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Edit: Yes indeed also everyone should play the darkness 2 its a great game

Posted by Animasta

mike patton could shriek at me anytime

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neat. *watches*

Normally I wouldn't even watch this sort of thing, but "hey, you get to watch as Mike Patton makes insane noises" is a really damn good idea for a trailer.

Posted by BambamCZ

I love his voice in the game. It really gives Darkness the small touch it needs to make it seem threatening.

Posted by LiQuid3600

Love Mike Patton. I hope I get the opportunity to see Faith no More play some time in my life.

Posted by MrGtD

Still the same guy. What a psycho.

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What is it?

Edit: This was great by the way.

Posted by redrohX

Love Patton, but I actually like him to do some more new music with a couple of his recent bands. Voice work might pay better, but it's time to finish Peeping Tom, Tomahawk, Fantomas and hopefully a new Faith No More album, Mike.

Posted by sawtooth


Posted by AlisterCat

His voice has a particular twisted streak to it that most demon voices don't have.

Posted by steevl

I remember dismissing Faith No More when I was in high school. About 7 years later Patton would become one of my favorite vocalists, and I realized how wrong I was about FNM.

Posted by Zephyria

It always seems so strange to see the voices of characters coming from the mouths of the actual actors.

Posted by billyhoush

I can do that too if someone squeezed my testicles hard enough.

Posted by BigStupidFace

What a nice chap

Posted by GetEveryone

Such a great game. I was actually looking for a video of Patton performing as The Darkness the other day.


Posted by fkinthecoffee

his voice really elevated the game

Posted by bunnymud

Fantomas is why I am

Posted by Ghostiet

I believe he also did the voices of the Infected in Left 4 Dead.

I love Mr. Bungle and Fantomas, but I don't like FNM and I gotta say his "vocals" on Zu's "Carboniferous" almost ruined the record at points.

Posted by BetaMax







Posted by Winternet

I'm always up for some Mike Patton.

Posted by SomeJerk

Mike Patton + Devin Townsend + VA studio = Miracles would happen

Posted by MeatSim

He would be great for entertainment at children's birthday parties.

Posted by sergeantz

The PC download is 25 bucks on Amazon right now, for any interested parties.

Posted by paulunga

You don't have youtube, do you, Perry?

Posted by AssInAss

Imagine Mike Patton in bed with that voice.

Posted by Nemesis2K

Holy shit. And here is me thinking it was mostly put through a vocaliser.

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Cripes that must be hell on the vocal cords. Result is worth it though!

@AlisterCat said:

His voice has a particular twisted streak to it that most demon voices don't have.

Yup. Best demon voice I have ever heard. It's all that tonal changing mid-sentence and drawn out squeals at the end of lines. Truly sounds insane.

Posted by Napalm

Hm. He sounds better in-game than just what the raw microphone screams give him credit for.

Posted by Porkellain
Posted by Osaladin

Jumping Jehoshaphat.

Posted by chilipeppersman

that was awesome

Posted by DeathbyYeti

@SomeJerk said:

Mike Patton + Devin Townsend + VA studio = Miracles would happen

oh god

Posted by buckybit

Embrace the Darkness - FAITH NO MORE

Posted by Tennmuerti

Ok now I want to play this game (when it goes on a Steam sale or something that is)

Posted by Lingxor


Posted by Nymphonomicon

And that- that was the second time my ears started bleeding...

Posted by NellyK

Mike Patton just scared me into playing Darkness II, hehe

Posted by enemymouse

Woah, if Mark Hamill ever retires from the Joker, Mike Patton could do it easily.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one here who likes Mike Patton.

Posted by meaninoflife42

Someone get that man some water.

Posted by pickassoreborn


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Also, Buzz Osborne. Fuck yea.

Posted by Fracture

Patton does more than the Fantomas and Faith No more. Check out some of the more "recent" projects like Lovage, Peeping Tom, Tomahawk, and General Patton vs the Xcecutioners.

Posted by CJduke

Holy shit

Posted by D5tryr

Mike Patton is listed in the voice credits for Portal. I presume he made the bonkers red-eyed sphere growly noises in the last level.

Posted by joelalfaro

That is unfairly short!!!!!!

Needs a dying goldfish.

Also, tomahawk was neat.

Posted by Nemeroth

His voice is awesome, and he is perfect as The Darkness, however I feel that his performance was better in the first one, he sounded more demonic and threatening there, plus he has far more lines. It's like in the second one they cut in lines in half, maybe cause it's so short?

Posted by pyromagnestir

@Fracture: Dan the Automator and Mike Patton? How am I only just finding out about this?

Also Peeping Tom has a song called Pre-School, which is pretty good but wasn't on the album, that I feel uncomfortable entering into google. I think I'm on a list somewhere now.

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Mike Patton's one of my all time favorite vocal talents and his range is seriously off the hook. Good to see him still alive and working. Definately one of the most under rated talents of our time.

Posted by Zoltar007


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