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Edited by andrewtr

Haven't thought about getting this quest in forever, because I never had the opportunity.

Game looks cute, I guess.

Posted by Alex

The song is called "Shut Eye" by the band Stealing Sheep. You're welcome.

Posted by Amaru25

one would be forgiven for thinking that that finger in the thumbnail was a penis at first glance

Posted by goldenmnk

I hate Alex's video comments sometimes

Posted by IanYarborough

This looks rad.

Posted by jNerd

I wanted the Vita to be awesome.... how did they let the 3DS outshine them?

Posted by Sil3n7

Hello Tearaway.

Glad you came, the vita really needs your help.

Edited by AuthenticM

@Alex said:

The song is called "Shut Eye" by the band Stealing Sheep. You're welcome.

Thank you !

This game looks fucking FANTASTIC !

edit: Alex, do you know if the bombcast has already been recorded? I wonder if the gang will discuss Gamescon.

Posted by senor_delicious

i love jammin my fingers through stuff !

count me in

Edited by Cyrisaurus

Great idea, and it looks extremely well executed. They nailed the style they were going for.

Oh god you can take photos for skins, and then print them out for papercraft? AAAAAMAAAAAAZZIIIIIIINGG

Posted by Sanj

I hope this game supports different ethnicities for dem fingers.

Posted by wjb

@Alex said:

The song is called "Shut Eye" by the band Stealing Sheep. You're welcome.

Thanks Shazam!

Posted by Lokno

Future opening line of Jeff's future review of Tearaway:

My finger really hurt.

Edited by poheroe

can you imagine playing the yelling level on a plane??? good times!

Posted by Benny

Cool looking game, but still not worth buying a vita over I'm afraid.

Posted by lead_farmer

Hey this looks pretty cool. More games like this for the Vita!!!!!

Posted by triviaman09

Not really sure that this is going to move Vitas, but its better than nothing.

Posted by GrantHeaslip

@poheroe said:

so you cannot play the yelling level of this game on a plane. sad.

I'd assume blowing into the mic does the same thing, and unless they're totally nuts it will probably be mapped to a button as well.

Posted by Draxyle

This is the first Vita game that actually made me interested in a Vita. Kudos, Media Molecule.

Posted by bassman2112

That game looks adorable. I may pick it up since I haven't touched my Vita in a while, but we shall see once it emerges

Posted by iAmJohn

That looks fucking awesome. But there's still not enough reason for me to care about the Vita.

Posted by flushpockets

@senor_delicious said:

i love jammin my fingers through stuff !

count me in

that's what she said

Posted by Rhaknar

looks amazing

Posted by LobsterMobster

What's that, little squirrel? You want me to cut something out so you can wear it on your forehead? Well why didn't you say so!?

What, my crowns always look like that.

Posted by Addfwyn

Love my Vita, and this just gives me even more to play on it, looks great. Though hopefully I can finish off my backlog before it actually comes out. The likelihood of that is increasingly slim

Posted by Excast

Wow..a handheld game that was actually designed to be both fun and provide a unique experience instead of just being a generic port of a console franchise.
What an amazing thought.

Posted by GooieGreen

An original game that was built for the Vita? About time. I'm in.

Posted by paulunga

I love the artstyle but I'm skeptical about the gameplay. Seems to me like it might get pretty gimmicky and not control all that well (especially with MM's track record).

Posted by Lokno

@Alex said:

The song is called "Shut Eye" by the band Stealing Sheep. You're welcome.

Thanks Alex! Love the music Media Molecule uses in their trailers.

Posted by Redbullet685

Looks really awesome. If I am to ever get a Vita, I know I'll have to get this.

Posted by BasketSnake

"I deserve a crown" - good one MM.

Posted by J12088

Looks good. More original games like this and I might actually buy one.

Posted by TehChich

I love that it moves like stop-motion.

Posted by psoplayer

If there's one thing I can count on Media Molecule for delivering, it's in assembling a fantastic soundtrack that conveys their style of whimsey as well as the games themselves.

Posted by buhssuht

resisting the urge to buy Vita is getting harder

Posted by colesl4w

This trailer blew my mind. Looks awesome, and if I had a Vita, I'd totally be planning to get this game.

Posted by ThievingJacob

Looks light light hearted fun, and more inventive than anything going on the vita.

I'll be interested to see whether this shares the community creation aspect of little big planet.

Posted by Rabid619

Looks neat, having your fingers "come through" the terrain seems like an intelligent way to solve the issue of inaccuracy on the back touchpad, at least somewhat.

Looking forward to this now, Media Molecule is an incredible developer with some extremely unique ideas, so I'm sure there's a lot more to this that they haven't shown yet.

Posted by AxleBro

cool! actual innovation!

Posted by MistaSparkle

I wish I had a Vita for free :(

Posted by Mars


Posted by Stubee

Im gunna make that Elks skin look like a scrotum

Il let you think about how I'm going to do that....

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

@Alex: Ha I was just going to ask that

Posted by Scrumdidlyumptious

Hell yes

Posted by Etrips3

Now that's why I'd love to have a Vita!

Posted by ProfessorEss

I dunno. Media Molecule already got me to spend hundreds on a PS3 because of their irresistible LBP trailers. Sure the game was dripping in charm and polish but the gameplay kind of let me down -  and I'm kinda gettin the same vibe from this.

Posted by TurboMan

Welp, I wonder how many dicks I can add into this game.

Posted by fox01313

Interesting looking game though I'd want the hero character to just lose it & go after all the enemies in the game with staplers, a disposable lighter & scissors.

Posted by gringbot

Yeah, let's add screaming as a game mechanic to a portable device. Why then would I ever play this game outside?

Still though, looks cool.

Posted by DanTheGamer32

Tearaway, I want you in my Vita!

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