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Lame. Can we get a staff made video for this game? QL, Review?
Screw PR vids.
Also Ricky Carmichael sounds like a mixup of names from two separate classic TV Lucille Ball sitcoms.

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This video totally isn't working for me. Bummer.

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I will also listen to anyone named "Generalized Occupational Aptitude Test"

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I hate how G.O.A.T. is becoming an acronym for Greatest of All Time. Where I was brought up, Goat meant you were the worst player on the team.

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GiantBomb seems to have it out for MX vs ATV Reflex and it's many "Duder"-related errors... Hm...

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something i never thought i would see on giant bomb is ricky carmichael, i think he started racing nascar, not sure

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EEEk, my first premature duder!
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@Abyssfull said:
" EEEk, my first premature duder! "
Don't feel embarrassed. It can happen to anyone.
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general occupation assessment test

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Duder and Duderer.

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@darkjester74 said:
" I will also listen to anyone named "Generalized Occupational Aptitude Test" "
Damnit, I wanted to make that joke.
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Wow, this video is still not functional? Can we get a re-up?

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Duder, its busted!

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Video's fixed.

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LOL at 24 seconds where you can see the map underneath

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Shouldn't he be grazing on some grass?

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@Brad said:
" Video's fixed. "
Thank you Mr. Shoemaker!  =)
My name is name here and I play video game name here.