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Jaunty skull indeed!

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Holy fuck @0.27 O_O

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seems a bit..what the fuck

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His girlfriend hardly seems worth saving at this point if she's only going to have her decapitated head scream at him... saving girlfriends from hell is the worst... makes for an awesome-looking game though!

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Wow what the hell is my girlfriend doing in this!

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dude looks like Benicio Del Toro to me. 
wasn't this suppose to be a Kinect game or am i making that up?

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Can anyone say "Groovy"?

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It's incredible how little time it took for this trailer to take a turn for the batshit insane. I like it.
 Also, in before "Where's my skull?"

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Decapitated talking head confirmed! This is indeed a Suda51 game.

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I've always hated the sound of the name Garcia.  Garcia Hotspur sounds like teeth on a chalkboard.

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Talking skull sidekick (that's a page, right?). Finally some originality in games!

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Not a damn clue as to what I just saw, but I'll take it.

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I heard his gf gives great skull

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Suda51? Shinji Mikami? Sign me up.

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Yep, will probably get this. 

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YES! I want this game

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Damn! Looks awesome and anything which contains a witty and talkative skull I'm into. :D

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With those names attached, this is the game I want most out of any game ever made ever. Ever. 
Suda51 fanboy represent!

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@Choi said:
" Isn't this basically the same premise as in Splatterhouse? "
seems like Suda51s take on EAs take on dantes inferno
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Looks insane.
Will most definitely check out!

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Mikami and Suda 51 = WAT 

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Dude this game looks amazing.

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What the..

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Regardless of whether this game is fun to play, it's already great by virtue of everything about it being COMPLETELY OFF THE RAILS. 

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Well that's different.

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Looks pretty good, but I have to admit, I dont care for the main characters voice, it doesnt really match his look.

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Dude that was fucking insane!

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@Choi said:
" @buft said:
" @Choi said:
" Isn't this basically the same premise as in Splatterhouse? "
seems like Suda51s take on EAs take on dantes inferno "
A yeah, another game about a trip to hell to rescue the love of your life I didn't play. Splatterhouse had the mask at least  =) 
I'd play a Robin Wiliams, Cuga Gooding Jr. version of that story  ;) "
lets not be so down on it, at least the stole  the torch and gun mechanics from alan wake to keep it fresh...
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This game looks FUCKED UP.

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Originally I was only interested in this because of Akira Yamaoka's involvement. Now that there's a little more insight as to what's going on story-wise, I might just pick this up.

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Looks crazy. But clearly there's something wrong with me since, given how much it looks like Resident Evil 5, I just can't get excited about it without co-op.

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THIS GAME LOOKS SO FUCKING GOOD I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! Day one purchase. Suda 51 fanboy, I admit it.

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It's a tired idea but maybe the developers can put something special into it to set it apart. If not then it seriously looks like a run-of-the-mill 3rd person shooter.

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This looks rather neat!

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EA sure has a broad catalogue these days.

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@IronScimitar said:
" This game looks FUCKED UP. "
Are you a wizard?
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what did i just watch  im guessing this isn't a wii game lol

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@buft said:
" @Choi said:
" Isn't this basically the same premise as in Splatterhouse? "
seems like Suda51s take on EAs take on dantes inferno "
Exactly what I was thinking. But without butchering a classic poem and allegory for the state-of-affairs of early-14th century Italy.
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Can't wait.

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SUDA51 is still being SUDA51 I see.