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Cliff... hope you do your thang

Posted by zander1123

This game looked mad glitchy on stage, but  EPIC will more than likely fix that issue.

Posted by Demilich

This looks kinda crap.

Posted by Cazamalos

do every EPIC game have to be glitched? even a the key note?

Posted by Ineedaname

Looks like a coop concept with the switching between side scrolling to 3rd person. Wait and see for the demo me thinks.

Posted by Seedofpower

Look very interesting.

Posted by Deusoma

I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt, could be cool, graphics aside.

Posted by Kyle

So excited for this. I've been dying for a new metroidvania game that wasn't... well, Metroid or Castlevania.

Posted by buzz_clik

I love side-on oldskool twitch action, but this just looks a bit ho-hum and too derivative for its own good.

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Made me think of Flashback but with better controls and more action :3

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It was hilarious when the game totally glitched and Cliffy quickly ended the demo!

ps. Main character is a Nathan Drake look-a-like. 
Posted by idiotic_genius1

Side scroller and 3rd person... interesting

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@idiotic_genius1: As opposed to a side-scroller in first-person? Hmmmm, you may be onto something!!

edit: didn't see the ACTUAL 3rd person sequences there, my bad son. BUT STILL. first person SIDE SCROLLING, that would be amazing.
Posted by trimon

dude Nolan North is in everything nowadays!!!!

Posted by keyhunter

Didn't Chair make undertow?

Posted by raidingkvatch

Hmm, it's got my attention, still gonna have to wait for a committment to my money though

Posted by Aeon
@Kyle said:
" So excited for this. I've been dying for a new metroidvania game that wasn't... well, Metroid or Castlevania. "

I agree.... One of my E3 favorites for now
Posted by Graafke

"It is the first Xbox Live game to use the Unreal Engine 3!"

Actually, Roboblitz was the first one to use Unreal Engine 3.

Posted by Foggen
@cazamalos:  Does every cazamalos post have to be glitched?


It's a me, the keynote!
Posted by HilariousDoubleEntendre

Wow. This came out of nowhere. Looks great!

Posted by MeatSim

Fully 3D but it's a side scroller, huh how about that.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Looks neat.  I wonder how much Card will be involved, though.

Posted by peerLAN

this looks different... it isn't in my list-wish, but it is interesting.

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

I like the look of it so far.

Posted by Bouke

It made me think of bionic commando rearmed for some reason, hope this will be good! (Not saying BC Rearmed wasn`t)

Posted by broqz

konami should take note of this and maybe make a sequel to SotN.

Posted by ShadowSkill11

The aiming mechanic is wierd since you shoot on the x,y, and z axis and there are no lock on controls. The game is also way broken but they have plenty of time to fix it... I hope.

Posted by RHCPfan24

I see some achievement tracking a la Gears of War 2 in there. Very nice!

I actually think this game looks great, glitches in conference aside. This should be the high point of the Summer of Arcade month.

Posted by hagridore

Nathan Drake, is that you?

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@hagridore: That voice actor is in pretty much every game nowadays.

The game looks good but could they have come up with a more generic name? Shadaow Complex? Really?
Posted by deaux

Sweet.  I love a good 2D action game, and this one looks slick.

Posted by Anthony_Galindo

Yay! More games from the people that made Undertow.

Posted by crusader8463

looks like some fun to me. I just hope it comes out on PC too.

Posted by JDUB_XL

This is a fantastic trailer

Posted by D_W

Oooo looks interesting, I hope it gets ported to the PC some time.

Posted by Media_Master