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Balls, already ate my food....

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lol havent played stalker in a long time.

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I like everything Stalker: the games, the movie, the bugs etc... Hopefully this one has less bugs.

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I like me some STALKER!!

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@Superfriend said:
" I like everything Stalker: the games, the movie, the bugs etc... Hopefully this one has less bugs. "
iz true, comrade. CoP has far fewer bugs.
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Yep, that's Stalker. And I love me some Stalker!

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I was wondering how long before Dave would incorrectly identify it as a Russian game, and not Ukrainian.

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Bought the game and don't know what to make of it, still don't really have a clue as to what i'm meant to be doing in its janky game world.
Might load it up a little later on and give another chance.

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Twitter prayers answered! Thanks Dave!
Also the visuals can be a beast, but you need a hell of a rig.  It's full DX11.  This game has one of the greatest breadth of minimum sys reqs of any pc game around, over 9 years of hardware is compatible.
The AI is also highly independent, people will go about their own business and animals will hunt and eat, even each other.  Factions will battle each other (perfect for ninjaing :D ) If you like to see what you can do in a world, this game is for you.

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Yes, finally some STALKER GAME OF THE CENTURY love!

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why did dave eat a bandage

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man, he wasn't kidding when he said he was playing on easy. He doesn't take damage!

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already completed it.  great quicklook though
also - I played through the entire game without 1 crash or noticeable bug

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I love it when Dave plays the guitar and regales me with stories of the old land.

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Dave always brings the best quicklooks :).

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Finally! Damn my impatience.

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In Russia ....

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@Korone:  I laughed so hard when he did that.  Also when he ambushed those guys and took like 2 damage. Psh... Baaaabyyy mooode.
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Why did I know Dave would be playing?

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@StrikerTheLizard:@StrikerTheLizard said:
" Why did I know Dave would be playing? "
Because everyone else would be like "lolwat..." and it would be over.
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I remembering play a whole lot of STALKER but couldn't get to the end since it kept crashing on me despite having a really good computer. Glad they improved those problems with this one.

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Actually, it's well worth going back to the first STALKER game if you use the STALKER Complete 2009 mod. Great game.

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Looks interesting, but also looks like something i would never want to play.

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I just tried starting up SoC and it bluescreened my  computer.
I love S.T.A.L.K.E.R

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@Ben_H said:
" I just tried starting up SoC and it bluescreened my  computer.   I love S.T.A.L.K.E.R "
Stalker Complete Mod, man. It makes the original look better than CoP.
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I am down with this shit bro

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Woooo! The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series is awesome. :D

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Awesome, I've been waiting to see this. 
One thing seems kind of odd though, the Game Over. screen is not centered

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@DeadMonkeys said:
Hello? Hello?
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Needs more fistbumps
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Vinny is fantastic

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Too bad Dave didn't show you how the repair guy aboard the ship gives you repair discounts if you give him vodka.  Don't give him 3 though, or he gets too drunk to work for like half a day xD

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It's not set in Russia, but in Ukraine (Chernobyl).
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Dave + Vinny + Brad = Awesome

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This video would be better with some Anvil of Crom. 

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"Okay! Drop dead retard."

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lol great QL. and it didnt even crash!

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Call of Pripyat is a fantastic game. There really is no other games that manage the sense of place that the Stalker series does.

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TANG Stalker Movie.

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This game reminds me so much of Far Cry 2. The shooting, weapons jamming, and the stamina seems almost identical. Might be a cool game though...

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u mad bro?
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This shit is off the fucking chain, bro.

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@Crimacabre: it's okay man (bro). I'm Russian myself and I just take it with a spoonful of humor.

But yeah, bros, STALKER is made by GSC, they're a Ukrainian company.
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If this quick look convince me I'll get it...

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