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Edited by McQuinn

This look dumb in a very good way.

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I'm excited for this. There aren't enough fast paced shooters out there.

Edit: Wait, I thought Flying Wild Hog was developing this? What are they doing again?

Posted by CWGadget

That certainly looks like a mid-90s shooter with modern graphics, whether that be good or bad.

Posted by TehPickle

Oh it looks quite silly. Hooray!

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Year of the dawg continues with Dog Mode.

Posted by Aether

Wow this looked terrible. Why would you put in a part that has graphical lag into your debut trailer? Hope they keep optimizing it.

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Posted by Rayeth

Looks dumb, hopefully it doesn't play dumb.

Posted by bassman2112

Woahh framerate

Posted by Noxville
@cwgadget said:

That certainly looks like a mid-90s shooter with modern graphics, whether that be good or bad.

The graphics don't look very modern to me...

Posted by FengShuiGod


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@abendlaender: Shadow Warrior! Lot of 90's revivals I guess. Wonder who'll do Catacombs 3D...

Posted by believer258

I could forgive the frame rate if this was only on consoles or something, but trailers for PC exclusives should have a rock-solid 60 unless it's a problem with the video and not the game.

I'm glad to see '90's shooter fast-paced dumb fun getting some attention, but I'd prefer it if it were done well. This doesn't exactly look done well from the trailer, though I still think it could be all right.

Posted by IAmNotBatman

Is this a full retail title?

Posted by PhanThomas

An important thing (maybe?): Game is 14,99 $ and you get the Apogee Throwback Pack for free if you preorder.





Posted by Veektarius

Was severely disappointed not to hear the Apogee fanfare with that logo, even if I'm one of approximately 5% of gamers who'd recognize it.

Posted by flasaltine

@veektarius: They use this on some of the other trailers.

Posted by MeatSim

Was that dog mocaped? It's not even worth my time if it wasn't.

Posted by MrBubbles

Well I for one am super excited about this. It's awesome to see that some of my favorite things from the original game are still there like god mode, dog mode, and the flame wall gun.

Posted by cikame

I wonder how the trailer posting system works, i assumed official materials would be sent to CBS or Giant Bomb, not Patrick's house.
Maybe there's just a to do list any of the staff can hope onto and sort through.

Posted by PimblyCharles

@patrickklepek This is totally unrelated to RoT, but thought it'd be something you'd be interested in. There's a documentary on the History Channel called Jurassic Park: The True Story. You should check it out.

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Well that looked craptastic and cheap.

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Wait, did I just wake up in the 90s?

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Ok, they don't show off any reloading animations in this trailer, hopefully they scrapped that idea, reloading is pretty much the antithesis to the fast paced oldschool FPS, pretty much only there to mess up the pacing, and I was really disappointed to see that in DNF and in last year's ROTT trailers.

But. Yeah. Pre-ordered.

Posted by fuzzypumpkin

Metal and middle fingers. Fuck yea BROTHER.

Posted by andrew2696

@pimblycharles: Is that a Jurassic Park documentary about the movie or a dinosaur documentary with Jurassic Park in the title?

Sounds like it could go either way.

Posted by Spitznock

I think I'd prefer the eyeballs if they just flew out of the body instead of sticking to the screen for a few seconds.
Looks cool though. The present world of video games could benefit from some old school style shooters, imo.

Posted by Mupod

gibs and eyeballs, yep that's Rise of the Triad.

Posted by nofzac

man....ROTT was the first online deathmatch game i played. I remember setting IRQs and Interrupts to every setting available until it worked.

I'll play this even if it kinda sucks.

Edited by neroes

I hate it when I get some eyeballs in my eyes.

Edited by Advancedcaveman

Actually I did want another Rise of The Triad game. I know it's not a highly evolved and sophisticated modern shooter where you spend the game being locked in a linear succession of tiny combat corrals where you squat behind boxes and shoot the same man with the same machine gun over again while looking at giant models in the skybox.

I know ROTT isn't a highly intelligent modern dramatic narrative experience where you're constantly locked in storytelling corrals where you have to stand around and wait for the game to finish delivering a really bland exposition dump about how generically grim and determined the plain jane grizzled angry bald man protagonist is.

Posted by TinyGrasshopper

Hopefully this can be everything that DNF failed at

Posted by PolyesterKyle

Man, this is a fucking video game

Posted by LaszloKovacs

I am this close to buying ROTT on Steam.

I'd install from my old copy but, uh, it's not 1995 and I'm not even sure how I would make a game with 5 floppy disks work any more.

Posted by WeaponBoy


Posted by joachimo

good ol' ROTT, I'm buying - and I aint even gonna be mad if its bad.

Posted by aspaceinvader

I P Freely makes his return

Edited by ClairvoyantVibrations

Wait! No No! Don't shoot!

Posted by Krakn3Dfx

$11.25/ea in a 4-pack? Sounds awesome to me.

Posted by Waffley

Should trailers talk?

Posted by ShaggE

So very, very pre-ordered. It's been a tough year waiting for this to come out. I know it's a budget title and the production values will reflect that, but it's a new ROTT, by ROTT fans, for ROTT fans. A little jank won't get in the way of my enjoyment one bit. Hell, it's worth the wait just for the soundtrack.

Posted by ReFracture

Hell yes.

Posted by inspectah

This feels like if Uwe boll mad a game, then made a movie about the game then made game about the movie about his game .

Posted by Glottery

Ten seconds in, it actually looked nice, but then...though I suppose visuals aren't on the top of their priority list with this game. Too bad the gameplay didn't look too hot either, but at least it can't be worse than DNF...

Posted by Rek503

You know a game is going to be good when the frame rate is horrible in the trailer.

Edited by drumpsycho89

ummm. what did I just watch.....?

Edited by spiralsin

I remember playing the original back in the day. It was a time when shooters didn't take themselves so damn seriously. Some of the best fun I ever had playing a game.

Posted by Sticky_Pennies
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