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Looks really interesting!

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Really like the vibe and art style of this game. Will it be a downloadable title or boxed?

Posted by McQuinn

Again, dumping Beyond Good and Evil into everything.

Posted by AlexanderHC

Holy something this looks awesome!

Posted by Wandrecanada

This game looks just amazing but the lack of online play reduces it's draw significantly. It's too bad I already bought Beyond Good and Evil HD because it might have motivated my purchase.

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I hear Bodega likes this.

Posted by LoktarOgar

I just pray this lasts longer than like 2 hours.

Posted by YoshiKart64

Visually that is like a cartoon brought to life, I really hope the gameplay holds up as well. It'll be interesting to see if they use that technology for anything else, the fluidity of the animation is incredible for a 2D game.

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Sweet music!

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I love the original Rayman. I also love Beyond Good and Evil. Nothing in this trailer gives me anything but warm fuzzy feelings, except that the bonus is only available at gamestop. Who knows, maybe they could start pulling the codes on those because Gamestop doesn't want people getting free Digital Download copies of games, as those are a competitor to them.

(Massive sarcasm on that last line, folks)

Posted by Shaka999

1. Absolutely love the art style. Looks great.

2. I know it's a short clip, but the rapid progressing to the right while dodging objects makes me think of sonic. (yes, I know it won't be anything like that)

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This game looks absolutely gorgeous.

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No online play? Ouch....that sends my anticipation plummeting down to "probably not going to buy" levels.

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This is a game that deserves to be played along side your friends, so you can share the expirience with themin a way only so called Couch Games can do 8-)

Looking forward to it.

Posted by Tordah

This continues to look amazing.

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@Troncek said:

Really like the vibe and art style of this game. Will it be a downloadable title or boxed?

It's a retail game. It used to be an episodic downloadable game though.

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The music is just awesome

Everything about the game seems awesome

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Man the art direction in this is amazing. Beyond Good & Evil is a nice little bonus too... little bit sad though, that game really has been bundled with damn near everything at this point.

Also as great as this looks, stop stalling and finish BG&E 2 already. >=(

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So far from each trailer released, the soundtrack sounds incredible. Definitely the best I have heard in some time.

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As one of the 20,000 who buy this game. I am anxious to say I can't wait for it's release!

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I'm sold

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It looks fantastic!

A true return to the formidable original old school Rayman!

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Take my money god damn it.

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I need this right this instant! Gah it looks fantastic!

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It's a shame this game is gonna get swallowed up. They need to delay it to a less populated month.

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I think its unfortunate that me interest for that game peaked when I thought it was downloadable. Now that I know its retail I think it won't sell that much...

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This has already been said but the art style and the quality of it is really astounding.

Posted by windh

For P effin C. NOW!