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are you serious?

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lol sprinting in serious sam?

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wow, serious sam it up, i thought this would be a dead series by now.

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Doom sound effects?
Brad, was that "oh crap!" or "oh crab"?
Also, the correct line for ANY Serious Sam QL or review is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!
Edit: Man, so rare to see actual old school PC FPS movement in a shooter these days :-D
Anyway, did this potentially set a record for unintended deaths per minute?

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dude... YEAH!

I had my doubts, but this looks badass.

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@super2j said:
wow, serious sam it up, i thought this would be a dead series by now.
o_O  dead by now?
they did HD remakes the last 2 yrs, plus some 2d platformer coming soon & gathered interest for SS3 that everyone's been waiting for, so it's not out of nowhere
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serious sam with ironsights...this is a sad day

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Pre release QL!

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Yep, still serious sam.
Hey look, items in the middle of the area.
Oh s***

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@kn00tcn: bet you're proud that your "first" comment was a pun AND the fact that such a great joke won you that quest
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This looks promising

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alright looks pretty fun. decent twitch fun I hope

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I had a blast playing the other ones!

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I love Serious Sam. Can't wait for this.

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Now that was serious.

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Yeah, that looks fun. I wonder if Serious Sam will pull a "Why so serious?" joke in it. Maybe not.

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Can't wait to see this with a little more polish. Looks like more stupid fun.

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Looks seriously boring, also where did all the colours go?

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I'm somewhat offended there are sights in this game. Reflex, iron, whatever, get that shit outta here! Seriously. Sprinting? Sights? I bet you can't bunnyhop. Sam, what have you become? (Answer: A COD mod)

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@Ygg said:
serious sam with ironsights...this is a sad day
How dare they make shooting more accurate and modernize the series to appeal to new people.
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We beat Serious Same 1 in one day. So this is serious for me.

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@NateDestruction: actually it's the 3rd time i did it, this pun was too much to resist
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I watched 2 mins of this and  I don't like it. That is not SS. :( That first gun looks straight out of COD and it appears to play differently then SS did.

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@Ygg said:
serious sam with ironsights...this is a sad day
It's ironic lol
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This seems a bit slow for a Serious Sam game.

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So I'm ok with the enemies and everything, they look appropriate, but what the heck is up with the Modern Warfare-style guns? Where's my dual revolvers, where's my giant laser minicannon with tie fighter sounds?

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That first level really does look like a COD4 mod.

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so call of duty 5?

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OMG is this a modern warfare mod!?!?

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Sprinting? Iron sights? No.

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oh god, Brad don't shit yourself. You scream like a little girl.

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Looks like a Serious Sam game! :D

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e: Those are totally mancubi from Doom 2.

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that main is aiming down the sight
why is he aiming down the sight in a serious sam game
what is going on

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@The_Nubster said:

@Ygg said:

serious sam with ironsights...this is a sad day
How dare they make shooting more accurate and modernize the series to appeal to new people.
You do know that anything under the name Ygg is personal opinion right? I don't need ironsights in a Serious Sam game. 
It looks like a Modern Warfare mod.
Go be a serious cat somewhere else.
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brad's "holy shit" at around 9:45 was great

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This game is so SERIOUS

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I know Serious Sam's reputation... but sights (aiming) seems counter-productive to the Serious Sam experience. Usually you don't have time to aim because they're throwing a hundred charging bull monsters at you at the same time.

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not for me

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super serial, you guys.

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So... this is final code, right?

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I'm guessing everyone complaining about one gun having ironsights forgot that there was a sniper rifle in Second Encounter that, shockingly, you could look down the scope of.  The assault rifle is just filling in for that, the rest of the games looks as ridiculous as they always have been, so chill dudes.

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This game is a serious matter.

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Been said before but I'll say it again: Looks like Serious Sam being played on a MW map.

Okay less on the second map

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I am also here to question the addition of iron sights and sprinting ;(


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It really doesn't seem like it was a good idea to have a quick look of such an unrefined preview build.