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Hope Clint Eastwood did a voice over for this.. Wait.. Do I???

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La-Di Da-Di we likes to party.
Excuse me Dougie Fresh you're on.

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awesome, you yella bella fella mella!

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I'm still on the fence about this, I was really hoping they would do this.

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why are there no playable Indians

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I want this :C

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ooo this gun be interestin!

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massive quick look?
it's 20 minutes long.

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Wild west multiplayer classed based shooter?

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Man, this game looks awesome.

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already bought it! i hope the guys like it :(

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Now I'm a gunslinger
This game looks great, I think it's worth the buy.

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Might be a purchase for $13.49.

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Blaster Mike is Oscar Mike! 
This looks O.K, but that might just be because of the cowboys. I'll probably wait for RDR for my western fix

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How much will this be when it comes to Live? 800 points and I'm almost sold.

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looks pretty cool, and vinny sounds like he's having a blast lol

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This game looks cool

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This really looks like it should be an FPS. The third person view doesn't make much sense, looks artificial and out of place and is completely unnecessary.

Looks fun enough, but I think the 3rd person thing is really going to hold it back competitionwise. Hardcore competitive gamers like me are pretty conservative, and I can't see this becoming "TF2-big" because of the weird camera. Especially because it doesn't seem to add anything to the gameplay, except that there's a playermodel blocking your view all the time.

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There is a very distinct TF2 aesthetic to the game. I might be interested if TF2 didn't already hold a monopoly on my participation in class-based competitive multiplayer games.

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not a fan of leveling you up and then taking that away

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Great ending.

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Awesome ending, hahaah

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Looks like a Budget Team Fortress 2. That is a good and a bad thing.

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Hmm, I find the action too quick to be set in a Western setting. It feels too Deathmatch-y.

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Wasnt sure about this game before. After the quicklook, it seems a little buggy but not to bad. I may play this one.
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Watching this really makes me want to go back to Borderlands...

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Bang Bang. Cops and robbers...
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Looks really good. Probably should pick this up on 360 because my laptop is kinda crap, but it runs TF2 decently so it may be alright.

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The ending made me lol

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Looks like a fun game but I'll wait a bit and see how it pans out.

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Can't wait for console release as my PC is sketchy.

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Thanks for the QL. It looks like fun. Maybe (hoping) it'll keep me from buying the COD map pack :).
And wow, what is it with GB and ending videos with a... bang? :/

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This looks like a blast. Vinny misquoted LotR, but I'm not lame enough to correct him on it. ;)

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Hope this gets hyped, so there'll be a consistent fanbase.

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When does this come out for the 360?

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Great ending!

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I lol'd @ the ending

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nothing says sweet like some old school blood vs crips action

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kinda hard to believe that the game costs less than 15 bucks, looks interesting.  Any news if a demo will be available?

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Will this be live interactive? Looks decent!

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I'd probably play the Blaster more often than the others.

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Haha, at the very end there, that guy was probably like "what the hell man.."

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Pretty cool.

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looks wicked :)

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Well, you guys just sold me this game. Nice job fuckers.

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I am tempted to buy this since it's so cheap on steam.

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great ending!