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Posted by CodeTherion

This is going to be awesome.

Posted by MrViral

Balls. Could have had it.

Posted by Slurpelve


Posted by Onkel_Dunkel

Is Apogee stil alive... hope this still holds up

Posted by Yurmahm

This looks..... disappointing...

Posted by Duxa

Didnt like the original back in the day... hopefully this is better.

Posted by mosdl

Random PC Game for ROTT please so I won't be tempted to buy it on gog...

Posted by Sunjammer

Man for a game with so much ridiculous shit going on in it, this sure looks joyless :-( I remember ROTT being way more juicy than this.

Posted by Veektarius

Graphics seem about 7 years out of date.

Posted by Foggen

Hope God Mode is intact.

Posted by Zurv

ugh.. this makes duke 3d look good

Posted by leejunfan83


Posted by kerikxi

The best part about this trailer was the Apogee logo. Genuine nostalgia chills right there, if only it had come spinning from behind the planet.

Posted by Smokey_Earhole

The mid-90's called. They want their game design back.

Posted by chilibean_3

Well it sure looks pretty terrible.

Posted by NowSayPillow

Genuinely excited about this.

Posted by Ninja_Welshman

That looked awful!! No thanks!!

Posted by ShaggE

@Smokey_Earhole said:

The mid-90's called. They want their game design back.

Ummm... you know what this is, right?

Posted by Willza92

At least some of those reload animations looked kinda neat, right guys?

Posted by BombKareshi

The only thing I liked about this trailer is the music, and that's only because I've been in love with Goin' Down the Fast Way since day one.

Posted by NathHaw

Almost everything about this vid reminded me of the countless WoW PvP movies I've watched.

Posted by fisk0

Not so sure about this one. I don't like how they insist on putting gun reloading in all FPSes these days, really kills the momentum in fast paced old school games like this (iirc you only reloaded the pistol in the original, like in Duke 3D). That's certainly not the only problem I see in this trailer, but that is one post-Counter-Strike FPS game mechanic I think the genre should've moved past at this point. I find it much more annoying than health kits ever were, and that apparently was so bothersome that people thought it'd be appropriate to go for regenerating health instead. Why not do the same with ammo, regenerating ammo and maybe use weapon heat is the reason for not shooting continuously (like Hard Reset did it)?

Posted by hakunin

All I wanna know is....

Are the date-specific easter eggs still in?

Posted by captain_clayman

no fucking thank you. that was jank city right there.

Posted by MrBubbles

well i can't wait to play it and see if it's any good.

Posted by DeadMonkeys

I have no context for this, so it looks like Duke meets Wolfenstein.


Posted by Sanjuro82

I'd only buy it if it comes with the original!

Posted by perilator666

God I fucking love RotT. I don't even care if this sucks, I'll play that shit.

Posted by jakob187

I'm going to assume that every single person in these comments who said "that looked awful" was born after 1996, because that looked like EXACTLY what I want Rise of the Triad to be!

Fucking. Stoked. As. Fuck.

Posted by Aas

So where are the Triads?

Posted by Nes

@BombKareshi: They put up the full track here:



Honestly, I'm pumped about this game. Wicked $15 (official price, not a rumor) fun with fast multiplayer, free DLC (also confirmed), and UE3 mod support (with Steam Workshop support). I love it.

Posted by SunkenState

I love how one of the clips was just a shot of one of those disc shaped floating platforms from the original.

Posted by Silver-Streak

The rock Apogee intro is fantastic.

Posted by orshick

Oh good, a Duke Nukem without the brand recognition.

Posted by D_train_lives

this is a joke right?

Posted by BeachThunder

I want Blake Stone HD.

Posted by Forkstik

I like it!

Posted by Amaru25

looks like poop

Edited by Napalm

@Zurv said:

ugh.. this makes duke 3d look good

The trolls are out in full force today, aren'cha? Go back to whatever hole you crawled out of.

Posted by felakuti4life


Posted by poprocksandsoda

Just me or does this look a bit like Duke Nukem Forever?

Posted by ajamafalous

Day 1.

Posted by ajamafalous

Christ you people. Just let me have my old school shooters. You can go play whatever shit you want, just let me have the games I want. This is the most fun looking shooter I've seen since Hard Reset.

Posted by lordofultima

Looks dope as hell.

Edited by vinsanityv22

The mix of old music and new graphics makes this trailer INCREDIBLY AWESOME.

Man, FPS were so much better back in the 90's. They were FUN, they had style, the developers behind them had ambition and were constantly in an arms race to be the next Doom or Quake - they weren't content to merely live up to the other games in the genre, they were out to genuinely blow their competitors away....they didn't all reuse the same boring, skill-free game mechanics, the same boring "real world" weapons, the same generic "incredibly linear bombed out city" settings, the same boring human enemies....god, today's shooters fucking suck. More importantly, judging by the comments here, today's shooter FANS fucking suck. Morons. You Xbox kiddies are the worst thing to happen to gaming, I swear.

Glad to see Rise of the Triad return. It's completely unexpected, but awesome all the same. Now, id, Apogee, get someone to remake Hexen, will you? And whoever owns the rights to Powerslave; that would be appreciated too.

Posted by Sticky_Pennies

I ran out of pants to change into thanks to this trailer.

Posted by Sticky_Pennies

I want to see what dog mode looks like in this, also! :D

Posted by BigDaveisCheap

This getting made renews my hope for a Redneck Rampage remake :)

I'll withhold judgement on this until I see a little bit more but 14 year old me is definitely excited. Now let's see if further info gets 33 year old me excited too.

Posted by Damien_Azreal


Completely different company. The original Apogee LTD is 3DRealms. They are the same company. 3DRealms is still a company, they still exist.

This new Apogee LLC is a completely new company with new staff, and none of the people from the original Apogee. But due to certain legal aspects, they are allowed to act under the original title and use certain IPs that 3DRealms allowed them.

Posted by ComradeKhan

I miss Apogee... I still find dust covered copies of "Apogee's Greatest Games" laying around my parents house.

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