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Freaking awesome!

Posted by pkmango7

Everyone knows diamonds are forever.

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Tasty beats!

Posted by SkinnerBachs

I've really been looking forward to this Quick Look.

Posted by Pliny

If Brad doesn't sing along with the shopkeeper like on his Extra Life stream I'm going to be disappointed

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Well, time for all the songs to get stuck my head again...

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Familyjules7x is awesome! He does a bunch of hardrock/metal cover of video game tracks. Check him out, he's awesome. https://www.youtube.com/user/FamilyJules7X

Arguably his best track :

Also, after seeing this quicklook and other reviews floating around, I'm sold on this game.

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I think this game looks really good, has amazing music and has a great cool concept. But I just don't find it very fun to actually play.

Posted by mickelboy182

Love this game, and holy shit do the new soundtrack remixes kick ass!

Posted by Scarlet_Rogue

@kblosnack: It takes Brad about 20 minutes to bring up the dance pad support.

Posted by PinkCrayon32

You can attack the walls that run after you Brad.

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This game is too addicting. One...more...life...

I wish they showed coop.

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The Bard is AWESOME, he changes a lot to the game, it plays more like chess but when you move the enemies move too.

yeah, he's easier because you don't need to keep the beat but he's more strategic when you have 49 enemies around you and you only have 1 or 2 moves.

and I would pay for a DLC with a playable singing shopkeeper

Posted by quadrophrenic

don't throw the dagger, brad. dance around until the dragon comes to you and then run circles around him and stab him. shank-style. like uh uh uh uh uh

Posted by UltimAXE

I love this game. Sadly, I'm kind of terrible at it. Can't get but two levels into the second world.

Posted by I_Stay_Puft

I played this game with the entire MIchael Jackson "Thriller" album.

Posted by screwdan

I'm tempted to buy this just for the singing shopkeeper.

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I played about 60 hours when it first came out in Early Access. Best Early Access game I've ever bought, it was enough complete then that I fully got my money's worth. Looks like there's a ton more in here now, I'm definitely going back! There's also a pretty cool speedrunning community on twitch as well.

Also I really want to be the shopkeeper.

Posted by Onemanarmyy

Everytime i see Crypt of the necrodancer , i love it more.

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@brad I just picked up the game now that itʼs officially out (donʼt buy Early Access games!) and I find that itʼs considerably easier to play using a controller where you can map the movement to both the d-pad and face buttons (I am using a DualShock 4 via Bluetooth) as it lets you assign the items to shoulder buttons rather than “Up+Left” etc.

And once you unlock the Bard, rather than considering it “easy mode”—since level progression seems to be character-specific—I found that it was a really good way to figure out the enemy patterns and how they behave. Since you have as much time as you want to consider your moves as the Bard, it should be possible to complete the game without ever getting hit—though in practice, itʼs still very easy to make mistakes. I know that there is also a training mode, but youʼre not really making any progression from that.

@danryckert You do make progress in Binding of Isaac the more you play the game, however progression is not levelling up your character but unlocking what seems like hundreds of more powerful/unique weapons and items, new playable characters, new levels, and simply getting good enough at the game to progress. It has been a while since I played the game, so I'm a little hazy on the specifics, but there are something like 6 floors to get through when you first play it, which increases to maybe 12 or so from repeated playthroughs unlocking more of the game.

Posted by SonicBoyster

I've been seeing this game popping up on steam for months and the sale in combination with this video pushed me to finally purchase the damn thing.

Posted by Brendan

This game looks like a great idea that's well put together, but also frustratingly difficult. I will have to take deep breaths and relax...

Posted by drabnon

This game seems really cool. Too bad it's using a bunch of computers instead of real music.

Posted by MachoFantastico

I should really get this, been waiting for it to get a full release.

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Posted by DirtyRandy

@brad blow up the walls in the shop for some extra gold

Posted by MissAshley

DotA 2 know, Brad? Monkeys on your back are your Destiny.

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I can't say for sure, but I think Danny B used Delay Lama (a VST plugin) for the shopkeeper:


(I saw his unmistakable visage in one of the making of videos on Steam, so I think I'm right.)

