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Posted by flasaltine

and Machinarium

Posted by paisan13

WooHooo, I loved the first two ^_^

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This game could be 5 min long and I'd happily throw my money at these guys at this point. They have such a wonderful visual style that they are constantly refining and playing with.

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Love the Botanicula quick look!

Posted by Thoseposers

@patrickklepek you gotta get some kind of interview with the people behind this stuff, i'd love to know more about them

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where's the ios port of botanicula,

Posted by AssInAss

I only ever played Machinarium and Botanicula, but this looks so amazing that I might have to try the other Samorost games. How long are they?

Posted by myrsnok

[Insert Bioforge flute gag here]

Posted by Domineeto

@assinass: The first is around half an hour and it's free online and the second took me 40-50 minutes. In my opinion they are only worth playing for the art, music and charming story. Most of the puzzles equate to randomly clicking on things around the screen, something they fixed in Machinarium and fell back on in Botanicula (although to a lesser extent).

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I love Amanita. It's great to see them come up from the browser game scene and be recognized.

But I'm still waiting for Pastel Games to get theirs. Daymare Town is even better than Samorost in my opinion.

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I want more Botanicula :(

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Hell yeah, definitely looking forward to another trip to the Samorost universe, even if it won't be for another year and a half.

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" Aooooooooooo. AO AO AO Aooooooooo!"

This will be insta-buy, love that dog.

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Czech Republic representin!!

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that was incredibly relaxing....

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Yes, proper credits to Machinarium please :)

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You know what's fucked up? If these guys made something that wasn't interactive, it could be up for an animated short Oscar.

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Oh yea, Vinny did a Quick Look of the first game. That was a pretty weird game.

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I bought that amanita bundle during the last steam sale, but never tried the samorost games. Maybe I should change that.

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