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Posted by Hector

I'll skip on this.

Posted by MeatSim

Well at 5$ at least it's not overpriced like most DLC, now only if  this VS mode didn't play like it was broken.

Posted by brocool

heheh now thats comedy!

Posted by Sunjammer

Man it looks exactly like what i expected it to look like. Which is to say, kind of anachronistic.

Nice to see Capcom's bumbling of the menus throughout the game continues with FLAIR in their dlc. What a hellish matchmaking system. Just being able to have everyone on the same team is hilarity itself

Posted by TwoOneFive

DAH Dunnnnnn (thats the intro tune)

Posted by NinjaHunter

This looks so stupid. This is the very definition of tacked on multiplayer but now you pay for it.

Posted by DeanJParker

Massive LOL Brad... massive LOL....LOL!

Posted by JJOR64

I think I might get it.

Posted by angelkanarias

fire leaf chino is so awesome

Posted by IceColdGamer


Posted by coffeesash

Brad! Those two achievements you got there aren't for the DLC, they're pretty easy ones from the main game, set fire to a couple of dudes and headshot a few dudes. xD

Posted by John

The only way I would play this is if it were free.

Posted by Steve_C

Ryan's attempts at communication were great.

"team losing, help me"

Posted by Cazamalos

the vs mode is so umbalanced, and lag makes everything harder, btw you suck at re5 lol

Posted by Krenor

ok when choosing a match, please choose ones with THREE BARS next to them, that means minimum lag

Posted by Crono

$5 for a frustrating experience that looks to have no lasting appeal?  Apparently some people think that sounds good.

Posted by angelkanarias

5 dollars for that is too much in my opinion

Posted by ColumnBreaker

Looks like shit.

Edited by SmokePants

Some people are really into Mercenaries mode and I could see them wanting a multiplayer version of it (Slayer). Survivor seems totally pointless, especially with overpowered WESKERS~! running around.

RE5 is an asymmetrical combat game that relies on the enemies following different rules from the players. It's okay for AI to be super-sensitive to stuns and splash damage and special attacks, but players wouldn't put up with being stuck in stubbed-toe animation cycles for 80% of the match, so they no-sell almost everything. And because of that, the entire combat model falls apart when player-on-player violence occurs.

Posted by Geo911

I would be happy to pay 0 ms points.

Posted by gla55jAw

I'm enjoying the one where you kill the zombie dudes, the deathmatch one isn't fun. And you do get $ for unlocks by playing.

Posted by musdy

Chris is gonna have his way with her.

Posted by MOLE

What a waste of money, people who buy this are morons.  For one its already on the dist, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.  They figured since it made so much money to make the game, they could get back a few extra bucks for this peice of shit DLC package.

Posted by Wesker

I wouldn't take this video into consideration. Brad clearly has no idea what the hell he's doing.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

I want to like this....but I'm not sure if I will.

Posted by RelentlessKnight

You get more points for killing those enemies(especially bosses/spider guy/chainsaw guy).

Posted by CleverLoginName

I just like Ryan talking in the background, "Hey guys, I'm Chris Redfield. I'm shooting zombies."

Edited by sixpin

Waste of $5 imo. I totally got one of those $20 cameras though. Thanks for the tip guys.

Posted by idiotic_genius1

Looks boring

Posted by ep_driver

HORRIBLE. Especially when considering the time you could use to play the campaign or another game all together.

Posted by CylonAndrew

I think the good version of this is called "Gears of War"

Posted by AV_Gamer

Why would Capcom even consider this, and furthermore, why charge people for it? I'm sure when they bring the game to the PC, the Multi-Player will already be included. Either way, Resident Evil 5 isn't meant for that kind of gameplay.

Posted by Scooper

This mode looks pants.

Posted by FoxMulder

i had a feeling this would work out terriibly.  No thanks il pass

Posted by Kou_Leifoh

Brad, you're weak.

Posted by lordofultima

This looks awful -- wow.

Posted by Ossi

This looks like crap :\

Posted by Sheldon

Money horribly spent

Posted by joslop500

looks so awful

Posted by strangeling

This might look better if we knew what the hell was going on / what the objectives of the different modes are.

Posted by Rio

I just dont have a clue what they are trying to do with RE...... its sad and confusing at this point.

Posted by SoulTaker

This just looks bad. lol.

Edited by Tru3_Blu3

This is the greatest thing to come in gaming history.

Nothing, not even Halo3's Mythic Map Pack DLC, could comprehend the awesomeness that is RE5's competitive multiplayer. NOTHING. The lack of movement between players; The lack of explanation on what the living fuck is going on; and the awkward combat system--it's innovative.

My $5 well spent.

Posted by Vafthrutnir

Nobody should waste their money on that trash, even if they included it in the game (which they should have anyway) I wouldn't play it.

Posted by swampwalk

How can you charge money for this and sleep at night?

Shame on Capcom

Posted by teflon067

I wish I'd seen this quicklook before spending my 400 points. I haven't even loaded up VS yet, now I doubt I ever will.

Posted by Gunner612

"fire room is full of fire." "do a barrel roll"

i loled.

Edited by CashBailey

This game's broken control system doesn't exactly lend itself very well to 'Deathmatch' gameplay.

As graphically illustrated by this video.

Posted by ReTarDedFisHy


Posted by Downloaded

What a waste of five bucks, haha.

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