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nice to see patrick doing a lot of content lately

Posted by jimmyfenix

Thank you for the Dishonored dlc quick look Patrick. It is a very underrated game in my opinion.

Posted by JasonLeeson

Still think it should've been Scoop Look

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Still think it should've been Scoop Look

Love it!

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Still think it should've been Scoop Look

Love it!

Posted by csl316

Strange that we need the Solo differentiator but whatever keeps the people happy. And Patrick is a man of the people.

Posted by ReCkLeSs_X

Scoops makes me happy.

Posted by Bishop113

AKA A let's play with patrick klepeck.

Posted by Knite

These really shouldn't be called Quick Looks.

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Patrick content is always appreciated.

Posted by I_Stay_Puft

I think Patrick should get some Vinny audio sound bites and just play them off of him.

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There's just no satisfying people. It's a free video preview of a game that no one else on the team will ever touch for some reason.

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naming doesn't matter i just don't find these interesting, to me patrick isn't enough to carry a video like this on his own. just my opinion, of course. its cool he's covering stuff the others wouldn't though.

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Posted by BaconGames

Now I picture Patrick coming out of a big shed in a yard with dust and grease and bits of wood all over his clothes and hair each time saying, "okay what about this one?" "No?...*grumble* okay..." and next thing you hear is loud noises of sawing wood and a circular saw cutting metal.

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Patrick, if you read this, you can hit F5 to quicksave most games without interrupting your game at all. It's one of the great benefits of PC gaming.

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Dishonored is one of the best games of this generation in my opinion. I thought Deus Ex was the true first person successor to games like, well, Deus Ex, Thief, etc. But Dishonored wins heavily. What an amazing world.

I have yet to explore the DLC but I am glad that it explores the magickal side of this universe since the main game deals heavily in technology/science (elixirs, whale oil production, etc). I always felt that the Stranger was interesting but that the developers explained too little.

Posted by Hace

Hey, nice idea separating these solo Quick looks as "Quick Look Solo"! If people don't like 'em, they know which ones are which.

I for one really appreciate there being a quick look of any kind about Dishonored. Nice job!

If latency over Skype is the issue, I'd be interested in seeing one test video with Patrick and some other guys talking with Skype over gameplay video Patrick recorded earlier, kinda like those "Ask me anything about...[game]" -videos that used to be on the site from press footage of games. It wouldn't be as good as a normal Quick Look but maybe it'd work. Maybe?

Posted by Mavus

@knite said:

These really shouldn't be called Quick Looks.

That's why they are called Quick Look Solo.


Sweet QLS duder.

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@jasonleeson: yeah "Solo" doesn't have quite the ring, but maybe this opens it up for Alex to do some things on his owntoo?

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How about "Quick Look Auxiliary" (or AUX for short) to denote that its happening out of the homebase, and that allows for guests that "solo" doesn't allow?

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patrick i think you are doing a great job being a core part of the site even from far away. keep it up duder

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Sweet i still need to play this game. Miss PK on the podcast tho :(

Posted by RaySpencer

The Scoop with Scoops.

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Patrick needs to get a better microphone the sound is tinny and unpleasant. It also feels like he is talking too close to the mic.

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Nice varied overview Kleptock, I really enjoyed the Knife of Dunwall, but I only played it recently, probably sit on this DLC till its on sale.

Posted by MOAB

@shonuff said:

Patrick needs to get a better microphone the sound is tinny and unpleasant. It also feels like he is talking too close to the mic.

I'm watching in HD and it sounds perfectly fine.

Posted by Humanity

I was about to say "so the guys finally came around and played some Dishonored!" but nope, just Patrick playing it, by himself..

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A distinction in title is all I wanted. Solo is fine, good job Patrick!

Posted by thebipsnbeeps

I don't see why these can't just be called "quick looks." Don't you wanna be treated like everyone else, Patrick?

P.S. This is an awesome quick look solo of the game, makes me really wanna go through Dishonored again, and you're secretly my favorite person ever. Keep that up!

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@patrickklepek just a suggestion, Scoop Look (or another name that isn't a Quick Look derivative) would be a way less contrived name. It also solves the problem of you bringing someone in, and having to explain why you have a Quick Look Solo with two people in it.

Posted by CptMorganCA

@thebipsnbeeps: I think it's a good move to label it Solo. People have an expectation going into a Quick Look, like banter between two people, but this is something pretty different. Just good to know what to expect before you click it.

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I think they're a bunch of crazy people, too.

Posted by StarErik

Great video and audio quality for not using the office equipment!

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I'd just call it a Scoop Look or Quick Scoops.

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I'd just call it a Scoop Look or Quick Scoops.

Ice Cream Truck.

Posted by zacharai

I can't believe no one else in the office liked Dishonored. It's got such a great world.

I completed the first chapter of Brigmore Witches last night - it was meh, but this second chapter looks like far more interesting of a setting.

Posted by StingingVelvet

The DLC for Dishonored is amazingly well done, some of the best DLC for any game. The two of them together are at least the size of an old school expansion as well, and for less money. I highly recommend them to anyone who liked the game.

Posted by GiantAdenoid

You're right the knife is way cooler than the gun. Unless of course you can pistol whip fools...

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Posted by Encephalon

Still haven't played the first Dishonored DLC. I need to get on that so I can play this, too.

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I heard that Patrick killed a dog once.

And that he's a communist.

And a friend of mine saw him urinate on a Bible.

And I saw him making out with your sister that one time.

The nerve of that guy.

Posted by Conciliator

thanks patrick, although I didn't like dishonored enough to have shits given re: DLC

Posted by kungfugrip

I enjoyed this, but it doesn't really seem to fit the Quick Look format, and I don't mean because it's solo. Quick Looks tend to explain and specifically point out certain things in a game. It started okay with him talking about the favors you can buy and showing upgrades, but then it just became "Watch Patrick play a video game." Like Patrick used the new summon assassin power, and then didn't let us see it. He just blinked away so he could keep playing. Again, not saying it was a bad video at all, it's just not a Quick Look in the sense that other Quick Looks are. So make more of these videos, but come up with a better name for what they are. Love you, Patrick!

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@knite said:

These really shouldn't be called Quick Looks.

which is why Quick Look Solo is perfect. just like Quick Look EX, you immediately know how it's different than the usual format.

Nice work Patrick, you are the content MVP!