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Oh wow. I was wondering how good Versus Mode would be.

Oh and... FIRST!
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Res 5 doesnt really strike me as a game that would need competitive multiplayer but this actually looks ok, pretty laggy tho.

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wow im sorry but  this looks brutal

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Lol, took you long enough to get into a game.

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I'm writing this comment before seeing the video, and I'd just like to say, versus mode in RE5 sounds really terrible.

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You both see each other.
You both stand still.
You both shoot each other.

Posted by MattBodega

You both see each other.
You both stand still.
You both shoot each other.

Posted by ma_rc_01

Good news is, you can also not get it!

Posted by jakob187

Dood, what is it with Capcom and their matchmaking setup?  It's the same fucking shit on Street Fighter IV!!!  Goddamn annoying as sin!!!

Other than that, I don't really care about RE5...but I wanted to hear Vinny and Brad rock a Quick Look!!!  = D
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that looks like shit

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Seems totally unnecessary and pointless with those controls.

Posted by Venatio

Not worth it, but good QL

Posted by Flea

This DLC should not exist. Though it was mildly entertaining watching Brad suck.

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wow looks really bad...  sorry capcom but ill keep my 5 bucks

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This looks TERRIBLE!

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Capcom knew this mode was so bad that they hid it behind 400 Microsoft Points.

Posted by Sweep

yeah... this game really isn't built for multiplayer....

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Wow, that looks really dumb. No way I'd ever pay for that. Weskers.

Posted by Koof

It would probably be better if you guys knew what was going on.

Posted by MjHealy

That would be a waste of precious money

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Wow, this TOTALLY makes up for the lack of multiplayer in BioShock!!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . *SARCASM* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . *WESKERS*

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Amazon Sheva!

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WoW ! Capcom you have not done much wrong lately but this looks bad.

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Usually I'm supportive of most games...but this is bad. RE5 is not a game made for versus. Co-op is as far as they should go. Weskers!

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I think Brad wuz fighting Chris Brown

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Controls not conducive to fun multiplayer? Yea, that's a shocker.

They're not conducive to fun singleplayer either.

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Now you need to end videos with Chris burning in the fire. Find an excuse, do it everytime someone mentions zombies or Wesker in any capacity, then flash to Chris burning in the fire.

That's about all you got out of this Versus Mode quick play. Heh heh heh.

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that doesn't look fun at all

Posted by Dolphin_Butter

I regret purchasing this. :/

Posted by Media_Master

back to single player

Posted by Ender

While this is retarded, it's a whole lot easier to get into a game if you select a game that displays the latency on the right side. Preferably full signal... just  a thought...

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I think it looks fun. The only problem I see is that Slayer matches might just degrade into Deathmatch, which sucks. I'd prefer if it was just competitive Mercenaries in which you could not harm the opposing team.

Also, Brad seems like he's doing a bit of griefing in this video. :P

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Its funny how Wesker's magnum can take out a person in one shot, but if you shotgun him in the face, it does nothing. So apparently weapon balance was not part of the agenda.

Posted by Dawglet

Um... is it just me or does it look like they zipped Jill's suit down an extra few inches for this DLC? it's at about 0:31 in the video.

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Why would anyone ever ever want to play this?

Posted by LiveOrDie1212

it is incomprehensable to me why people purshase this garbage.

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Brad, as chivalrous as you are, I think you'd hit a lady who was trying to shoot you in the face.  It's the least you could do for gender equality.

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I'm seein' double here!  FOUR Weskers!

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I dunno. It doesn't look like the garbage that everyone is making it out to be, but it also looks so janky it's not funny. It's the kind of game mode you play once or twice and then move on to something more fleshed out.

By the way, You're in the Movies with the Vision Cam was on sale for $10 the other day (I can't remember where, but it was an online deal). I still didn't buy it.

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This seems like it can be entertaining. And it's also someqhat cheap. But I'm still not interested.

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this is like THE worst multiplayer i have ever seen

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Brad is such a terrible video game player.

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That really shows just how awful the controls are.

Posted by waza

lol i still can't believe how boring ... broken this game looks

run. stop. aim. shoot. run. stop. aim. shoot.

Posted by Wright

lol ryan sounded so creepy in the background

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You have to really play this one to understand it guys. Watching it looks incredibly boring, and pretty clumsy.

I hate to say it Ryan, but you're not very good at Resident Evil if you didn't even use the hotkeys for switching weapons. :)

That being said, you should give it a fair chance. Join some better-pinged rooms, play with a buddy, and most of all, learn the intricacies of it. It's actually a lot of fun, if a little bit awkward at times.

Posted by georgecletus

you say canadian like it's a bad thing