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Woot quicklook

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This looks complex.

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This game is our generations Citizen Kane.  A true cinematic experience to be discussed and analyzed for decades to come.

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Is this another Dave "eastern bloc" special?

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Anyway, this was  a hilarious ql.

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Trains are cool.

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...or are they in Zach? PLOT TWIST

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Is there a mod where you have to use a train to push a DeLorean on a train track and assist it to go 88 MPH before falling off of an unfinished bridge?

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No wthis quick look is awesome! Gotta love listening to Dave and Vinny pissing on mundane simulation! "I'm the most bored man in the world!"

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The in-sync laugh makes this quick look.

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I could say that this thread is now about trains, but it already was...

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Probably not an "eastern block" special. The setting is the UK, so my biggest quess is british, even tho it is not easy to find info on the developer....

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I'm calling it, Endurance Run Railworks through all the dlc. It will be the most expensive ER ever.

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This QL makes this "program" (it does in no aspect qualify as a 'game') look about 2403% more exciting than it really is. That's not even joking.

Nobody ever bought this, it's really just a social experiment with the slowest punchline ever.

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"We're in York"
"Everyone calls me that"

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I'm really happy they did this.  
Every time some DLC comes out for that game on Steam I just stare at it, unable to comprehend anything about it.

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Glad to see what this game is and I can hate it even more! Get out of my Steam and let me see the games I really want.

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Trains are cool only on Mondays/

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Dave is the MVP of Giant Bomb. 

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Fucking Steam, time to finally see what all of those shitty train packs are about. 
Pahaha, that was actually pretty funny.

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i like trains but,  this is a bit much.

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Would actually be an interesting game if you could do something along the lines of the train from Wrongfully Accused. Railworks definitely looks like a game that's not for me unless it's learning how to drive a train & have someone pay me for it.

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What a fantastic quick look to start off the week. Man, I laughed so hard during this. Thanks guys!

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I have added this to my steam cart, come to my senses and removed it several times now.

I played a ton of sim games when I was a kid, maybe it's about time I did give it a shot.

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@Bacchus said:

"Dave is the MVP of Giant Bomb.  Fact. "

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seems like a job to me wait yes it is a job in the rail industry  
can you get thomas and mr conductor? sweet

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The last derailment was the best with the in train derailing and the train flipping around the camera.

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$50, really?

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Best QL of the year

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Rain simulators are like flight simulators: they aren't designed to have fun in them by crashing or derailing. They are designed to give a realistic idea of driving a train, and driving a train is dull.
QL of a Silent Hunter game please! I bet they could have loads of fun in a submarine simulation.
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I laughed when Vinny did his steam train impression.  

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Tier 3 Train Pilot.

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Allready a classic QL

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 Yeah Deutsche Bahn! (DB)  I always thought Germany was underrepresented in the Quick Looks but here we are showing off our amazing derailing capabilities :D    

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The only thing that wasn't awesome about this video was its length.  So f'ing funny.  Dave is a maestro.  But think about this...if you were a train enthusiast...one of those dudes who has all sorts of tracks and shit in his basement...wouldn't this game make your heart explode from overjoy?

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6 minutes in and instant classic

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Best worst idea ever ... I love it. 
Dave is the king

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That crash was worth fifty dollars.

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all the DLC for this game adds up to $604.46

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"arrrrrgh that one's got people in it, crash this one."

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*sigh* And once again another PC QL just to mock PC gamers. These are funny as shit, but when you guys exclusively pick stuff for irony sake it makes the entire platform look retarded. How about a QL of the Counter-Strike beta, or the great Fallout 3 mods? 

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how soon before this badboy is 3.99?

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Vin... Vincent?  Fuck, is Vinny short for Vincent?  I'm experiencing a paradigm shift.

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I think the video that loops in the background for next weeks I Love Mondays needs to be the passenger car getting rammed into.

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12m. That's next to nothing.

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@blueman90 said:
" @Bacchus said:

"Dave is the MVP of Giant Bomb.  Fact. "

opinion. "
NO. FACT!! Dave is indisputably the best person at Whiskey Media. You are WRONG, sir!!
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First person train crashes are awesome.

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I am sick to death of seeing the over priced, suckering DLC for this on Steam constantly...ARGH!
Ok 50$ for that wreck, sold.