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Awww yeah Vinny goodness.

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Space gorillas are the best kind of gorillas.

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I'm getting a strong Earthsearch (James Follett) vibe from this. It makes me deeply distrustful of the robots.

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Ah, this game. The original came out in 2012. They were going to make an enhanced version of that game with the help of Indiegogo, but they got more money than they asked for and decided to change the story and make it a new game instead.

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Did they finally make a game based on 2010: The Year We Make Contact?

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yay, GBeast content!

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This does look pretty rad

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Sure, I'm down for some Space Myst.

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They sure are directly referencing Battlestar Galactica with that music aren't they?

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I love that Vinny just plays more obscure stuff.

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@the_ruiner: I do too. It's great to see GBeast providing a sort of counterweight to the AAA coverage of GBwest.

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Kinda reminds me of Commander Blood. But sane. Also, the way you're controlling the bot on the surface here just reminds me of what the concept of Bot Colony could have been.

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This game is really good and I'm glad Vinny discovered and featured it here. It's got a satisfying story and reminded me at times of The Dig which I love. PS Vinny didn't have the Mind-O-Matic at the end completely correct, the game does inform you when you have it correct.

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This game looks pretty dope, added on my wishlist in Steam

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Vinny is to Ghostbusters as Dan is to wrestling, but that I can actually pick up every single reference.