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Fluid dynamics!

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wee! was wondering what this game was about

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Sink me up buttercup.

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I love fluid dynamics! And those Fluros have some cool AI. SO CUTE!

So much better than that Konami Puddle game.

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Nice Blades of Steel reference.

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Oh god I've been up for so long they've already started posting new Quick Looks.

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Oh man, as common as it seems fluid dynamics games seem to be becoming now, I've gotta wonder if they are on their way to becoming the next ragdolls? Still, I really want to program my own fluid system.

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I have to stop watching so the puzzles aren't spoiled. This looks fantastic.

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The controls of "twisting" things looks fucking terrible. I get that they want it to be tactile and physical, but that doesn't change the fact that it looks hugely imprecise and frustrating And why couldn't those switches be placed better? Running back and forth through all that crap to test your small adjustments seems pretty obnoxious. Neat ideas but the execution doesn't seem like it's for me

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looks good.

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world of the recycled vessel?

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This seams kinda cool

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I like puzzle games, and I like Brad, but puzzle games really don't like Brad.

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My God. can it go any faster!

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@Woodroez said:

Nice Blades of Steel reference.

Actually, it was an Ice Hockey for the NES reference ;)

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Damn if Vinny wasn't in puzzle Ql's it would be painful.. Cool game

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Computational fluid dynamics?

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Game is fun,and there is a demo out.

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Looks interesting, will definitely look for it during the steam seasonal sales though I imagine if they put lava in the game it will end up like the quick look on pixeljunk shooter at least for Brad & Vinny being rather unfortunate with that stuff.

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Jon Hopkin's music is awesome..hope this gets more people into his past work.

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Thank you Vinny for not letting Brad flounder around in any of the puzzles. No hints or "maybes", just "Do this and then do that."

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@Terrorhawk said:

@Woodroez said:

Nice Blades of Steel reference.

Actually, it was an Ice Hockey for the NES reference ;)

Bah, you're absolutely right. My Cool Kid's Club membership's gonna get revoked!

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Why doesn't he just drop the Fluros at 27:45?

EDIT: Excuse my impatience...

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Looks very interesting. And you created one sick teaser ending to this QL! In a good way though.

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Something about those Fluros moving just freaks me the hell out.

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Probably just something wrong with me, but this game leaves some strange quasi-sexual imagery in my head.... Think it has something to do with how the streams aren't as much streams as they are collections of droplets. And sorta whiteish...

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Yo, Brad, most people try to figure out what their goal in a puzzle is, first, instead of just picking random aspects of the puzzle and being like, "This Rubik's cube? I'm twisting it? Is this working? What if I get three different colors in a line? Does that do anything? I'm gonna keep doing that until something happens."

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this looks awesome. Thanks for sharing Brad.

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"BLOODY SCREEN.... so reallll....."

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This looks really interesting and why I love Quick Looks of games that fly a bit under the radar. I don't really have time to get into it now, but I added it to my Steam wishlist.

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oh bradley

Oh no.

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"Imagine if you could just shoot liquid all over the place with the analog stick?" 
".....I can."

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Let the bitching about Brad's playing (hopefully not) begin!

This looks really cool, and I love the music.

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That blimp is wearing a top hat.


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This game looks really cool; pleasantly surprised, from the name and picture my mind went straight to Machinarium.

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This looks awesome. It's probably not a game I would play but watching Vinny and Brad try it out was a lot fun.

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Most sesquipedalian Quick Look on GB.

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Played this at PAX last year. Definitely caught my attention. I remember I got stuck in the geometry at one point and they had to restart the game then basically debug trek back to my original position. Besides that small mishap, puzzles were a lot of fun to go through. When I get the chance, I'll definitely be getting this game.

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More Vinny, please.

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Wasn't that contraption from Super Mario Sunshine?

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Goddamn, that end really made me want the game. I love it when you have to actually do something to upgrade your stuff!

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Some of the music makes me think of Portal. Minimal beats behind tones for ambiance. Not to say they're cribbing from eachother.. Just that it's good music for THINKIN to.

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I love Jon Hopkins' music, this whole game has uber braid influence, however I love the style overall, really want to play this

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I love that you guys give these smaller games coverage. Good stuff. Now I'm excited to try this.

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@AMyggen said:

Let the bitching about Brad's playing (hopefully not) begin!

This looks really cool, and I love the music.

This was one of the most excruciating Quick Looks I've ever seen.

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Man.. watching Brad and Vinny play this makes me wanna....... watch them play it some more!