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Sonic, LOL.

Posted by ChrisOVC

Wonder if this will be good

Posted by Nemuel

The question is, does Sonic get it on with human ladies in this episode

Posted by SpaceDandie
@ChrisOVC: no
Posted by Smokay

Yes what Sonic has always needed colors and the worst fucking theme song ever

Posted by JackSukeru

It isn't. But it's closer than it's been for a while.

Posted by Everyones_A_Critic

I'm going to need an mp3 of that song. And the band's name.

Posted by CaptainObvious


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Posted by Jerome85

what the fuck?

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I guess some guys at Sega played some Super Mario Galaxy and thought "Hey, we can do the same thing..."
They couldn't.

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p.s Christ Ryan that is not even close to anything like what pop-punk has ever sounded like...

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@CaptainObvious said:


Also the intro really reminds me of Owl City, except Owl City is better
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Good! Great! Awesome! Outstanding! Headshot!

Posted by TimesHero
@Raymayne said:
This.  Its a good thing I can speak American, otherwise I wouldn't know what the fuck this game was. 
(I'm Canadian, btw)
Posted by Blair

"I got colours. Colours.  Colours.  Got kicks different colours.  Cool Kids"

Posted by HedinnWeis

I hate that intro song. I hate it because I work at GameStop and it plays on the store TV every 5 minutes or so.

Posted by TheMoD

Dammit this looks much better than this crappy sonic4 episode 1 thing.. wish they'd release it for somthing other than the wii...
Posted by JustinSane311

A sonic game that looks good...I think hell is freezing over

Posted by Protome

A good 3D sonic game? 
A Wii sonic game that looks graphically better than the 360/PS3 versions of Sonic 4? 
Mind = Blown.

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Posted by AndrewB

The homing attack... what the fuck? Everything about modern Sonic games looks almost okay to me, but then I see the homing attack and I actually feel anger. How is hitting the jump button twice (or the jump button and the homing attack button in succession) even considered an obstacle? Or fun to do?

Posted by wordfalling
Still butthurt that your empire is gone?
Posted by BulletproofMonk

Game looks surprisingly cool. 

Posted by MacGeorge
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Epic Quick Look.
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Wow, this seems...pretty alright, actually. However, my next Wii game purchase is still gonna have to be DKC Returns.

Posted by buwchbach

I love that every Sonic game starts with a pre-rendered intro with horrifically shitty music.

Posted by Sneakybadger

needs more colour

Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials

You know, Sega, if you can't make 5 fingers look right on your malformed characters, no one would be offended if you just gave them 4. 

Posted by Depth

I fucking hate Sonic.

Posted by stinky
@wordfalling said:
" @Raymayne:  Still butthurt that your empire is gone? "
surprised he didn't want it be "Sounic Colours." 
Posted by zityz

Looks okay, better than sonic has been in a long time but, at this point sonic team. I just don't give a shit about sonic anymore. 
How about working on a new Billy Hatcher game? I'd be into that.

Posted by ZmillA

I knew they were going to freak when I saw 'epic' come up

Posted by CookieMonster

This is really nice looking for a Wii game.

Posted by OneManFreakShow

Sonic's new voice actor is Ezio and Chris Redfield.
By the way.

Posted by DaManGB
@HedinnWeis said:
" I hate that intro song. I hate it because I work at GameStop and it plays on the store TV every 5 minutes or so. "  
Posted by J12088
@wordfalling:  It's better to have an empire and lose it than to...well get your ass kicked in a third world country. Twice. 
Besides i think hes butt hurt over the language being raped. If he hadn't said it someone else would have.
Posted by leejunfan83
@528seven: very true
Posted by nintendoeats

I can't play new Sonic games, because I once met somebody who had heard about a guy who had musical taste.

Posted by Terjay


Posted by Hyperfludd

The game is good fun, I'm enjoying it more than the slightly lackluster & overpriced 4

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

Alright I take that back, this looks "not bad".

Posted by Ragdrazi

No, Ryan, you are correct. That was 100% shitty ass pop punk.

Posted by captain_clayman

lmfao that does sound like owl city, exactly what i was thinking.

Posted by Orifister

Sonic Galaxy?

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The visuals and music are amazing. Controlling Sonic in 3D still looks awkward, though.

Posted by WilliamHenry
@Raymayne said:
" COLOURS HAS A U IN IT.  p.s Christ Ryan that is not even close to anything like what pop-punk has ever sounded like... "

Sounded pretty much like pop punk to me. Probably a little more pop than punk, but still pop punk nonetheless.
Posted by Nert

This game has a wonderful soundtrack (barring the abysmal opening theme), and the level design gets a lot more interesting after the Tropical Resort set, but I can see how this game wouldn't be for everyone. It is somewhat remarkable that they shipped it without having you turn into a werewolf or ride in a dune buggy or something.

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Looks pretty good, actually. Much better than 4, at least.