle Beats Etna

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Wow hearing Vinny tell what colours he "thought" they were made me nearly start crying felt so bad for him all of a sudden.

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Quickly Utilized Basic Entertainment...

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Quit Using Bee Extracts

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@RobKenno said:

Wow hearing Vinny tell what colours he "thought" they were made me nearly start crying felt so bad for him all of a sudden.

Yeah... It felt ever so slightly awkward at that point.

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Quiet Uterus Bitches Endlessly

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I'm not usually into puzzle games, but after Portal 2 that's starting to change. I remember being overwhelmed by what seemed to be devestatingly complex puzzles in the initial trailer for Portal 2. However, once I played the game it became quickly apparent that new mechanics would be introduced gradually and the experience on the whole was very intuitive, even someone like me was able finish the game without resorting to looking up solutions on YouTube. Anyway, my positive experience with Portal 2 emboldened me to try Q.U.B.E. and I'm glad I did. This game is pretty damn good mechanically and I agree with Vinny + Brad about the aesthetics, I found the final 2 puzzles to be pretty damn frustrating, but I really enjoyed it on the whole. Also, if Portal 2 was all puzzle and no story I'm not sure I would have finished it. Q.U.B.E. is short enough that lack of story wasn't really an issue for me, the game ended just when I was starting to feel fatigued. No spoilers, but there is the tiniest (very) bit of story at the end, for anyone who may be wondering.

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Quietly Unbelievable Beautiful Environment(s)