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Jeff is in there!

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-prepares a bag of pop-corn- This should be good.

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Jeff's favorite game finally on a hand held!

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only me

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Jeff's 2014 GOTY!

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dis gun b gud

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Yep, this is the first think of when I think of Yoshi's Island.

Also, I would like to see Frictional have a go at Yoshi's Island. Or any Nintendo franchise really...

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I see GDC has the bomb crew thinking about the industry as a whole. Though I guess there isn't much else to talk about with this game.

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# firstYoshisIslandisagoodgamehonest.

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They should just let Platinum make every Nintendo game.

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I think this is just an example of a not great developer making a nintendo plaformer. Put the Super Mario 3d land guys on this and I guarantee a better product. A shame they don't love this franchise enough to put they're better studios on it.

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This game really is one of the most uninspired games Nintendo has released for a long time, this side of something like what I imagine playing Mario Party is like at this point. You thought New Super Mario Bros was stale*? Welcome to Yoshi's New Island.

*I thought New Super Mario Bros U was actually pretty damn excellent.

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NOOO!! As a big Yoshi's Island fan why did this have to suck!?! (or be mediocore at best) Poor Yoshi. That green tongue-killing dinosaur deserved better than this.

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Don't worry guys, this is the TRUE Yoshi Comeback remake we are all waiting for

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On Patrick's recommendation I watched some of of Trihex's speed run. I'm still picking up my jaw off the floor. That's some ridiculous shit right there. Especially the 100% runs. My brain can't even process that level of speed and dexterity required to do that.

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Finally, Crossfire has a new home on Giant Bomb.

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I'm with Jeff, Yoshi's Island is not for me.

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the discussion was far more interesting than this game looks

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this game looks kinda boring, from the quick look

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Super Mario Bros. 3 > Yoshi's Island > Super Mario World

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No mini game at the end of levels for landing on the flower? BULLSHIT!

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I come bearing counterpoints to the casual disdain for DKC tossed about once or twice in the video!

You know what was said about the most exciting Nintendo games being cases of Nintendo going to western companies and saying "make something crazy"? That's Donkey Kong Country. DKC was the first one of those. It was a beautiful game that has phenomenal graphics technical and equally good graphics artistic which also had really fantastic gameplay which was perfected in DKC2, the greatest game of all time. You want to talk about speed running look no further than DKC2, it's a fantastically fast game.

Yoshi's Island however has always been slow. It's a slow plodding game. It has good graphics only because the Nintendo boss men gave Miyamoto a hard time since DKC was doing gangbusters and Miyamoto was too stubborn to give into their suggestions. Because Miyamoto had to compete with a western studio and cutting edge graphics he innovated on art style. Rising tides raise all boats.

This looks like a lifeless version of Yoshi's Island. It's nice that it came out though, it provides such a nice counterpoint to DKCTF. Where one is full of life, fantastic levels and all sorts of effort the other is a bland banal walk. Nice.

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This game is SSSSOOOOOOOOOO infantile, too old for this shit, at 10 I was too old for this shit.

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It's a shame this came out so mehly, especially since even Yoshi's Island DS was pretty fucking awesome. Oh well~ Would like to see what Jeff and Scoops thinks of the DS version actually. Had a lot of the new mechanics and a lot better artstyle that seems lacking in this.

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Has Jeff even watched any of the Yoshi's Island speedruns; Trihex's for example? Perhaps he should watch one to educate himself on the tricks and quirks that made Yoshi's Island special, instead of ignorantly pontificating like the Internet people he chastises so much.

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@chose said:

This game is SSSSOOOOOOOOOO infantile, too old for this shit, at 10 I was too old for this shit.

That this comment comes from a person with a Mega Man avatar is undeniably hilarious.

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I truly didn't know that Yoshi's Island was disliked. I freaking love it and its one of my favorite games.

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@shtinky: He said in the video that he did

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Well that was underwhelming.

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So much Yoshi's Island hate.

Thank god aiming isn't done by touch screen. Then the game would be truly awful.

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I absolutely love Yoshi's Island, and will defend it against most criticism, but even I think this 3DS revamp looks really dull. The music is bland, the stage design shows little of the inventiveness of the original, and worse, it somehow seems slower than the original. I just don't get how this project turned out such an average, kinda lifeless game.

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@wumbo3000: He's done some runs with a controller cam, have you seen those? They make it even more amazing. The way he holds the pad in some situations is mind-bending.

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The nicest thing I can say about this game is that it's pleasant.

It's also uninspired, unimpressive, unremarkable, and not even a hint of a scratch on the original. As a game it's maybe passable at best, but it's bright and colourful and cheery and makes me feel kind of happy when I play it. It's the perfect remedy to the dull greys and browns and brooding misery and self-seriousness.

It makes me sad that the game isn't being received very positively, but I also can't argue against it.

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I think Patrick's got the wrong read here. He's kinda putting it on nintendo, saying maybe they don't get what people loved about the original. BUT, look no, they put out that original DS game that, like it or not, was a game that really remained true to the vision of the original. "Here's this game, it's kinda fuckin hard in spots, these are eggs, touch fuzzy get dizzy." Nintendo understood it at least as recently as that game, which wasn't that long ago.

So that undercuts Patrick's take here, at least for me.

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Yeah, I really see Jeff and Patrick's point about sometimes Nintendo just bringing back franchises like once a decade (that they know will only do mediocre sales) just so fans will shut the hell up. Both this Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Island DS seem like really half-hearted sequels where they aren't doing anything different with the concept, but instead just going through the motions of doing all the stuff the first Yoshi's Island did.

And like, the amount of crying for a new Kid Icarus after Pit was put in Brawl was totally absurd, when it was a totally forgotten series that was average at best and hadn't had a new entry since like 1991 or something. Granted, they made kind of a cool game out of it that had nothing to do with the 2 original games, but yeah, huge doubts they're gonna bother to make another Kid Icarus game anytime soon.

Ice Climbers was similarly completely forgotten and somehow made it into Melee, but at least they didn't even attempt to revive that franchise.

So I'm with Jeff, it's kinda disheartening that they make Mario platformers, Zelda games, Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, Pokemon with clock-like regularity, and then it's completely hit or miss which other games in their catalogue they feel like making a sequel to. Like, hey, let's randomly make a Punch-Out!! sequel on the Wii after like 15 years of inactivity. It was pretty good and had some clever new takes on the characters!

And then most of Nintendo's sci-fi series are completely MIA, when you look at how long it's been since a Star Fox or F-Zero game has been released, and Metroid is almost certainly on the shelf for a few years after the Other M fiasco.

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Look at the end-of-level tally screens. The words just pulse. In the first game, the letters danced. That's how I know this developer doesn't get Yoshi's Island. This game and Yoshi's Island DS lack the youthful spirit of the original. They aren't playful; they're played out.

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Graphically this looks baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad, also it looks really incredibly dull

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Watching this video would make you think that Yoshi's Island had a super mixed reception, which it didn't. Giant Bomb is the only site I've been to where there's this much debate over this game, because just about anywhere else would tell you it's a classic, which it is.

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Meh, I always felt Island kinda sucked while Story was great. Yoshi's New Story plz.

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I liked Nintendo, but man......

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I liked Nintendo, but man......


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@chose: Then find me JUST ONE mature game. Any shooter are infantile ? Most RPGs are insanely infantile power fantasy filled with stupid romances.

I mean, if infantile was enough to warrant you to not play videogames, you would not play videogames.