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Looks decent. Hopefully they don't go crazy with the mircro-transactions.

Posted by joachimo

UT with mechs?

Posted by superscott597

MEEEEEECHS! I want me some Hawken right about now...

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Reign of thunder and they fill the trailer with cheesy lightning effects and one thunder sound at the end.

Posted by Itwastuesday

Buying dumb heroes and munny and Gpotato nonsense in F2P games? BLECH. When you allow me to buy new parts for my giant robot, however, I become much more intrigued in the idea.

Here's hoping they strike a good balance between Mechwarrior (please have a keyboard/mouse-friendly button layout) and Mechassault (please no powerups and other arcadey horsecrap)

Posted by HydraHam

It's stuff like this that makes me wish i had a gaming PC.

Posted by OriginalGman

TWO free-to-play mech games on the horizon? What fucking year is this?? This definitely has a Mechassault vibe, and since it's free I'll check it out. But Hawken has me way more excited, I like the look of the fast-paced, first-person mech action in that game.

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Posted by Huzzabari


Posted by FLStyle

The gameplay needs lighting storm aspects to warrant the name, at least as part of the stage, come on people!

Posted by scraz

Hawkens looks about 10 times better then this.

Posted by EleFlameMax

@superscott597: That's a good one.

Posted by Olivaw

What the fuck, is this the year of free to play mech combat games?


And I am one hundred percent OK with that

Posted by Generiko

No Papa Roach = No buy

Posted by ViciousAnchovy

What free time I have during summer is going to be largely occupied by piloting giant, god damn mecha.

Posted by snaptroll

Imitation Battletech? No, no, no!

Posted by Seppli

Whatever devil has rode Microsoft to stop producing MechAssault games? They were awesome. Good thing Day 1 Studios stuck to it. Looks like great fun. And if those explosions are anything like in MechAssault... HELL YEAH!

I'd rather get a full retail release, but hell, if free 2 play is how it's gonna be - I'll give it a shot. Too bad they'll get nothing out of me this way. I never pay for free 2 play.

Posted by csl316

Sweet. I like these guys.

Posted by SSully

Hawken looks much cooler, ill stick with that.

Posted by mrcraggle

Looks too twitch for my liking, Hawken looks pretty amazing though.

Posted by selbie

2011 - Year of the Dubstep

2012 - Year of the Mechs

Posted by ToxicFruit

fucking love mechs !, the more mech games there are the happier i will be :P

Though hawken looks way better then this

Posted by masternater27

Anybody else think it was a Reign of Fire game sequel thing for a minute?

Posted by TheSpoonyBard

There was more lightning in that trailer than actual thunder.

Posted by Mirado

I have no idea why all of these mech games are coming out, but I'm so glad that they are.

Between Hawken, Mechwarrior, this and Armored Core 5, I'm having a good year.

Posted by Wandrecanada

I have a feeling that these guys don't get what makes a mech game a mech game... There doesn't seem to be weight to anything at all. It looks like some kind of UT game more than anything.

Posted by jakob187

Soooo lemme get this straight: the guys who made Fracture...are just remaking War World?

I'd rather stick to my War World, thank you very much.

Posted by Absolute_Zero

@Generiko said:

No Papa Roach = No buy

Yeah, this guy knows what's up!

Edited by CrimsonNoir

Looks like they're trying to justify the cost of the lightning stock footage.

Posted by Rolyatkcinmai


Posted by zFUBARz

I'm all for mechs and dubstep but damn it I just want my chromehounds back :(

Posted by HeavyDuty32

I love giant robots, and I love Mechassault especially among them! Hope this is good.

Posted by ghostNPC

@CrimsonNoir said:

Looks like they're trying to justify the cost of the lightening stock footage.

That's the only thing I could think of as well.

Posted by KontX

Oh man, Mechassault. Now that takes me back. Hopefully this game is better than the trailer though.

Posted by Koobz

This looks like a trailer included on an original Xbox game disc.

Posted by icemk

As much as I loved Mechassault, I don't get the same vibe from this game. Movement feels too light and it seems to lack that heavy & large mech combat feel - likely due to the arena/maps looking so small and confined.

Oh well, the game looks early, so keen to see it get better from here.

Posted by Enigma777

These robot designs look really dumb.

Edited by Frumpa

@snaptroll said:

Imitation Battletech? No, no, no!

Mech warrior is battletech. Same mech names and designs from the original pen & paper game I played at school. (oh - and Mech assault as well .. all Battletech )

Posted by Lazyaza

That's some of the worst mech design I've ever seen. What were their artists thinking.

Posted by DefAde

This looks like a whole 5 minutes of fun.... Nothing worse in any shooter, than trying to shoot one dude, while three others shoot you

Posted by DarkShaper

"Fast Paced" I'm out, you guys have fun with this one.

Posted by sandweed

@Mirado: what wait is there a new Mechwarrior this year?

Posted by Atary77

Yes! I want this!

Posted by R3DT1D3

I like how they said "From the makers of Mech Assault" like that was something to be proud of.Third person, shallow, and fast-paced mech games aren't real mech games.

Posted by NoCookiesForYou

This looks like alot of fun. Not sure about this F2P model though, afraid it'll turn into a cash cow.

Posted by Wasara88

I have wondered for years why there's no mech games anymore and the few that get made are these mechassault style of games.

Suppose i should try living legends, but i would like a nice single player campaign too.

For the love of god wheres Heavy Gear 3?

Posted by seanord

Does not look awesome. A good mechassault-like trailer would have me searching Kickstarter to see how I could help make it happen, but this does not. Mechs don't look improved from their previous games, and neither does the combat--just sped up. I don't want multiplayer in this, I want a real campaign.

Posted by jakkblades

@seanord: But the campaigns in the Mechassault games weren't very good. The multiplayer was its strength.

Posted by TiE23

I was excited until I realized that is was MechAssault. Not MechWarrior. So in that case, no thanks. MechAssault + Free to Play = no interest to me. Let me play some Hawken instead. That's free to play as well and has a 12/12/12 release date it seems.

Edited by Bollard

@gadgetstorms said:

@OriginalGman said:

TWO free-to-play mech games on the horizon

No. Three:

Hawken: (Closed Beta Signup Here) : http://playhawken.com/?ref=i98ej2mb

Mechwarrior Online: http://mwomercs.com/

& Reign of Thunder.

2012 is a good time to be a Mech fan.


Just like the fighting game genre. And hopefully as successful.

@Olivaw: What on earth is that MW Tactics thing? It finishes counting down in like less than two hours!

@sandweed said:

@Mirado: what wait is there a new Mechwarrior this year?

According to the guys above me, there'stwo.

Total mindfuck.

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