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This game has potential.

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This game looks bananas.

Posted by removesstains

Yay Fallout 4!

Posted by Milpool

Definitely excited for this.... 
What is with the lack of video content the last few days?  It's disappointing

Posted by Kohe321

Looks cool!

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looks pretty cool

Posted by Satune

Looks pretty good!

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@Milpool: Yea, there has been very little posted on the site this week.
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I guess all that's left is...
Looks good!

Posted by ApertureSilence

This is gorgeous.

Posted by CodeMcK

I thought I was watching a fallout trailer for a bit, still looks like an interesting game.

Posted by artofwar420

War, war never changes. The end of the world ocurred pretty much as we predicted....
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This game looks fantastic.

Posted by 88Fingers

Looks a lot like a Fallout game....
probably Fallout without the RPG.
Still, the trailer looks exciting.

Posted by Diamond

I definitely like the way the indoor bits look.  Definitely gives me that Quake 2 or Doom vibe, in a good way.

Posted by luce

Fallout 4 already?

Posted by KillerFly

Fallout but with better shooting mechanics? Yes please.

Posted by mracoon

Looks gorgeous and I don't say that about many games.

Posted by deFacto

Fallout with better graphics and vehicles and shooting? Hell looks pretty cool so far.

Posted by Videogames

Holy Doom 3, I know the engine is redone, but something about this game really gives me that Doom 3 feel.

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Looks great. 
Though yeah, definatly got a Fallout 3 feeling from the trailer. I think developers need to give the whole 'nuclear apocolyse' a rest considering everyone thinks of Fallout 3.

Posted by Brendan

Combination of Fall Out and Half-Life.  Pretty sweet.

Posted by raikoh05

hey its fallout, but good!

Posted by sofakingcool

I totaly agree only four vids in the last 3 days, 2 endurance runs and 2 trailers. Whats up?

Posted by buzz_killington

Dude, yes!! id is back on track guys.
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Wow that blew me away!
Posted by RsistncE

I was expecting awe on the level of  "seeing Doom 3 for the first time", but not quite.

Posted by Aeterna

Take the same'ish setting of Fallout, add cars with weapons, turrets and lots of crazy and you seem to get this; I love it.

Posted by Almeida69

If I didnt know it was RAGE I would have said it was Fallout with cars
 the game looks alright but I was expecting something way better

Posted by Nick

Looks cool.
Posted by BlackIrish05
@removesstains said:
" Yay Fallout 4! "
I was thinking about fallout for at least the first half of the video
Posted by Scooper

Got a massive Fallout 3 vibe from this but that's in no way a bad thing. This looks to be great!

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id is back baby!

Posted by NoXious

Are you actually able to create spiderbots and sentries and use them in combat?


Posted by TheMustacheHero

Why does everyone say this is Fallout 3? The only similarity is "post apocalypse". It looks like a good game.

Posted by Nei

When the trailer started, I could not help but think... the game looks like another take on Fallout. Although, I pretty sure that I'm wrong since I have no knowledge about the game out side of who is making it and a title.
Still, the game looks interesting!

Posted by MeierTheRed

Looks interesting.

Posted by Luberik

looks nice. Fallout3 totally, but I'm liking the art-style and stuff

Posted by nick69

reminds me of fallout 3 and borderlands

Posted by DFILL450
@BlackIrish05 said:
" @removesstains said:
" Yay Fallout 4! "
I was thinking about fallout for at least the first half of the video "
So was I lol. Then when the shooting looked good, I started thinking about the actual game.
Posted by lordofultima

Wow, this looks phenomenal.

Posted by MSG

So it's Fallout + Doom + Twisted Metal?  Sound good I guess.

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@NoXious said:

Are you actually able to create spiderbots and sentries and use them in combat?


I think I read somewhere that yes, you can do that.  It was in some magazine... maybe you can find the scans on the internet or something.  I wish I remembered which magazine it was.
Posted by ververdan0226
" id is back baby! "
Posted by Aaox

Fallout but better graphics and combat? And less moral choice? Maybe? Alright, colour me intrigued.

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Looks B A

Posted by geirr

Looks like a more restrained Fallout 3 with 
some Half Life 2 buggy action thrown in.

Posted by Naikori

Man, this game is looking good. This is a game I'm really stoked for.

Posted by 8bitgeorge

Is this borderlands?