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Don't be fool by the 64 year old lady

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This game is fucking horrible. Had a great time watching you guys play it, though.

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Edit: Nevermind, I'm thinking of a different game entirely.

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This game seems more like an adventure game than a SWAT simulator.

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Watched this live this morning. This was truly hilarious.

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@thetrin said:

Watched this live this morning. This was truly hilarious.

If I watched this live I would have died. I got to the part where they grenade the lady.

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You a comedian?

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I lost it when the credits started again.

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You guys have a best job in the world.

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Wow, they even assume old-ass PC games are pick-up-and-play. "I'm just gonna stick this Police Quest disc in my XBOX and wait for the tutorial to come up, daaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. It's got regenerating health and cover mechanics, right?"

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More credits, please.

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Oh shit... 
"Special Thanks: 
Chief Daryl F. Gates" 

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AH man, so many memories. I still have the game here on my shelf. I bought it in french back then and it was a version translated in France (I'm in Canada)....the translation was so terrible that it's still hillarious today.

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Oh YES! I remember how goddamn infuriating this game was!

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R.I.P. Vindog. That old lady came out of nowhere.

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@NickNorman said:

I lost it when the credits started again.

lol I almost choked on my food when the credits started again

wow i got to the moment when they got shot by old lady and I couldn't stop laughing omg best thing ever on thsi site

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This game is straight bullshit.

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@AndrewB said:

This game seems more like an adventure game than a SWAT simulator.

Considering the SWAT brand started out as an offshoot of the Police Quest series, I'd say that comparison is very apt.

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Mr. Long is totally the voice of Ben from Full Throttle.

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If only you had a moustache, this would've all been avoided. I watched it live and was alomst late to my class because of it, it was so funny!

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@BlaineBlaine said:
Oh shit...  "Special Thanks: Chief Daryl F. Gates"  RODNEY KING RODNEY KING RODNEY KING!
Yup. He probably helped get a look at locations and all that. He wrote Police Quest 4!! And it's loaded with stereotypes, messed-up shit......it's crazy! He was LAPD Chief one day, writing dying-genre video games the next!
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Oh God I couldnt stop laughing when the credits started again.

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I lost it when Dave hit the credits again.

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SWAT 2 is fucking amazing.

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The grenade sequence was hilarious.

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I would love more Crusader. :)

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That dasterdly old lady is the one thing I remember from when I previously played this game. Well that, and the fact that this game is simultaneously amazing and completely infuriating. I definitely don't recall the UI being so goddamn terrible. Man, oh man.

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I want to hang out with Vinny's dad. And his mustache.

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I remember getting this game as a kid and maybe getting to the first mission once but other than that, I just wasted a lot of time trying to figure out what to do and being bored.

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@Hobosunday said:

If only you had a moustache, this would've all been avoided. I watched it live and was alomst late to my class because of it, it was so funny!

what are you, a comedian?

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It really was Vinny at the small arms range!

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My god this is like getting stuck in a loop phoning a call center. Really damn funny though.

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Holy crap, I remember trying to play this.
That first house... ah, brings back nothing but horrific memories.
Edit: Ok, this may be one of the best videos on the site.

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OH MY FUCKING GOD! One of my absolute favourite games as a kid. Sooo much nostalgia for this. In hindsight it's a quite terrible game, but nostalgia is a bitch.

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@csl316: Yeah, dude. I remember being like, 12? And not having ANY idea what the game wanted me to do.

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[insert SWAT theme music here]

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One of the best vids yet, keep it up duders.

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My God, this is the funniest piece of video content on Giant Bomb in a while. I couldn't stop cracking up when the old lady shot them first, then again when they threw the grenade.

So funny. What are these guys? Comedians?

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I played a lot of this game when it came out. It is defiantly not great but once you know what its asking of you its not a completely terrible adventure game. I mean this game is almost more of an interactive SWAT manual than anything else. Basically if you don't follow everything to the letter you either die or get chewed out. It expects you mirror every corner and slice the pie when mirroring doesn't give you a clear enough view. The later missions get a tad cooler and if you get through the sniper training you can play one of the missions as a sniper with a spotter.

I think this is the game that made me much more tolerant of trial and error games since this one is so damn picky. The later SWAT games are much better, especially SWAT 4 which was developed by Irrational, its one of the best Tactical Shooters I've played.

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Vinny found the "frag an old lady" button

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Crazy old lady!

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Dave sucks at swat.

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Is there any difference between a blue screen & a green screen or is it just a matter of needing a solid color to key things out of?

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This reminds me of how bad old adventure games could be. Christ this was unpleasant even with Vinny & Dave commentating.

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Requesting .gif of crazy old lady walking and shooting.

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Holy crap, memories! I frustratingly loved this game. I remember going on an fmv game stint after having played Ground Zero Texas on my neighbors Sega CD. Started with Johnny Mnemonic for the PC which I returned and got Daedalus Encounter instead (Tia Carrere, smokin'). Others I had/have were Hardline, In the 1st Degree. I should send these over to you guys if you don't have them for more fmv shenanigans.

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Loved the Police Quest games, hated the SWAT games. Why they felt they had to call the first one Police Quest, I'll never understand, but it shit on the entire series to that point.

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