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@brad If you exit a floor through a trapdoor without having killed the miniboss (minotaur, banshee, nightmare horse, dragon, etc.), the miniboss is waiting for you at the beginning of the next floor and traps you in a small room until you kill said minboss. That's why that one floor started with you having to fight the minotaur.

Posted by GunstarRed

Game is pretty fuckin rad. I had to stop playing it after about an hour though because my wrist hurt like hell from hitting the beat so hard.

Posted by Veektarius

I was a lot less positive toward this before I heard the guitar covers. Thanks for always refusing to stop playing games, Brad.

Posted by Flavbot

The Bard is AWESOME, he changes a lot to the game, it plays more like chess but when you move the enemies move too.

yeah, he's easier because you don't need to keep the beat but he's more strategic when you have 49 enemies around you and you only have 1 or 2 moves.

and I would pay for a DLC with a playable singing shopkeeper

Ohhh!!! I just assumed you could move as fast as you liked, while the enemies stuck to the beat of the song. This makes it way more interesting. I've played this for months and I havent even given this a try... damn it.

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All glass weapons deal four damage per hit, but if you take any damage, it will become a glass shard and it deals 1 damage with a range of one tile.

In order to beat the red dragon in a 2x2 area. You need to attack, move up or down to avoid the fire, move left, right, repeat.

The reason why you didn't kill the skeleton mage is because you had a longsword. It has a two tile attack range and can hit two enemies at a time. Blood weapons can also kill any enemy in the game including bosses in one hit when you have half a heart.

You have to kill five enemies adjacent to the Shrine of Sacrifice and it will give you a choice of three items. If you kill a mini boss, it will give you a choice of three glass weapons.

The best tip I can give you is if you're fighting an enemy that moves and attacks on every beat like the ghost, monkeys and wraiths but is out of your weapon's range. In order to not take any damage or ruin your coin multiplier, you dig up a wall or use one of my favourite items in the game. The war drum!

It multiplies your attack damage by two after one use and multiplies it by three if you beat it five times in succession, then attack. You do not get the damage bonus if you move after you hit the drum. The blood drum allows you to kill any enemy including bosses in one hit, but it takes half a heart every time you hit it. I only pick it up if I have a blood weapon, crown of thorns or a healing spell.

You turned quick lobby movement on in the gameplay options. Turn it off if you want the lobby to play like it does in game.

Posted by flasaltine

Im sorry but whatever is going on at the bottom of the screen looks waaaaaayy off beat.

Posted by 00

Im sorry but whatever is going on at the bottom of the screen looks waaaaaayy off beat.

The game has an audio and video latency calibration process (that works very well) and I suspect that the capture setup is such that the latency Brad sees when playing the game, is going to be different from the latency of the capture setup - because you have the addition of a display for one thing.

Posted by Mister_V

Anyone know if you can get the soundtrack anywhere? This would be great driving music.

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Posted by Eladren

♪ \m/

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Posted by Pullarius_Capax

As someone who is rhythmically challenged I really appreciate them including the bard character so that I can play this game and enjoy it. Though it isn't the ideal way to play, it still is very fun game without the rhythm aspect to it.

Posted by Deadstar

Im sorry but whatever is going on at the bottom of the screen looks waaaaaayy off beat.

The heartbeat at the bottom looks off even after I calibrated. I just go by the music anyway.

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If you play the "all zones" mode or the daily challenge, all items are in the item pool and the permanent upgrades don't apply, so it's a more traditional roguelike if you play that mode rather than picking specific zones to play.

Also, the timing isn't too precise, as long as you do one action in the space of each beat.

Posted by Silver-Streak

Shopkeeper is the best part of the game. I really hope someone mods in that you can play as the Shopkeeper and hear the singing the whole time.

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Glad this seems to have turned out so well! Unfortunately, I had completely forgotten about it. So many good games comin' out!

Posted by Melonpan

Yo hold up Necrodancer is no roguelite.

Posted by mikachops


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