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Oh god the double Dan.

Posted by DonChipotle

Of course they got Danny. He's a certified expert!

Man...this game goes places. "Play the pigeon game" they said. "It's funny and weird." they said.

They had no idea what was beneath the plumage.

Posted by McPaper

This game really speaks to me.

Posted by Jaymii

Chicks, man.

Posted by GeneralBison

YES! I was hoping that Danny would be on this QL

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there was a review of this in a uk national newspaper i blame danny

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GOTY. Hands down. No questions.

5/5 - Jeff Gertsbirdd

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Frog Fractions 2. IT HAS TO BE.

Posted by Springfart

double D!

Posted by cornfed40

Hearing Danny pronounce the letter H reminds me of William Regal feuding with "Tripple Haitch" in wwe

Posted by mushymushrooms

This is the ultimate game to pick up chicks, GEDDIT. CUZ THEY'RE BIRDS.

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Dan needs to actually read the text aloud. That's where the magic is. Total Biscuit played with his wife and it was hilarious!

Posted by rmanthorp

Dan, Dann and Danny was my favourite show as a kid.

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Birds aren't herbivores, they mostly eat insects aside from hummingbirds.

Posted by whatadiv

Bloodless coop, obviously.

Posted by mosaicthump

Everybirdy should play this.

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I just love that Danny Gamespot actually gave this a goddamn 7. Hatoful Boyfriend, better than Destiny!

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I was hoping Danny would be on this quick look. Thank you lord!

He goes bird watching all the time.

@balrox_: I don't think he reviewed it.

Posted by Stimpack

They said it could never be done, yet here we are.

Posted by SpiderJerusalem
Posted by Muzhik

Thank you Danny for using your expertise to guide us through this

Posted by Springfart

danny should be in more quick looks

Posted by GeneralBison

They didn't even fix the spelling of timpani? Come on guys

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@hassun: Yeah, I just noticed as well. I assumed that because of this tweet, which made it sound like he at least was part of the review. Still, Danny is just the best in this!

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Oh Danny, it's obvious you just can't get enough of this. Hopefully there'll be a true sequel some day.

Also what happened to Random Encounter anyways? It's nowhere to be found on Gamespot. Is it dead? Will Danny do a new show or something? Anyone?

Posted by AlexanderSheen

The music that Dan wanted to be turned up sounds like a track out of Persona 3.

Posted by adam1808

Another QLOTY contender?

Posted by BrianP

"Is Dan Ryckert ok?" The questions with a thousand answers (none of them are yes)

Posted by Wes899

Just going to try and get this out there ahead of the "lol japan u so random" group: This is a joke game that was made as a joke. You're allowed to like it.

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The pigeons that live in cities are just domesticated doves!

Posted by Fox318

Why is O Little Town of Bethlehem playing in the background of the cafe?

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This is like one of those things that seems zany and weird in the beginning, but the further it goes the more deeply uncomfortable I start feeling.

And having just read the plot summary - jesus does this go places.

Posted by poisonmonkey

Yes, oh God yes!!

Posted by bybeach

Dan is rather reined in this QL. He kind of knows when the Game is pulling the lease.

Good to hear Danny!

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@wes899 said:

Just going to try and get this out there ahead of the "lol japan u so random" group: This is a joke game that was made as a joke. You're allowed to like it.

Man the true ending is the punchline to end all punchlines though. It's like the ending of Nuklear Age.

Posted by BlackLagoon

And Patrick said you couldn't do a proper Quick Look of a visual novel!

Posted by Damodar

Dan Ryckert is a failed musician.

Posted by SpaceCouncil

what is this magic?

Posted by RyenDeckard

Why does dan always go after the asshole pigeons instead of the nice guy pigeons

Posted by AMyggen

Man, what a great QL! I remember playing this game a long time ago before I knew about the places the games go, it was an experience!

Posted by Coolarman

Oh god Danny's Mike Tyson impression was great.

Posted by lilman1101

This is the greatest quick look for all time.

Posted by AuthenticM

what the fuck is this

Posted by Marty20k

Double D in the house for some pigeon 'tail'?

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Danny O'Dwyer in this quick look? Thank god, you can't have an Hatoful Boyfriend video without Danny.

Posted by Loamachine

this is amazing!

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Dan and Danny and Hatoful Boyfriend?


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did they do this on a bet?

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Dan is now ready for Anime.

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