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Just in the nick of time!

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This game was fun back in the day.

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perfect timing! thank you

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I think he said we're rolling?

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Why, oh, why does HD only work half the time?

Is the HD version just not uploaded yet?

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that camera angle is downright claustrophobic.

oh phew, you can zoom out.

this game actually looks really good.

Posted by DocOc

I was watching them play earlier before I went to work. I made it past the sneak test, now I'm looking forward to how it all turns out afterwards.

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1999? Man. This camerawork and VA is actually... really impressive.

Posted by Gyoru

Cutter Slade.
Brooks Cracktackle.
Cherry Venus.

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reminds me of the longest journey, kinda

Posted by ApeGantz

A gift from the drunken gods!

Posted by Thoseposers

man that water sound sounds like someone is messing around in a toilet

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perfecto I was just thinking about the series!

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video game

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Hell, it's about time.

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This came out on my birthday, apparently! Never heard of it, though.

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this game looks really cool. apparently it's on GOG - might pick it up when I'm done with my Steam Sale haul.

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This is a really great game. It's got a lot of content in it, and still holds up in many respects to modern titles. You can pick it up on fog.com for really cheap and surf through the forums for the high res patches. Check this thing out... It's really good.

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1:46:11 Off-tune Star Wars theme!

Posted by Nightriff

Is it as good as Phantasmagoria?

Posted by Aelric

I picked it up from GOG earlier this week from the radio show request and I'm hooked. It's a bit shitty on combat, but that is a generational thing. Yeah, it's pretty great.

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I think the skipping animation is what really sells it.

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I remember seeing this on Electronic Playground a long, long time ago. Tommy Tallarico took a big shit all over it, from what I remember.

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Yes, best game of all time! Available on gog.com as well.

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I have fond memories of this.

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I could never get this game to run. I'm excited to finally see it!

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Mad respect for the music in this game. Go Moscow Orchestra!

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Shouldn't it be "sneak and peek" not "peak," or am I missing something? Typos in the subtitles, it must be a videogamez!

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@rebgav: It COULD be a typo, but because they're on a snowy peak I figured it was a pun.

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While this is certainly cool beans, I do hope they do a savagely bad game next time like Police Quest: SWAT and Phantasmagoria. Those are the Random PC Game videos that are most entertaining. Either that or a hideously complex simulation like Falcon 4.0 or Jane's Longbow 2 so we can relive that DCS: A-10C Quick Look

Posted by Feddy

I think they should do Burn Cycle its perfect since the entire game had a play time limit worked into the story. It is also horribly old Sci-Fi

Posted by rebgav

@Itwastuesday said:

@rebgav: It COULD be a typo, but because they're on a snowy peak I figured it was a pun.

That might be worse.

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This guy looks like a leader-y type right? WHAT THE FUCK!!!


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@damnable_fiend said:



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Whenever I played Mass Effect, it reminded me of this game. People always bloody talking at you.

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"Oh man, it's the Beetles on EVD!"


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Next to Mafia 1 and Grim Fandango, this is probably my greatest singleplayer experience ever. I decided to give it a go again about a year ago and it still holds up pretty good.

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"WHAT THE FUCK!?" oh man that was funny.

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At 53:51. Comedy GOLD!

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Alright, I have a Random PC Game request, if the guys will take one.

Shadow Watch. Not the best game ever, but pretty fun combat. And the music is so damn awesome! Gives me nostalgic chills.

Posted by paulunga

Fun fact(?): Cutter's German voice actor is also the dub voice for Bruce Willis. Fits really well, what with all the wisecracking.

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Yeah Farscape talk!!!!!!! I always get a nerd boner when anybody mentions Farscape. Favorite show ever. Claudia Black is a sexy woman.

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Played the demo of this way back when it first came out. Still have no idea what's going on in this game.

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Oh, man, and people get frustrated about the Endurance Run. In a game that does not point you at objectives, seeing them skip dialogue was painful. Guys, give this game a look. It's cooler than it was made to be here... if you stop to talk to people and listen to what they have to say,

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I think it would be cool to see a Bioforge random pc game! Does anyone other than me remember that game?