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This quest.

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Will Smith in a Quick Look? Dreams do come true.

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Never gonna get that stupid quest

Posted by Colinpatchin

hope its as good as the first. 

Posted by Drifballoon

And knowing is half the battle

Posted by DazzHardy

Hmm, could be fun to try

Posted by MaxOpower


Neither have I. Maybe no one has?.....

Posted by JacDG

I'm very interested in this game, shall be good to watch a quick look of it.

Posted by GeneralZod37

Haven't seen "Rambo," but have you seen "First Blood," Will?

Posted by Plasma

Never seen Rambo.

Posted by LtColJaxson

YOU HAVEN'T SEEN RAMBO? Now you have a mission.


I've seen the very first Rambo film and that was enough for me. One Stallone film can last me a very very very long time.

Posted by pantzing_nome

I want to watch this but I should probably go to bed first.

Posted by sungahymn

Never watched Rambo.  
@Guibone said:

This quest.

Damn it!
Posted by MaxOpower

Any one else experiencing trouble with the video. three times it has skipped to the DOTA 2 teaser while I was watching. 

Posted by EuanDewar

A Quick Look containing Will Smith produced by Joey Fameli?


Posted by ZeForgotten

Not watched Rambo?! You know what?!

Your're not missing anything

Posted by nomorehalfmeasuresdoctor

I have seen Rambo but I don't remember what happened.

Posted by coakroach

This actually looks really great

Posted by Vitor

More Will Smith quicklooks, GO!

Posted by kollay

What the fuck. Are you controlling Guile?


Posted by buft

can't wait until wednesday to get me some cold war action! couch coop is in too so thats a major plus for me

Posted by Dr_Perscitus

Isn't Ivan drago from Rocky?
Posted by Jackel2072

i might have to pick this one up.

Posted by heatDrive88

Hahaha, that was an epic ending.

Posted by bcjohnnie

@Dr_Perscitus said:

Isn't Ivan drago from Rocky?

Yes.... yes he is.... Rocky IV to be precise. I'm a little amazed that we got this far in the comments without someone pointing that out.

Posted by Parsnipzilla

Man, I'm not even playing and I started freaking out at the end....

Posted by rjayb89

Wow, Kamikaze Will in the house.

Posted by Ronald

Brad - "I'm trying to upgrade. Ah, I'm out of money" - $296

Will - "Yeah, the lack of money is really..." - $6751

I kind of wish they went for more of a Trenched share the money earned among all players, but give each player their own money stash style, as Will's turrets kept getting all of the kills, which in turn killed Brad's economy.

Posted by Sammo21

Anyone remember the micro machines toys? I used to have TONS of those and toy boxes made exactly like this that were the cases that opened up to battlefields or something similar. Same with Star Wars (before prequels) and I had similar stuff there too.

Posted by Dooftastic

If I were to get a Toy Soldiers game should I get the first one or this new one?

Posted by Anwar

IVAN DRAGO in Rambo? okay so you guys have not seen Rocky either.

Posted by TwoLines

I will break you.

Posted by Thor_Molecules

Co-op quicklooks are awesome! It's way more fun to watch these videos when there are two people playing, and they have to strategise together, instead of one guy playing and another guy asking questions.

I also approve of Will Smith in my quicklooks.

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The toys I remember playing with in the 80s didn't look anything like this. There should be more colors, segmented joints, and plastic missiles fired from spring-loaded launchers. Maybe that's the point, I guess, that they're not really toys or something?

Posted by metalsnakezero


Posted by MordeaniisChaos

The air looks REALLY fucking annoying to deal with. Constantly dealing with lock on hanging on to targets you don't want, bombing runs that can't really be stopped, etc. Other than that it looks awesome, but jesus ALL of the anti-air stuff looks super frustrating.

Posted by cikame

Looks like a ton of fun.

Posted by Agent47

"In Soviet Russia car drives you!" Oh....gawwwwwd I didn't think they'd take it that far.

Posted by EquitasInvictus

This was a surprisingly entertaining QL! Will and Brad did a good job becoming competent in advance - their gameplay got pretty intense, especially when they pulled through Round 9 of survival despite everything coming close to falling apart at the seams in the end.

That clutch victory as well as air-to-ground F-14 was a fun watch!

Posted by HT101

If he dies, he dies. Now it's time for Rocky to climb a 25000 foot mountain in nothing but a normal parka and snow boots. Man, that movie is ridiculous.

Posted by The_Nubster
@nomorehalfmeasures said:

I have seen Rambo but I don't remember what happened.

He shoots people and is Sylvester Stallone.
Posted by EveretteScott

I have a feeling people are getting Rambo and First Blood mixed up.

Posted by MeatSim

The end of the survival mode was a amazing finish.

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@EveretteScott said:

I have a feeling people are getting Rambo and First Blood mixed up.

You mean First Blood a.k.a. Rambo?
Same movie according to IMDB.
They're clearly getting some Rocky in their Rambo though, but he does look kind of like Drago. Or really, more like Dolph in any of his military action titles.
Posted by bybeach

The very first Rambo,well it managed to have a reason. Kind of contived but whatever.They had to drag southern type bigots from hating blacks to hating war vets. That was the only one I ever watched.

Posted by Sooty

looks like another game that should have been on Steam instead of XBLA

Posted by Troncek

What ... Rambo .. Rocky?

You both fail.