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Posted by Kazona

Yep it's Riddick alright. And that is suh-weet!

Posted by Mjolnir

I like the look of the hand-to-hand stuff; hope it plays just as well.

Posted by CoinMatze

Butcher Bay was already great as is but this looks amazing. I sure am hot for some more Riddick. game>movie

Edited by gamefreak9

WOW i just realized that Butcher bay is one of those movies that made a great game, or even the only one :P, then again i havent seen the movie and the game might not have been based on the movie, so kotor would top it in that case.

Posted by SoulEdgeSlayer

If it as nearly as good as the original, which I suspect it is, then this is a must buy!

Posted by donhonk

Good lord, this looks FANTASTIC to the nth degree.

Posted by Synister_Gamer

Hell yeah, Can't wati for this game.

Posted by Junpei

I never played the original and even though I've heard nothing but great things, this trailer looks better than I could have imagined. Gonna keep my eye on this.

Posted by Rio


Posted by JaredA

Crap! That looks intense!

Posted by Krenor

great game, I can't believe they managed to fit the first game and this new one in 1 disc, definitely a must buy

Posted by MeatSim

Never seen Chronicles of Riddick and don't plan too, but this game looks awesome.

Posted by strangeling

I still need to play through my copy of the original.

Posted by mad4it89

I never got around to playing the first riddick game so I'm pretty stoked that they're remaking it.

Posted by Mandaray

I want this game so bad. Hopefully it'll actually play as well as they say it will...

Posted by Dr_Feelgood38

Wow, this game looks amazing.

Posted by Valke

Game looks great, but is it just me or does the woman shown in this video have the WORST eyes in a game in years?

Posted by punkxblaze

This looks fucking awesome, simply put. Best thing Vin Diesel has ever done ever (Fast and the furious is up there I guess).

Posted by Kohe321

Looks really good.

Posted by InFamous91

Atari is doing a lot

Posted by thedez

The pc version looked so good, i was wondering how they where gonna make it better.....
They found a way.  Oh, snap.

Posted by barnabyjones


Posted by Brackynews


@gamefreak9: What are you trolling about, dude?  Butcher Bay and KOTOR are both original IP.

Posted by Doonee63

Looks yummy.
I didn't have an xbox last gen so I'll pick this up when the price goes down.
If it doesn't suck, that is.
prob'ly won't .

Posted by DavidSnakes

Super sexy

Posted by Swinghi

Chalk one up for excited.

Posted by TwoOneFive

definitely one of my top five must buys of 2009

Posted by BiggerBomb

:O :O :O

Posted by ZmillA

damn man, this game looks insaaaane!

Posted by Razzuel

I cannot wait to play through this game again!

Posted by Maxszy

Damn it looks great. I think I will be picking this up on day one.

Posted by darthzew

I am no longer sad the original isn't backwards compatible. I don't want it anymore... not when there's THIS!

Posted by MC_Izawa


Posted by FretKing

This game needs to come out NOW!!!

Posted by Seram

Well damn.

Posted by thegoldencat7


Posted by halfameatball

If you asked me what game I was most excited for this spring I wouldn't say Killzone 2. I wouldn't say Resident Evil 5 or Halo Wars. I wouldn't even say Street Fighter 4. I would tell you The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena. A new campaign, the old game retooled, and a multiplayer mode? Sold, sold, and sold!

Posted by Vigorousjammer

THIS LOOKS SO GOOD! I played and beat the first game, but I'm still excited for this, that really tells you something about the quality of this game.

Posted by Tru3_Blu3

"Not hiding... hunting"


Posted by welshy023

I just jizzed my pants

Posted by nekoNari

Am I the only one nauseating after the trailer? As much as I'm excited to get my hands on this game, I'm also worried about motion sickness from the FPV...

Posted by hofmarskal

I preordered my copy based on thiese trailers, it looks that good:-)

Posted by CitizenKane

That looks awesome.  I can't wait for this game!  ^__^

Posted by Media_Master


Posted by TIGER


Posted by Captain_Fookup

The cover system looks fucking badass.

Posted by Deusoma

"I am no longer sad the original isn't backwards compatible. I don't want it anymore... not when there's THIS!"
Here's the thing, Zew. That's the entire point.

Posted by vinsanity09

"Not hiding, hunting."

Just can't wait for this game, couldn't play EFBB because my PC sucks, but now I'm glad I didn't  get to play it, it's just going to make the game that much more satisfying to play (and longer lol)

Posted by Fritzerbacon

excellent, i need a game like this. I have too many that make me think, i need one with tons of action like this lol

Posted by Aza

Wow, just wow. I've been waiting so long for a good movie game to come along, at long last we have one.
I was sold already on the first bunch of footage but after seeing this holy crap do I want it now.

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